Shrove bun season is in full swing – see the delicious Fazer shrove bun selection

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This year, we get an early start to enjoy shrove buns and snow. Fazer has a shrove bun for every taste and diet: traditionally with jam or almond paste, vegan, gluten-free or with chocolaty Pätkis filling for those with a sweet tooth. The shrove buns are crowned with lactose-free whipped cream, and the vegan version with tasty Fazer Aito Oat for Whipping.

Pätkis shrove buns are available at Fazer Cafés and Gateau bakery shops

The Fazer Pätkis shrove bun simply melts in your mouth. It is filled with a soft ganache made by our bakers from milk chocolate, cream and pieces of Pätkis chocolate. The bun is crowned with a thick layer of whipped cream garnished with powdered sugar and cocoa powder.

In addition to the new chocolaty buns, Gateau shops and Fazer Cafés also offer shrove buns for those with a more traditional taste and those following a vegan diet: shrove buns with jam or almond paste and lactose-free whipped cream and vegan buns with jam and fluffy vegetable-based whipped topping.

All our shrove buns are freshly made daily in our artisan bakery in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. Shrove buns are available at Fazer Cafés and Gateau bakery shops for a limited time, from 4 January to 5 March 2022.

Fazer in-store bakeries offer shrove buns baked on the spot by hand

Our artisan bakers work their magic every day to sell fresh shrove buns at 120 Fazer in-store bakeries around Finland. These fresh buns are always soft, and the cream is freshly whipped. You can choose from the classic options: with strawberry jam or almond-flavoured paste. Our lactose-free shrove buns are suitable for many foodies. 

Fazer Leipurit in-store bakeries also offer a vegan option filled with fluffy Fazer Aito Oat for Whipping. Please ask our bakers for these. All Fazer Leipurit shrove buns are sold in boxes of two. They are sold for a limited time and according to demand in all Fazer in-store bakeries until the beginning of March.

At the end of the shrove bun season, Fazer Leipurit will offer Fazer Marianne cream buns: The iconic Fazer Marianne sweets, known for their red and white stripes, will become available in our in-store bakeries as dreamy and creamy buns. A fresh soft bun hides a rich chocolate heart and fluffy whipped cream. Our bakers mix crushed Marianne chocolate with whipped cream and garnish the buns with the crunchy chocolate. What a charming treat for International Women’s Day! Low-lactose Fazer Marianne cream buns will be for sale from 7 March 2022.

Traditional Fazer shrove buns now in stores across the country – also gluten-free

Traditional Fazer Laskiaispulla or shrove buns are filled with real cream, fresh strawberry jam or genuine almond paste. Shrove buns are lactose-free, which means they are suitable for even more winter sweet-lovers. Fazer Laskiaispulla buns are baked at the Fazer bakery in Vantaa. They are sold in boxes of two.

Gluten-free Fazer Laskiaispulla buns are also available in stores across the country. Previously known as Vuohelan Laskiaispulla, these buns are now part of the Fazer Gluten-Free product family. As requested by consumers, we have made the bun a good deal bigger and switched from raspberry jam to strawberry jam. We also added more cream to build an impressive dollop. The gluten-free shrove buns are also lactose-free.

Fazer Shrove buns with strawberry jam or almond paste and gluten-free buns are available for a limited time only, from 3 January to 1 March 2022.

Or would you rather bake your vegan ahrove buns yourself?

Delicious vegan shrove buns are easy to bake at home. You use Fazer Aito Oat Drink Organic for baking and stuff the buns with whipped Fazer Aito Oat for Whipping. Here is our easy recipe for these marvellous buns:

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