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  • The e-college for regenerative farming has already reached almost half of Fazer’s contract farmers in Finland

The e-college for regenerative farming has already reached almost half of Fazer’s contract farmers in Finland

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As a significant user of grains, Fazer bears its responsibility for developing sustainable farming methods and has cooperated with Finnish farmers and various stakeholders for years. Since the spring 2021, Finnish farmers have had the possibility to take part in a free online course on increasing carbon sequestration in fields through regenerative farming. Fazer has been supporting this training from the beginning. According to a survey conducted by Fazer Mills, almost half of Fazer’s contract farmers in Finland have already completed the course or started familiarising themselves with the material.

The aim of the e-college for regenerative farming is to make farming more sustainable by promoting the transformation of Finnish fields from carbon sources to carbon sinks. The free online course has been developed in cooperation between the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) and MinnaLearn (former Reaktor Education).

The implementation of regenerative farming is a concrete action that has been proved effective in decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. It can be used to help mitigate climate change and safeguard the preservation of biodiversity. Carbon farming improves the quality of soil and crops, decreases the need for fertilisation, and increases resistance to pests, and thus also improves the profitability of farming.

The purpose of the comprehensive and informative training provided as an online course is not only to increase awareness, but also to encourage farmers to start regenerative farming – even one field at a time. The free course entails roughly 60 hours of study, and since the spring of 2022, it has also been available as an audiobook.

“Supporting the e-college for regenerative farming is important to us, because the methods covered in the course can be used in different kinds of farms, and they offer several benefits. The benefits are related to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and preventing the eutrophication of waterways, as well as strengthening soil health and improving crops’ resilience,” says Tero Hirvi, the Director of Grain Logistics and Purchasing at Fazer Mills Finland.

In the spring of 2022, Fazer Mills surveyed the participation rate of Fazer’s contract farmers in Finland in connection with the Fazer’s Sustainable Grain Farming Principles survey1). Of the contract farmers participating in the survey, 45% stated that they had completed the course or substantial parts of it, had started the course or had familiarised themselves with the course content.

“We are happy that so many of our contract farmers have already discovered these learning materials. We inform the farmers about this comprehensive and useful course content in all our communications: in webinars, in our emails and letters to farmers, as well as in our presentation materials. For many farmers, finding time to participate in the course is a challenge, and we hope that the new audiobook will help alleviate this problem. Although the course content has been designed to be studied as a whole, it’s also possible to complete individual parts of it and choose the topics that best support the development of one’s own farming,” Hirvi explains.

Ambitious targets set in each sustainability key focus area

Fazer wants to develop food as a solution for a more sustainable planet and business. Sustainability is an integral part of the company’s strategy, and Fazer’s sustainability work is guided by four key focus areas: Climate and circularity; Sustainable products and innovations; Sustainable sourcing; and People and well-being. High-level ambitions have been defined in each of these key focus areas in accordance with Fazer’s mission, Food with a Purpose. The Sustainability Ambitions support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

One of the concrete ways to promote the sustainability work is Fazer’s Grain Vision, which aims to control the eutrophication of inland waters in Finland and Sweden and the Baltic Sea, protect biodiversity, reduce the use of pesticides in farming and increase carbon sequestration. Fazer’s Grain Vision, developed in 2013, is implemented through ten Sustainable Farming Principles in numerous Finnish farms.

1) Survey: Fazer’s Sustainable Grain Farming Principles, 2021 harvest. N=103, of which 99 were Fazer’s contract farmers.

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