The Future of Food 2019 report: Finns are conscious consumers

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Healthy foods and new protein sources are on the rise in Nordic food trends. Although healthiness and sustainable choices are seen as important, glamour and indulgence play a part as well. According to the results of Fazer's recent Future of Food 2019 report, Finns are conscious consumers whose answers emphasised individual health needs and environmentally friendly choices.

The Future of Food 2019 report produced by Fazer includes the views of both consumers and food industry professionals on phenomena, changes in habits and future prospects in the Nordic countries.

Of the Finnish respondents, 41% reported they would be interested in favouring plant-based proteins, such as seitan, pulled oats and soya meal to protect the environment (23% in Denmark and Norway, 31% in Sweden).  Furthermore, no less than 28% of the Finns surveyed would be interested in removing meat from their diet or only eating meat as an exception to protect the environment (18% in Denmark and Norway, 23% in Sweden). Individual health needs stand out in Finland, as more than half (54%) would like to eat food with nutrient profiles customised for their own needs.

Responsible and quick in a pleasant environment

A total of 27% of Finns considered it an important part of daily life that lunch restaurants use local and sustainable ingredients. While Finns do appreciate eco-friendly choices, their daily lives are rather hectic. For 43% of Finns, it was very important that the service in a restaurant is quick and that they do not have to wait long for their lunch. When choosing their lunch restaurant, 44% of Finns considered it very important that the place has a good atmosphere and looks, sounds and feels pleasant.

"Food is such an important vehicle for people to convey their values and identity. Overall, food trends show the influence of more conscious consumers. For us, these answers are a sign that we are going in the right direction by developing healthy and responsible solutions and updating our restaurants. One example of this is our playful Wicked Rabbit vegetarian food concept," says Hannu Rahnasto, VP, Commercial at Fazer Food Services Finland.

Five food trends for 2019

The report found five key food trends for 2019 (as indicated by consumers and experts).

1) New proteins:  Bowls were a hit in 2018. Next year we will likely be treated to dishes made with protein from lupin, peas and soy or so-called meat-free meat.  Going forward, the green revolution means more varied plant-based proteins and also "meat-free meat".

2) Wisdom from Asia: Next year, food enthusiasts will be drawn to the traditional Hindu system of medicine, Ayurveda. Ayurveda has a holistic approach to diet and the objective is to choose foods that nourish your body type.

3) Colourful lattes: We will continue to enjoy different lattes made

without coffee beans.

4) Baking with beans: Lentils, chickpeas and beans taste great in casseroles, and next year will see them used in pastries.

5) Glitz and glam: Although the healthiness and sustainability of food are important to us, we also have to remember to indulge ourselves a little. In 2019, we will see more impressive displays and surprising dishes.

"We believe that healthiness and enjoyment can be combined. We also include responsibility, which often also means cost-effectiveness. One example of multidisciplinary product development is the Fazer Brainhow project, where we combine knowledge about brain health with gastronomic expertise. The result is brain-friendly food options for everyday lunches that help children concentrate, give stamina to busy adults and support the happiness and memory of the elderly," says Rahnasto.

Consumers were surveyed by the YouGov research firm on Fazer's behalf in the spring of 2018. Over 4,000 Nordic consumers between ages 18 and 64 responded to the online survey. The future food trend predictions are based on this consumer research and a report based on an editorial study prepared by professionals.

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