The summer’s new products from Fazer Bakery: Treat yourself to street food

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Fazer Bakery’s new products for this summer are full of the flavours of the upcoming holiday season. The main course will be Fazer Street Food, served in the form of a hamburger or hot dog bun, wrap or flatbread. For dessert, you have a mouthwatering choice of sweet delicacies – meringues or Fazer’s small chocolate cake made with dark chocolate that simply melts in your mouth. Make summer coffee breaks perfect with the smooth Fazer Mansikkapaikka cake roll and the Pullava Mansikkatäytepitko sweet bun loaf. Novelties will be available in grocery shops starting from 2 May.

Fazer Street Food introduces exciting novelties

Fazer Street Food Briossi Hampurilainen, 4 pcs 240 g
Fazer Street Food Briossi Hot dog, 4 pcs 200 g

The freshness and authenticity of Fazer Street Food stem from the ingredients. The ingredient list is clear and simple. The high-quality hamburger buns and hot dog brioche buns are made with real butter and eggs.

According to a test by Foodwest, the Fazer Street Food products beat the comparable products on the market according to all indicators: taste, appearance, consistency and consumer interest in buying1. Street Food means easy but delicious meals enjoyed at home with friends and family.

The rolls are lactose-free and carry the Hyvää Suomesta quality label. The Fazer Street Food products are baked in Lahti and made from grain grown in Finland.

Street Food also available in a flatbread or wrap

Fazer Street Food Kaurarieska 360 g, 8 pcs

Fazer Street Food Kaurarieska is a thin, soft bread that can be used as a convenient crust for pizza, a folded fresh taco, or in a more traditional form as a delicious sandwich. It is also excellent when grilled alongside with its filling. The ingredient list for Fazer Street Food Kaurarieska is simple, and the bread only contains 0.7% of salt. Its mellow taste is a favourite among families with children.

Fazer Street Food Wrap 315 g, 7 pcs

Now flatbread is Street Food! It is perfect as a wrap, tortilla or a base for an easy savoury snack. The wrap is now easier to roll, which provides new opportunities for more festive occasions, for example. 42% of the grain used in Fazer Street Food Wrap is whole grain. The wrap also includes rye.

Fazer rolls join Street Food

The Fazer Juustosämpylä cheese-flavoured roll is joined by Fazer Street Food Juustosämpylä. The appearance of the Oululainen Reissumies Ruissämpylä rye roll will also receive a Street Food look for the summer.  Both are proven to add versatility to the selection of hamburger buns.

Tempting novelties among the sweet bakery products – the charming new meringues

Fazer Suklaamarenkileivos 2 pcs 100g
Fazer Kinuskimarenkileivos 2 pcs 106g

Our new sweet pies offer a more modern and tartlet-like option to the selection of pies. The pies have an icing of soft meringue and an inside of melt-in-the-mouth filling – chocolate or caramel. The tartlets are low in lactose.

Renewed berry pie classics

The classics are also being updated: They now have less sweetness and more natural berry flavour. The new family:

  • Mustikkarahkapiirakka (bilberry and curd pie) 2 pcs 140 g
  • Mansikka-karviaispiirakka (strawberry and gooseberry pie) 2 pcs 140 g
  • Vadelma-jogurttipiirakka (raspberry-yoghurt pie) 2 pcs 140 g
  • Raparperi-jogurttipiirakka (rhubarb-yoghurt pie) 2 pcs 140 g

The packaging design of the entire berry pie range has been renewed. In addition, the aluminium tin of the pies has been replaced with a more ecological paper dish.

Finns’ old favourite launches a competition

The Fazer Rukiinen Riisipiirakka and Fazer Imatran Riisipiirakka rice pasties are the all-time favourites of Finns. They were the clear winners of a consumer test.2

Now one can win both large and small prizes in the packaging promotion. The grand prize is a weekend for two at Arctic Snow Hotel’s Iglu, including flights, accommodation, meals and transportation (value: €3,000, total of 3 prizes available). The consumer campaign period is 6 May–30 June 2019.

Fazer’s dark chocolate, the life and soul of any celebration

Fazer Pieni Suklaakakku chocolate cake 340 g

Fazer Pieni Suklaakakku is a mousse cake decorated with a bit of gold and coated with chocolate. The cake is light and airy. It is made from genuine Fazer dark chocolate without being too sweet or rich. The cake is low in lactose.

The cake is for 4–6 people and perfect for small festivities, as a gift or for sharing with the family.

Sweet novelties for summer days

Fazer Kanelipuustit 240 g

The small Fazer Kanelipuustit cinnamon-filled sweet rolls are just perfect for the Finnish taste. Fazer Kanelipuustit is milk-free, lactose-free and vegan.

Fazer Mansikkapaikka 485 g

Fazer Mansikkapaikka is a charming combination of strawberry and white chocolate.

Pullava Mansikkapitko 420 g

Pullava Mansikkapitko is a lovely strawberry delicacy for summer parties, coffee breaks at the summer cottage or at the forest.

Tasty oat bread for families with children

Oululainen Reilu Kaura, 520 g

The demand for oat-based products continues to grow.

Oululainen Reilu Kaura offers convenient and tasty, healthful products for families with children. The grain used in Oululainen Reilu Kaura contains 26% of whole grain oats. The bread carries the Finnish Heart Association’s Heart Symbol. It has less salt (salt content 0.7%) and it is rich in fibre (6.1%).


1 Foodwest Street Food products’ home test 9/2018
2 Foodwest, competitor comparison 10/2018, N=101/100, two different groups

Further information:

Fazer Street Food:
Eveliina Saarentola, Senior Specialist,, tel. +358 50 369 5291

Fazer sweet pies:
Jonna Huikuri, Senior Specialist, Brand and Portfolio,, tel. +358 40 516 4786

Oululainen Pullava and Oululainen Reilu:
Ari Ahola, Senior Marketing Manager,, tel. +358 40 715 0682

Pieni suklaakakku, Kanelipuusti and cake rolls:
Sini Lilja, Senior Marketing Manager,, tel. +358 40 827 9167

Fazer Riisipiirakat:
Timo Aaltonen, Senior Specialist, Marketing,, tel. +358 40 522 8980

Fazer Bakeries Finland communications:
Meri Marttinen, Senior Specialist, Communications,,
tel. +358 44 289 8008

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