The Trend Report from Fazer shows; The lunch guest of tomorrow seeks a maxed-out experience

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The phrase ”eating with your eyes” is probably something most of us have heard before, but that there is a whole science behind it called neurogastronomy, might not be as commonly known.

The fast development in our society has brought an increased need of experiences and satisfaction by our personal preferences. For the restaurant industry, this has set a new holistic way of working. Which also sets a higher demand for clarity of what the guest is to expect when it comes to food, experience and the values of the restaurant.

Research shows that our expectations of the food on the plate, or in the atmosphere around us, associates to knowledge that is stored in our brains. Colors, textures, sounds, design and even cutlery tells us which flavors to expect.

The development of new concepts at Fazer has long been based on the experience as a whole. With food, service and atmosphere has been taken in to consideration, where atmosphere is a growing factor of importance.

- As a company working with food we traditionally think of quality in flavor, produce and serving. Given that we still need to keep us updated on the latest trends and adjust to new needs and influences. Today we know that flavors are enhanced by the mood of the restaurant and the atmosphere. Which is why we now have so called mood operators in our restaurants that fully engage in setting the right mood, says Susanne Moland, Head of Commercial development at Fazer Food Services.

Importance of the right mood in the lunch restaurant

In the Nordic consumer research, which the Fazer Trend Report "The Future Food 2019" is based on, it shows that factors that contribute to the experience of a lunch restaurant is important.

When asked how important it is that the lunch restaurant has the right mood, looks nice, what the sound is like and how if it feels pleasant, the research shows that 35 per cent of Swedes, 52 per cent of Danes, 30 per cent of Norwegians and 44 per cent of Finns find it very important*.

- The report shows that our priority to raise the experience of the food in our restaurants is very contemporary, says Susanne Moland.

In the Trend Report by Fazer restaurants like Punk Royale in Stockholm, and Restaurang Under in Norway opening in spring 2019 is cited as sensory restaurants as front edge experiences to be inspired by.

Five exciting themes that the report mentions:

  • How the gut flora and what we eat affects our brain
  • What we can expect when food meets modern technical development
  • Which climate friendly trends that are in fashion right now
  • How the left overs on the plate has become a question of sustainability
  • How our sense cooperates to enhance the good flavor

*Source: Fazer’s Trend Report ”The Future Food 2019” (download it here)

More information:

Susanne Moland, Head of Commercial development at Fazer Food Services

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