The world’s rarest chocolate returns to Fazer – Fazer Pure Ruby is available again

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Fazer has brought out a limited edition of Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate. The previous batch of Pure Ruby chocolate sold out in just three days. These rare bars of Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate are only available from Fazer’s own sales outlets: the Fazer Experience visitor centre, Fazer Cafés and the online Fazer Candy Store.

Known as the rarest chocolate in the world, ruby chocolate is a new variety of chocolate launched in 2017.It is made from special rubycocoa beans using a unique manufacturing method. Rubychocolate combines the qualities of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, while being an entirely independent chocolate variety of its own. 

Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate bars are made at Fazer’s chocolate factory in Vantaa, Finland, and they will be available from the Fazer Experience visitor centre in Vantaa, Fazer Cafés and the online Fazer Candy Store. This time, 48,000 bars will be made, making this batch bigger than the November one.

Fazer brought out its first batch of ruby chocolate in November 2018. They sold out in just three days. The response to ruby chocolate was very favourable, and ever since November, people have been asking Fazer when the chocolate will be back on sale.

“Our founder Karl Fazer was a courageous trailblazer who approached the world as a source of ideas and inspiration. We are indeed very happy that we managed to get more of this precious raw material so quickly. Fazer Pure Ruby is the perfect chocolate when you want to show someone you care,” says Fazer’s brand manager Helen Ojamäe.

The development work behind rubychocolate took more than ten years, and it is a patented invention. 

The chocolate is made from responsibly produced cocoa beans grown in Côte d’Ivoire, Brazil and Ecuador.  

“The special characteristics of ruby chocolate derive from the special rubycocoa beans. The chocolate made from them is naturally pink and its taste is reminiscent of berries, but it has not been dyed, and it does not have any added flavourings,” says Tiina Karppinen, vice president of product development at Fazer Confectionery. 

Fazer Pure Rubychocolate bars are available from the Fazer Experience visitor centre in Vantaa, Fazer Cafés and the online Fazer Candy Store as long as stocks last.   

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