Finland now welcomes travellers from several countries; Finnair serves over 30 destinations in July

As of 13 July, Finland will open its borders for all travel from e.g. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia and Switzerland, and allows work-related travel from China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand as of July 13. Travellers from these countries can thus enter Finland without quarantine requirements. Finland opened its borders already in June for travel from Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway.  

In line with opening borders, Finnair is increasing its traffic in July, flying 70-80 one-way flights a day to domestic, European and Asian destinations. In July, Finnair serves some 30 destinations in Europe, and flies to Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong in Asia. The number of destinations and frequencies will increase towards the autumn.  

Finnair has the capability to increase flights rapidly, when travel restrictions are removed and demand recovers.   

“Changes in travel restrictions are quickly reflected in the bookings of our flights and we can clearly see that people have a need and desire to travel,” says Ole Orvér, Finnair's Chief Commercial Officer. "We are already now looking forward to the next round of new openings in two weeks time and the possibilities they will bring to our network and customers.”   

“The Finnish travel industry welcomes international tourists to explore the beautiful Finnish summer. The Northern white nights can be experienced for example in Finnish Lapland, the Finnish nature has plenty to offer for travelers who look for authentic experiences,” continues Orvér. 

In July-August Finnair serves the following destinations: 

Destinations in Finland 

  • Kuopio 

  • Mariehamn 

  • Oulu 

  • Rovaniemi 

  • Turku 

  • Vaasa 

  • Ivalo (from August) 

  • Kittilä (from August) 

Destinations in Europe 

  • Amsterdam 

  • Berlin 

  • Brussels 

  • Budapest 

  • Copenhagen 

  • Düsseldorf 

  • Frankfurt 

  • Geneva 

  • Gothenburg 

  • Hamburg 

  • London 

  • Málaga 

  • Manchester 

  • Munich 

  • Oslo 

  • Paris 

  • Prague 

  • Riga 

  • Stockholm 

  • Tallinn 

  • Vienna 

  • Vilnius 

  • Zurich 

In August, Finnair will open more routes to Alanya, Antalya, Bergen, Crete (Chania and Heraklion), Dublin, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Milan, Palma, Rhodes, Rome, Split, Saint Petersburg and Warsaw. 

Destinations in Asia 

  • Hong Kong 

  • Seoul 

  • Tokyo (Narita) 

The Shanghai route is still subject to government approvals.  

Changes in destinations are possible based on possible travel restrictions.  

Finnair advices travelers to check the destination’s possible entry restrictions before traveling from e.g. IATA’s Travel Centre pages

Finnair offers customers exceptional flexibility to change the travel dates of bookings made between April 1 and August 31.  

Finnair has also introduced several measures to protect the health of customers and cabin crew during a flight. Aircraft cleaning has been intensified and the use of face masks is mandatory onboard. For added reassurance, Finnair distributes a “Clean Kit” that contains hand sanitiser and surface wipes. The Finnish airports also have procedures in place to protect customer’s health during the travel.  

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