Norwegian fashion brand Bik Bok engages employees through EGC competition

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When a brand gets creative with content creation, a logical first step is turning to user generated content (UGC), aka content produced by followers, users and influencers. But what about their own employees? Employee generated content (EGC) is often overlooked but can be just as powerful as UGC, and serves a similar, but slightly different, purpose. The Norwegian fashion brand Bik Bok saw the potential of EGC, and decided to host an internal competition to showcase just that!

Founded in 1973, Bik Bok is a Norwegian fashion brand for young women. Their Nordic DNA is the heart of their identity and is reflected in everything that they do, from product development to communication. Today, 2021, Bik Bok has 177 stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Bik Bok have been using the Flowbox platform for six months and have already seen such great results by using UGC in flows that they wanted to try something new and different; thus, the EGC competition was born. 

As mentioned, Bik Bok hosted an internal competition where they encouraged employees to share photos on their respective individual store accounts on Instagram using the hashtag #egcjeans, and offered gift cards to the winning stores. The competition lasted three weeks, and each week gold, silver and bronze winners, as well as runner-ups, were crowned. The main objective was to generate high turnover on Instagram and to show off their new spring jeans collection as well as to inspire their followers and engage their employees.

“EGC has shown us the value of our own employees and how good ambassadors they are for the brand,” says Synne Sørlie, Content Creator Web at Bik Bok.

The competition also served as a way for Bik Bok to create a sense of belonging in their community. They wanted to encourage women to support, inspire and boost each other as well as promote uniqueness in different stylings and bodies, essentially showcasing and visually communicating their slogan “Bik Bok Your Way”.

“We also wanted to bring physical stores and online closer together. Our customers seek inspiration online before visiting our stores, and we wanted to show our store employees how they can influence sales online,” says Nina Ruud, Marketing Manager at Bik Bok.

Launching this campaign, Bik Bok used Flowbox to share the competing Instagram posts in various flows on their website, as part of their product pages. They also used the platform’s insights feature to track the results.

“Via Flowbox, we could get figures on how much revenue was generated through the various items,” says Synne.

The results? Amazing, as expected. While this was Bik Bok’s first time working with EGC, they are already considering continuing to implement EGC in new, exciting ways thanks to the positive feedback that they received from the community. Not only did the employees enjoy competing and being brand ambassadors, but the posts were also very well received among the customers.

“After the feedback we received and the commitment shown during the competition period, it turns out that our employees find it rewarding and fun to be ambassadors for Bik Bok,” says Synne. Nina continues, “Our employees responded really well to the competition! They thought this was a lot of fun, and they are proud to be Bik Bok ambassadors. We also see that they got better each week and learned from each other.”

Happy employees, happy customers – what could be better? Well of course, concrete numbers! During this competition, Bik Bok saw a large increase in revenue: one of their posts attained as much as 22 750 NOK (~2 288€) in turnover.

“We are very happy about the results. The competition has generated extra revenue, we have also received a lot of great content for us to use online, and our employees really enjoyed it and had fun,” says Synne.

Revenue results from the winning posts:
Week 1: 7 483 NOK (~747€)
Week 2: 8 581 NOK (~857€)
Week 3: 22 750 NOK (~2 272€)

At Flowbox, we are immensely inspired by Bik Bok’s creative thinking and the execution of this fun and successful competition – we can’t wait to see what they do next!

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