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Formica Capital is a Swedish investment company with a long-term ownership strategy. It is owned by the Olsson Eriksson family. Formica Capital creates value by being an active owner in profitable and long-term sustainable companies, that positively impacts society.


With Formica, we get a long-term partner whose experience of building strong companies and knowledge in scaling sustainable solutions will be a great asset for us. Their strong belief in sustainable wooden construction, with a focus on positive impact and responsible entrepreneurship, is in line with our values ​​and our view of the future. With this collaboration, we see great opportunities to realize Nock's full potential.
says Olle Knaust, VD, Nock Massiva Trähus
The  ongoing Swedish cement crisis has demonstrated the need for cost-effective alternatives to concrete in the construction industry. Nock uses our local forests to build housings at the right price while storing carbon dioxide. We have for some time been looking for investments in wood-based construction and have in Nock found a unique company with a high degree of innovation and fantastic ability to get things done. Together, we hope to contribute to meeting both climate challenges and the housing crisis with high-quality buildings that people will enjoy living in.
says Tomas Haglund-Flemström, Head of Impact & Innovation, Formica Capital
We need to speed up the transition to fossil-free vehicles, and our technology plays an important role in creating more charge points, both in Sweden and across the world. Formica’s vision to address global challenges with sustainable solutions matches our ambition. They are a dream partner for us and with our shared values and our mutually strong drive, we will make a difference together.
says Kristian Sandahl, CEO of ChargeNode.
The combination of an innovative and revolutionary solution, an impressive team, and a fast-growing market which contributes to the transition, makes ChargeNode a company of great potential to create both impact and value. I am very much looking forward to this journey. Now we have five investments in climate-effective solutions for properties, a segment we will continue to focus on as we see further attractive investments opportunities ahead.
says, Teresa Enander, COO Formica Capital.
We are very excited to release our first impact & responsibility report. Impact is central to our view on value creation and we hope this report clarifies our approach to potential partners. We believe in acting together with others with the same ambition to improve our positive impact on society.
, says Olof Cato, CEO Formica Capital.
We hope to inspire others by the clear distinction between responsibility and impact, which are both very important in the shift, but of different nature. Our Formula shows how we can support our companies to be successful and is something that we will continue to build upon in coming years. Hopefully after feedback from others reading this report.
, says Tomas Haglund-Flemström, Head of Impact & Innovation at Formica Capital.
Cybercom has had a remarkable development over the last few years. It has been incredibly inspiring to see our customers’ response to our strategic direction with specialization, the integration of sustainability into our offering and with an increased value in our deliveries. When Cybercom now merges with Knowit I can proudly look back at what we, as Makers of Tomorrow, have created and I am excited to follow this next step in the development of the company.
Niklas Flyborg, CEO of Cybercom.
Niklas Flyborg, his team and all the great employees of Cybercom have done a tremendous job in taking Cybercom to its current position. We now see this transaction as a strategically sound next step for all parties - the operations complement each other well and constitute a strong platform for continued acquisition-based growth. We see our ownership in Knowit as a long-term investment in one of the strongest and most fast-growing digitalisation companies in the Nordics, with excellent opportunities to leverage on Cybercom's position in sustainable digital transformation.
Olof Cato, CEO of Formica and Chairman of Cybercom
For several years, we have seen a development towards more complex customer needs that require our expertise through the entire value chain, from product development to completely new customer interfaces and processes. Cybercom will complement our offering with more technology-oriented services and a sustainability offering at the forefront, areas that are developing rapidly. Further we are strengthening our market positions in cyber security and cloud services.
Per Wallentin, Group CEO of Knowit.
“With Formica, we get a long-term partner whose experience in building strong companies and expertise in the energy sector will be a great strength for us. Their strong belief in sustainable energy systems combined with their focus on impact and responsibility is completely in line with our values and our view of the future. We see great potential in the collaboration to continue developing Rototec strongly into the future."
Alexej von Bagh, CEO Rototec Group:
“In Rototec, we see a company that has succeeded in combining deep sector competence,  operational efficiency and customer focus to become the leading provider in a very important industry and we see great potential in continued growth. We hope to contribute to Rototec’s continued  journey with our experience to grow both organically, through M&A and through developing new business models. To drive towards geoenergy meeting its full potential as a climate saver within and beyond the Nordics is a strong purpose for me.”
Teresa Enander, COO, Formica Capital:
With Formica, we get a long-term partner whose stated focus on sustainability is completely in line with our values and our view of the future. Their strong expertise in the area, combined with the experience and expertise in building companies will be a great strength for us. We see great potential in the collaboration to continue developing Ecokraft and we are pleased to welcome them on our exciting journey.
Oscar Gustavsson, CEO, Ecokraft Sverige
In Ecokraft, we see a company that has succeeded in combining a top quality offering, extremely high customer satisfaction, rapid growth and profitability. Based on a digitized efficient business model and a strong, driving corporate culture around the shift to a sustainable society, they attract many talents in the industry. We see great potential in continued growth, both geographically and in adjacent product areas and look forward to making this exciting journey together with the impressive entrepreneurs at Ecokraft.”
Teresa Enander, COO, Formica Capital
The investment in Ecokraft will be Formica's third investment in the shift to a sustainable energy system. We see great opportunities in the energy transition which combines good returns and an active contribution to a faster path to a sustainable future.
Olof Cato, CEO Formica Capital
We are very excited to take part of the 1.5°C Business Playbook initiative, which we believe is a scientific yet practical way for companies to reduce carbon emissions while improving their competitive advantage and bottom line results.
Olof Cato, CEO Formica Capital.
The Playbooks inclusion of the full value chain and emphasis on including carbon strategies in the heart of business strategies is the only way of being successful in your climate ambitions and to future proof your business
Tomas Haglund-Flemström, Director Innovation & Sustainability at Formica Capital.
This Playbook is aligned with the target to limit global warming to just 1.5°C. The only pathway left is massive emissions reductions across all business sectors in the next decade. We show that this is achievable
Johan Rockström, Director of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).
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