Bradford Grammar School’s new Frima 311+ saves up to 15% on meat costs

Bradford Grammar School’s new Frima has helped save time and money, reducing spend on raw ingredients

Bradford Grammar School’s busy catering operation features a full breakfast menu, snacks during break, and a lunch service that feeds up to 1000 pupils daily. With just one servery, peak times between 12.05 and 13.30 are “fairly frantic,” says executive chef Dean Winter.

Dean joined the school just over a year ago. Before he started he went to another school to familiarise himself with its catering operations and it was here he witnessed firsthand the Frima VarioCooking Center Multificiency in action.

“I saw its capabilities and as soon as I started at Bradford it went straight on my wish list.”

Since installing the Frima, Dean and his team now use it for “just about everything, from custard to lasagne.”

One unexpected benefit is a significant saving in meat costs. In fact, the amount of meat Dean needs to purchase has dropped by 15%. With its fast and efficient cooking methods, in particular its searing of meat, the Frima has led to significant savings in raw ingredients.

“It sears so quickly and as result I have a bigger yield on the meat,” says Dean. “Not only does this save me money on ingredients, it reduces the time it takes my staff to cook the food, so I’m saving their time, too.”

Dean chose the biggest Frima model in the range, the VarioCooking Center Multificiency 311+. It is a single-pan unit with a working capacity of 150 litres. Not only can it sear up to 20kg of meat in 4 minutes, it has the added benefit of a pressure-cooking facility.


“Before the Frima we just had a small brat pan,” says Dean. “In order to make up 600 portions of chicken curry, we’d have to do it in 2 to 3 batches. With the Frima we can do it all in one.”

The Frima’s large volume, along with its programs and cooking technology, mean large batches can be made evenly and consistently, all at once, ideal for the intense mass-catering environment of the school.

Dean and his team have also been impressed by the unit’s ease of cleaning, thanks to its built-in drain and wash features.

“The cleaning process of the Frima is ten times better than what we had before. Waste can just go down the unit’s plughole, and this combined with facilities like the integral hose and tilting mechanism means everything is a lot easier.

“It just feels a lot more cost effective.”

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