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  • HKScan and G-reen L Equipment AB lower their emissions by choosing an LBG-fueled vehicle

HKScan and G-reen L Equipment AB lower their emissions by choosing an LBG-fueled vehicle

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Nordic food company HKScan’s subcontractor G-reen L Equipment AB has started using a low-emission gas truck in its transport. Fueled by Gasum’s renewable liquefied biogas (LBG), the new vehicle will contribute to the companies’ climate goals and significantly lower their carbon footprint. HKScan aims to have 100 per cent fossil-free transport in Sweden by 2025.

Ambitious climate goals are nothing new to HKScan, which aims to have 100 per cent fossil-free transport in Sweden by 2025 and to have a carbon-neutral food chain by the end of 2040. Founded in 1913, HKScan is committed to sustainable ways of working across their whole value chain. In transport, this means transitioning towards renewable energy sources. In response to customer needs, HKScan’s subcontractor G-reen L Equipment AB started using liquefied biogas in its operations.

Towards carbon neutral value chains

G-reen L Equipment AB acquired their first gas-fueled truck at the end of last year. By using renewable liquefied biogas, greenhouse gas emissions can be lowered by as much as 90 per cent compared to fossil fuels, such as diesel. The choice was made as a result of customer needs as well as the company’s own environmental objectives.

G-reen L Equipment is ISO 22000 and ISO 14001 certified, our environmental goal is that all of our vehicles will be powered by 100 per cent fossil-free fuels by 2025,” says Mårten Andersson, Managing Director, G-reen L Equipment AB

Creating permanent and more climate-friendly operations is at the heart of HKScan’s strategy. Striving to become carbon neutral, the company focus is on reducing climate emissions and looking for ways to increase energy efficiency, including switching to alternative energy sources.  

”Cooperation with Gasum is part of our goal of carbon neutrality of the entire food chain from farms to consumers by the end of 2040,” states Maria Larsson, Director Quality and Environment, HKScan Sweden.


Investing in an LBG-fueled vehicle was driven by the expanding gas filling station network

G-reen L Equipment AB made the decision to acquire a gas vehicle when Gasum opened a filling station in Kristianstad, where the company operates. The investment was also supported by a Klimatklivet grant that promotes cleaner transport solutions in Sweden.

The EU has set a target for reducing
carbon dioxide emissions from new heavy-duty vehicles by 30 per cent by 2030. In Sweden, the goal is to cut carbon dioxide emissions from road transport by 70 per cent from the base 2010 level by 2030. As road transport emissions form a significant share of overall emissions for numerous businesses, the switch to low-emission fuels is vital.

Gasum’s expanding network of gas filling stations continues to open up new opportunities for companies to start using gas in their logistics. Gasum currently has around 100 gas filling stations across the Nordics, with around 30 of these stations serving heavy-duty vehicles with liquefied biogas (LBG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).


“More and more companies are now investing in environmentally friendly gas-fueled vehicles. Using gas as a fuel reduces emissions in transport, while also providing companies with a competitive advantage. The demand for sustainable supply chains is constantly increasing, and meeting those customer needs contributes to business and sustainability goals alike,” says Mikael Antonsson, Director Traffic at Gasum in Sweden.


Mikael Antonsson, Director Traffic Sweden, Gasum
Tel. +4672 454 33 82, ​Mikael.antonsson@gasum.com

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