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The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energy market expert that together with its partners, promotes development towards a carbon-neutral future.


  • Olga Väisänen

    VP, Communications and Sustainability, Gasum

    Revontulenpuisto 2 C FIN-02100 Espoo Finland
    +358 40 554 0578
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    We are proud that Umicore has chosen to partner with us in regards of renewable energy. This is a demonstration of their trust we have earned during our long-term partnership. The PPA enables increasing the production of green energy in Finland and benefiting not only Gasum and Umicore but also the whole environment.
    Tommy Mattila, Vice President, Industry and Traffic, Gasum
    The accelerated energy transition towards clean mobility that we are enabling at Umicore, goes beyond the rechargeable battery materials we produce and recycle. As we are taking our company to the next growth level it’s also about the choices we make in the way we produce – and still reach our objective of carbon neutrality in 2035,” said Mathias Miedreich, CEO of Umicore. “Clean energy agreements like the one we signed with Gasum, allow Europe’s largest cobalt refinery and state-of-the-art cathode precursor facility to produce sustainably. Moreover, they reduce Umicore’s scope 2 emissions as we use electricity as the main source of energy throughout our battery materials value chain, and they significantly contribute to securing our own energy supplies, at a cost competitive level, for the next decade.
    Mathias Miedreich, CEO of Umicore
    There are still quite few recycled nutrient companies operating in Finland. Combining the expertise of Gasum, Biolan and Pöytyän Maanparannus allows us to create a package serving agriculture and industry nationwide that is able to meet large-scale demand.
    Ari Suomilammi, Head of Production, Gasum Oy
    Biolan has used recycled raw materials throughout its history and the establishment of Kiertoravinne Oy is a natural continuum of this. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has weakened the availability of crop fertilizers and together with Kiertoravinne Oy’s shareholders, we want to improve security of supply and add to the Finnish circular economy.
    Teppo Rantanen, Managing Director, Biolan Group
    With this delivery to Chantiers de l’Atlantique, Gasum confirms its position as leading partner for shipyards engaged in the construction of LNG fueled vessels, supplying LNG and delivering decisive technical support in the preparation of initial bunkerings. This new partnership underlines also Gasum’s ambition to extend the geographical reach of its reliable and high quality service in west and south-west Europe. In addition to LNG, Gasum has become a regular supplier of Liquefied Biogas (LBG), supporting the ambitious decarbonization agenda of a series of customers.
    Grégoire Hartig, Sales Manager, Gasum
    It’s great to open a completely unique gas filling station in Kivistö and in such a prime location. We have worked closely with the City of Vantaa and LAB University of Applied Sciences. The unique visual image created by Katja Tsykarev for our gas filling station gives those using it an art experience when refueling. I believe this artistic station and its convenient location will generate particular interest. We make it increasingly easier for our customers to switch to cleaner logistics by ensuring the convenient location of stations.
    Olli Paasio, Director, Head of Business Finland, Industry and Traffic Unit, Gasum
    In our view, biogas is one of the key solutions to replace the flexible and immediate energy source LNG.
    Hafslund Oslo Celsio’s communication manager.
    Gasum is a Nordic energy company and a strong circular economy actor. For us, the Ship Waste Action is a great opportunity to promote circular economy solutions and to work for the good of the Baltic Sea.
    Elina Saarivuori, Sustainability manager, Gasum
    Whereas our priority is to get wastewaters generated by cargo ships discharged on land instead of into the Baltic Sea, that is just the first step. Since the very beginning of the Ship Waste Action, it has been important to us to find a use for wastewaters in the circular economy.
    Elisa Mikkolainen, Project Director at Baltic Sea Action Group
    ”The opening of a new station in in the Bastukärr Logistics Park is a natural continuation of the growing recognition of the benefits of gas among logistics operators. We are enabling more and more companies to switch to gas-powered vehicles and are constantly examining potential sites for new filling stations.
    Olli Paasio, Director, Traffic Finland at Gasum
    ”The S Group’s responsibility program commits us to Finland’s ambitious emissions goals. The Bastukärr gas filling station will have an important role in helping us to reach these goals.
    Jouni Jaakola, head of production at Inex Logistics
    It’s great to start working closely with Loiste Energia. Partnership is an excellent example of our comprehensive energy market services.
    Tommy Mattila, Vice President, Industry and Traffic, at Gasum
    We can now benefit from Gasum’s long experience of operating on the electricity markets. It was great to find a dependable partner who is able to provide comprehensive energy market services to Loiste.
    Timo Haarala, Production Planning Manager at Loiste Energia
    In this situation, Gasum had no choice but to take the contract to arbitration. In this challenging situation, we will do our utmost to be able to supply our Finnish customers with the energy they need.
    Mika Wiljanen, CEO of Gasum
    Responsibility is part of our daily decision-making.
    Elina Saarivuori, Sustainability Manager, Gasum
    In Gasum we have a great team working with sustainability reporting. I would like to thank our team in Gasum for their successful team work during reporting times.
    Anna-Sofia Malmi, Gasum Group, Communications Manager
    Obtaining this license underlines Gasum’s commitment to act as a reliable European maritime LNG supplier and enabler of maritime decarbonization
    Jacob Granqvist, Gasum
    ”Biogas is a widely recognized solution to effectively reduce transport emissions. Renewable biogas can lead to an emissions reduction of up to 90% compared to fossil alternatives and its use as a driving force in transport is a fine example of a well-functioning circular economy.
    Olli Paasio, Director, Traffic Finland, Gasum
    “We are continuously developing our filling station network so that we can increasingly better respond to future energy and emission reductions needs. Expansion of the Keltakallio station in Kotka in 2021 and the new filling station at Jylpyntie are excellent examples of our work to this end.
    Olli Paasio, Director, Traffic Finland, Gasum
    Being part of the circular economy is one of the most effective ways to take a leap towards a carbon-neutral future. Switching to heavy-duty vehicles using biogas allows rapid, cost-effective reductions both in carbon dioxide and local emissions.
    Juha-Matti Koskinen, Sales Manager, Traffic, Gasum
    Circular economy solutions are at the heart of our sustainability strategy and the use of biogas-powered trucks in logistics is an excellent example of this.
    Samuli Pohjonen Transport Manager, Onninen
    DACHSER Finland is a brilliant example of a company that helps its customers to reduce emissions cost effectively by switching two thirds of its fleet in one go to biogas-fueled vehicles.
    Markku Suopanki, Senior Sales Manager, Gasum.
    It’s particularly important for us to continue seeking, testing and adapting to environmentally friendlier transport solutions through various types of technological advances and scientific innovations.
    Tuomas Leimio, Managing Director, DACHSER Finland European Logistics
    “Mika’s long, international career and strong track record in developing companies in different market areas convinced the Board of Directors that he is the right person to take Gasum’s strategy forward. Looking ahead, Gasum aims to respond to growing demand for gas and biogas in industry, maritime and road transport, and to provide our customers with solutions to reduce their climate impacts.
    Elina Engman, Chairperson of Gasum’s Board of Directors
    Gasum aims to provide customers with cleaner energy. Capturing solid carbon from natural gas and biogas makes it possible to further reduce climate impacts from use of gas.
    Mikko Syrjänen, Director, Business Development, Gasum
    We’re really pleased to start cooperation with Gasum because we now have a chance to broadly study the suitability of our technology for various purposes in Finland and the other Nordic countries. Our goal is to offer companies the chance to start using sustainably produced hydrogen now.
    Hycamite’s CEO Laura Rahikka
    “The transaction will allow us to ensure deliveries of liquefied gas to our customers in the same way as earlier. We want to optimize our capital allocation to speed up the execution of our growth strategy. I would like to thank NSMP for cooperation.
    Kai Laitinen, Interim CEO, Gasum
    Despite the challenging market situation, we progressed in Q3 2021 with our growth strategy in our key segments – industry, maritime and road transport.
    Kai Laitinen, Interim CEO, Gasum
    The divestment of Risavika will enable us to optimize our capital allocation to speed up the execution of our growth strategy and to expand the Nordic gas market.
    Kai Laitinen, Interim CEO, CFO, Gasum
    “This acquisition is a strategic step for NSMP. The Risavika Liquefaction Plant is an attractive addition and a geographic expansion for NSMP which diversifies our portfolio and extends our platform for growth.
    Andy Heppel, CEO North Sea Midstream Partners
    By increasing the availability of LNG in the ARA area, we can accelerate the transition towards a cleaner maritime transport
    Jacob Granqvist, Vice President Maritime
    Together with supporting politics we can increase the Norwegian biogas production significantly and contribute in making waste to energy pushing for the green shift, and we can do it today
    Gunnar Helmen, Gasum
    Tamro and PostNord are a brilliant example of a partnership where transport emissions are cost effectively reduced together. The partnership is also a concrete example of the competitive edge biogas provides to companies.
    Markku Suopanki, Traffic, Gasum
    ”When choosing our transport partners, we place great emphasis on how well the company’s responsibility work is aligned with our own and how it helps us to reach our sustainability goals. On top of this, the transport of medicines and health products is subject to strict legislative requirements, which in turn place many conditions on the fleet used in transport.
    Katja Toivonen, Quality Manager, Tamro
    We aim to cut our emissions by 40% by 2025 compared to 2020 levels. In addition, we plan to switch to completely fossil-free fuels in the Greater Helsinki Region and the Tampere and Turku areas by 2025. The common goal across the PostNord Group is completely fossil-free transport services by 2030.
    Ilmo Strömberg, Climate Lead at PostNord
    Le Commandant Charcot paves the way for new and more environmentally friendly natural gas propulsion methods and helps to meet the CO2 reduction targets set out in the Paris Agreement
    Hervé Gastinel, CEO of  PONANT
    We are very excited to see our joint efforts with Coop be realized, and the station open and supplying the area’s logistic actors with biogas and natural gas. I am extremely happy to see considerable interest towards gas in Norway indicated by major logistic players. By expanding the Nordic gas filling station network, we can also provide new opportunities for local companies to substantially lower their emissions. This is Gasum’s northernmost gas station in Norway and, as such, will open new routes for companies driving on gas
    says John Melby, Director Traffic Norway at Gasum
    “It’s great to build on our long-standing cooperation with Outokumpu. Renewable energy wind power has a key role in the transition to a cleaner future.
    Tommy Mattila, Vice President, Industry at Gasum
    The new agreement allows us to further increase the already high share of low-carbon power in our production. The wind power agreement is a natural continuum to our good cooperation with Gasum. We currently operate the Tornio LNG terminal together and the liquefied natural gas we secure from there has enabled us to replace propane in our production.
    Mika Orpana, Energy Director at Outokumpu
    Outokumpu is committed to science-based climate goals and to limiting climate warming to 1.5C. We are pursuing climate neutrality in our own operations by 2050.
    Juha Erkkilä, VP, Sustainability, Excellence and Reliability at Outokumpu
    Maritime transport plays a leading role in changing course towards a cleaner tomorrow.
    Jacob Granqvist, Vice President Maritime, from Gasum
    The partnership is a result of a great co-operation between Gasum, FlixBus and Scania. Together we are building a cleaner future. We hope that in the near future biogas will become even more common as a fuel for busses as it reduces both carbon dioxide emissions and local emissions, making it a perfect choice to decrease the impact of public transportation to cities’ air quality,”
    says Mikael Antonsson, Sales Director, Traffic Sweden, Gasum.
    We have long worked with K Group. Wind power has a key role in the transition to a cleaner future. We want to provide the most comprehensive services on the energy market to meet the needs of our partners and through our services help companies to reach their environmental goals faster.
    Tommy Mattila, Vice President, Industry at Gasum
    “The wind power agreement entered into with Gasum is important to us. We are aiming for CO2-free energy production by 2030.
    Tari Solla, Director, Sales and Customer Relations at Kerava Energia
    We want to provide the most comprehensive services on the energy market to meet the needs of our partners and through our services help companies to reach their environmental goals.
    Tommy Mattila, VP, Industry, Gasum
    Gasum is accelerating the availability of biogas by building new plants and by increasing the procurement of biogas from the production plants of other operators. Gasum is currently building an industrial-scale (120 GWh/year) manure-based biogas plant in Götene, Sweden. The plant is scheduled for completion in early 2023.
    Johan Grön, VP, Biogas, Gasum
    ”It’s a pleasure to open the Gasum Lohja biogas plant. The promotion of biogas in particular supports the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.
    Jari Leppä, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
    “Wastewater sludges are an important resource, and we are pursuing new processing solutions and applications, especially in the utilization of nutrients.
    Ari Suomilammi, Director, Biogas production, Gasum
    A holistic perspective is called for in sludge processing where existing and emerging technologies can be combined in the best possible way taking into account the logistics relating to the logistics of both the sludges and end products.
    Viljami Kinnunen, Senior Development Engineer, Gasum
    The filling station location south of Trondheim is ideal since it will serve both the many logistics actors in the area and the long-haul transports operating on the route between Trondheim and Oslo. I am very happy to implement this solution that offers a swift reduction in emissions for several operators in the heavy road transport sector. Gas is a cost-efficient way of reducing emissions and this solution is available already today. There is considerable interest in using this filling station and several companies have signaled that this opens up completely new opportunities for them to transition to low-emission transport.
    says John Melby, Director Traffic Norway, at Gasum.
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