Getinge Japan celebrates the delivery of more than 200 hybrid operating rooms

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The interest in Hybrid Operating Rooms (Hybrid ORs), a place where both diagnostics and therapies takes place, has increased in Japan during the last decades. Today, Getinge has delivered more than 1,350 solutions worldwide and more than 200 in Japan alone.

This year Getinge celebrates 20 years of pioneering the Hybrid OR – a place that goes beyond medical boundaries by combining an OR with one or more imaging systems such as angiography, computed tomography scanners (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging scanners (MRI). Combining more than one imaging system with an OR, turns the Hybrid OR into a cutting-edge Multi-modality Hybrid Suite.

“Getinge has provided hospitals with Hybrid ORs since back in 1999 and there is an increasing interest worldwide. Today, we are very happy to announce that we have exceeded 200 Hybrid OR deliveries in Japan alone,” says Hideaki Yamashita, President Getinge Japan.

Hybrid ORs enable numerous interdisciplinary use as well as conventional procedures, in a highly cost-efficient and flexible way. The solution includes several Getinge devices such as a special Hybrid OR table, surgical lights, pendants and anesthesia machines but also products like modular room systems and OR integration systems. It is setup in combination with imaging systems from world leading partners.

Hideaki Yamashita thinks the future will show that more and more customers will go for Multi-modality Hybrid Suite solutions to enable the combination of different imaging systems in the same room.

“We are working tirelessly to identify the challenges of doctors and hospital managers to meet the needs for their specific facility since there is not just one solution that fits all. As always, we are aiming at the highest level of customer satisfaction and we look forward to continue our Hybrid OR journey after more than 200 installations in Japan. It is truly the future of surgery with endless possibilities in one single room.”

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