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Getinge provides hospitals and Life Science institutions with products and solutions that aim to improve clinical outcomes and optimize workflows. The offer includes products and solutions for intensive care, cardiovascular surgery, operating rooms, sterile handling and the Life Science sector. Getinge has more than 10,000 employees around the world and products are sold in about 135 countries.




Before the T-DOC system, our staff were mired in manual data entry, a time-consuming process fraught with the potential for errors. T-DOC has not only enhanced the accuracy of our information but also offered a user-friendly interface with a minimal learning curve.
Takuya Kaneko, Customer Service Manager at medical bear
As a company committed to advancing sustainable development and innovative research, we are thrilled to develop our partnership with Universeum. This collaboration allows us to help advance public engagement with STEM education and encourage a culture of innovation.
Anna Romberg, Executive Vice President, Sustainability, Legal & Compliance at Getinge.
Today marks a significant milestone for our Infection Control business. The Poladus 150 materializes our ambition to be a leading player in the field of VH2O2 low-temperature sterilization, which is one of the most dynamic segments, with the development of more and more advanced endoscopic and robotic procedures.
President of Surgical Workflows at Getinge
More and more customers are demanding environmental action and we are up for the challenge.
Anis Kara, Product Line Manager Life Science at Getinge
I enjoy collaborating with different cultures to understand what drives individuals and leveraging our collective knowledge and structure, to achieve great results
Marcio Mazon, Global Sales President for Latin America and South Europe
The training will cover various areas, including the digitalization of Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSDs), utilization of Hybrid Operating Rooms (OR) to improve workflow and safety while reducing costs, efficient anesthesia delivery in the OR, and the use of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) in critical care.
Teodor Johansson, Managing Director of Getinge South East Asia.
I instantly felt that the technology is the future for us and our tiny patients. It makes the babies more comfortable and helps us improve the outcome of their stay with us in the NICU.
Andrea Ivanková, neonatologist at the Department of Neonatology in Banska Bystrica
This launch is the culmination of the efforts and resources from many departments in Getinge including R&D, regulatory, manufacturing, and commercial. We believe these new ‘teammates’ in the OR will help surgical departments to provide improved care for patients through safety and efficiency.
Philippe Rocher, President of Getinge South Asia Pacific
Both our companies are dedicated to helping the development of life-saving therapies gain momentum.
Sean Herdlein, Vice President Bio-Processing at Getinge
Getinge has always been about pushing the boundaries of what's possible, leading to substantial advancements in healthcare.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge
Getinge has always been about pushing the boundaries of what's possible, leading to substantial advancements in healthcare.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge
Our new washer-disinfector is designed to adapt to unique neds while maintaining high performance.
Marcus Samuelsson, Product Manager Cleaning and Disinfection at Getinge
The global population is getting bigger and older, and the number of people with multiple illnesses is increasing. We also witness how lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, continue to be one of the primary causes of death worldwide. To manage these challenges, more efficient healthcare is needed. With our broad scope of solutions, training offerings and highly capable teams we can partner with our customers to face the challenges together.
Zeynep Sanver, President Central and Eastern Europe at Getinge
We believe that this partnership will not only benefit our company but will also contribute to the broader scientific community by facilitating groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.
Jeroen Hugenholtz, co-founder and CTO at NoPalm Ingredients
The ICU is a sensitive environment with patients that are often critically ill, recovering from major surgeries, experiencing organ failure, severe trauma, or facing other complex medical issues. Servo TwinView opens the possibility to follow therapies without disturbing these patients and their relatives.
Cecilia Sjöstedt, Vice President Critical Care at Getinge
The new facility provides the very best environment for us to take full advantage of the combined competencies in chemistry and machine technology from within our organisation. We are confident that this will drive innovation, resulting in new products and improved solutions that compliment market trends and customer needs.
Bob Newsome, Managing Director at the Centre of Excellence for Chemistry
I think all recipes Dr. Patel and I created are phenomenal training for your fingers and your brain, as well as attention to detail. As a bonus, you will end up with delicious food on your plate.
Fredrik Berselius, famous chef running a Michelin star-awarded restaurant in New York City
When I first heard about this project, I was excited. A special cookbook for heart surgeons, for dexterity training. I just couldn’t say no.
Dr. Nirav Patel, Director of Robotic Surgery for Northwell Health and the Vice Chairman of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York
We are reinforcing our position in the value segment for surgical lights by taking a step forward in areas that are important for the users. Our objective is to furnish customers with a user-friendly surgical light that seamlessly integrates Getinge expertise, enabling them to concentrate on their care tasks with absolute peace of mind.
Sophie Santiago, Surgical Lights Product Manager
A fully automatic system is the best solution for heavy, fragile production batches. Our new roller conveyor helps mitigating factors that could impact the safety of operators and the integrity of the sterilizer.
Magnus Nilsson, Product Line Manager for Automation at Getinge Life Science
At Getinge, I know many who share this sense of purpose. Every day, we come together to equip doctors with tools that can save not just one, but countless lives. We make life-saving technology accessible for more people.
Fatemeh Amiri, Getinge
The challenge isn't just about innovating; it's about ensuring the innovations are accessible to everyone, irrespective of circumstances.
Nicholas Porter at Getinge
We are applying NAVA from the first days of life, and the results are amazing.
Dr. Juyoung Lee, pediatrician in the Division of Neonatology at the Inha University College of Medicine in the Republic of Korea
We are honored that this year's Swedish-German Business Summit is arranged at our Experience Center where visitors can interact with our solutions in a real-life hospital environment. This gives us an opportunity to showcase how our products and solutions support and help develop the healthcare sector in both Germany and Sweden.
Josef Hinterberger, President DACH/Benelux a Getinge
ECMO has advanced with incomparable outcomes over the decades, particularly demonstrating its essential role during the pandemic in treating severe heart and lung conditions. Getinge's ECMO solutions have played a pivotal role in saving lives by delivering advanced technology, unwavering reliability, and crucial support to our patients.
Dr. Jae-Seung Jung, Chief of Department of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery at Korea University Anam Hospital
We are committed to collaborating with healthcare professionals to unveil advanced clinical solutions and boost knowledge. Our innovations are tailored to optimize therapy results, improve patient recovery, and enhance the quality of life for those in intensive care and surgery.
Philippe Rocher, President South Asia Pacific at Getinge
Getinge’s sales rose organically by 5.7% in the quarter. Most of the operations in Acute Care Therapies performed positively. Sales in Life Science were unchanged and Surgical Workflows grew in all product categories and regions. The order intake declined organically by a total of 1.9% in the quarter, which was exclusively linked to Acute Care Therapies.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge
Access to quality education is a fundamental right of every child globally. The partnership reinforces our commitment to the crucial mission of Pratham, ensuring the learning and growth of children in India.
Minal Khobare, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Administration at Getinge India
Getinge’s tailor-made wash rack supports customers who are working with these kinds of processes. It assures thorough cleaning, better reproducibility and reduced labor. Thanks to it, we have even been able to create a standardized process where we perform the washing the same way over and over again, which is very helpful.
Karin Vänerhav, Manufacturing Specialist Cell Cultivation and Bioreagent Purification at Fujirebio
It has been a very exciting project. We have developed and manufactured OR tables for many years, but this is a groundbreaking approach, incorporating several features that are new to us.
Ulrich Peters, Senior Project Manager at Getinge
Together we will offer a broad range of solutions to sterile processing departments in hospitals. Healthmark’s position in the field of consumables for cleaning verification and packaging will be an ideal complement to our consumables, reprocessing capital equipment, and software solutions.
Stéphane Le Roy, President Surgical Workflows at Getinge
Having our targets approved by the SBTi is an important milestone on our journey to net-zero emissions.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO, Getinge
Maquet Corin takes a step forward in areas that are crucial for surgical teams. Its flexibility and ease-of-use help save time by facilitating teamwork and communication. It also includes smart sensor-based safety features that help protect OR staff and equipment.
Stéphane Le Roy, President Surgical Workflows at Getinge
The medtech industry is crucial for the future of healthcare, and it feels fantastic going to work knowing that you are a piece of that puzzle.
Theodoros Sioutalos, Getinge
Built upon the proven success of the stirred tank bioreactor AppliFlex ST, the AppliFlex ST GMP brings scalability and flawless process translation to the clinical stage. Available in different sizes, this bioreactor system provides a comprehensive cGMP manufacturing solution, without compromising in efficiency and ease.
Sean Herdlein, Vice President Bio Processing at Getinge
From welding to packaging, every day brings new challenges and learning experiences. But it's not just the tasks; it's the people too. We have a fantastic team, and the work environment is supportive and enjoyable.
Henrik Danielsson, Getinge
Getinge’s sales increased organically by 1.3% during the quarter, while the order intake fell by 4.5%. Solving the challenges within Acute Care Therapies is a top priority, and we are starting to see positive effects from the hard work. The CE certificate for our aortic balloon pump was reinstated in mid-July.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO
There is no better reason to go to work every day than to be part of advancing patient care by supporting nurses, doctors, and life science professionals to do their job. It truly is a beautiful mission that also comes with a significant responsibility.
Patricia Fitch, President North America at Getinge
This significantly increases our addressable ventilation market in the US, by now being able to target the non-invasive hospital segment with our ventilation offering.
Elin Frostehav, President Acute Care Therapies at Getinge
ISOPRIME maximizes throughput and is optimized for continuous operations. It is also easy to maintain with minimal downtime and disruption. Basically, ISOPRIME brings high-end isolator capabilities in a cost-efficient solution, and we are glad to be able to add this solution to our offering, supporting safe pharmaceutical production around the world.
David Barbault, Isolator Product Line Manager at Getinge
As a global medtech company we see it as our mission to support our customers with solutions that can lower the environmental impact and, in that way, connect to the larger task of saving and helping life on the planet.
Anna Romberg, Executive Vice President Sustainability, Legal & Compliance at Getinge
This acquisition is another step in Getinge Life Science strategic journey to further expand our presence in the biopharma segment
Eric Honroth, President Life Science at Getinge
Without the injections that I get every 6-8 weeks, I would have been completely blind.
Ingrid Carlsson
It is gratifying that we, in the quarter, received premarket approval (PMA) in the US from the FDA for the iCast™ stent system for the treatment of patients with iliac arterial occlusive disease.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO
The idea is to connect the artificial placenta to the baby's umbilical cord via cannulas. During the critical first weeks of life, it can provide natural support for breathing, feeding and blood purification.
Dr. Dieter Engel, Vice President Cardiopulmonary at Getinge
As experts on the first step in the surgical instrument reprocessing flow, we help prevent cross-contamination and healthcare acquired infections.
Jonas Magnusson, Getinge
Together with our wonderful colleagues, we build anesthesia machines and ventilators that help medical staff save lives, which is amazing. We feel like heroes and we're lucky to be part of this every day.
Marlene Forsström at Getinge.
Sustainability is not a separate activity. Being a medtech company, it is ingrained in everything we do. Our passion for life extends beyond the immediate impact of our products and we strive to be an agent of positive change, both for the people in this world and for the planet itself.
Anna Romberg, Executive Vice President Sustainability, Legal & Compliance at Getinge
We continuously grow through relevant acquisitions to expand our offering. We also see, perhaps more than ever, that digital advances in healthcare are helping more patients be treated more safely, while the work environment is positively impacted and costs kept under control. We have world-leading solutions that contribute to this, and more are on the way,
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO
I am proud of how we have kept innovating the products over the years to offer hospitals safe, efficient and sustainable high-quality solutions for sterile reprocessing of medical instruments.
Lars Hugosson, Senior Technician in Testing, Research & Development at Getinge
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