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Getinge provides hospitals and Life Science institutions with products and solutions that aim to improve clinical outcomes and optimize workflows. The offer includes products and solutions for intensive care, cardiovascular surgery, operating rooms, sterile handling and the Life Science sector. Getinge has more than 10,000 employees around the world and products are sold in about 135 countries.


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    Especially now, when fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic, health care organizations are facing strong operational and financial challenges. Sterilization units have to reprocess surgical instruments in a flawless manner in order to manage an increasing backlog of surgeries.
    Stéphane Le Roy, President Surgical Workflows at Getinge
    The site produces approximately 230,000 units per year, which is estimated to support saving 500 lives per day
    Jocelyn Lebrun, Managing Director Getinge La Ciotat
    We are continuing to deepen our partnerships with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies around the world to combat COVID-19 and in the third quarter we delivered more advanced ICU ventilators than we normally do in a whole year
    Mattias Perjos, President & CEO Getinge
    We've gone from a mode of ventilation where you were breathing for the baby to one now where we can breathe with the baby as well
    Sabina Checketts, neonatal doctor
    In addition to helping maintain the diaphragm's tone, the synchrony of a NAVA ventilator means patients don't fight against the ventilator
    Miray Kärnekull, Medical Director at Getinge
    This large multi-center independent trial supports that NAVA has significant positive clinical effects for adult patients in intensive care units (ICU). The study showed that through the use of NAVA, the days on mechanical ventilation could be reduced from 12 to 8 days, a four-day reduction or close to 35% which is quite a remarkable improvement with many positive consequences. Fewer days in the ICU also translates to a significantly improved health economy, enabling hospitals to free up precious ICU beds and resources
    Jens Viebke, President Acute Care Therapies at Getinge
    We are very proud to be part of AIMES. The clear focus on societal benefits will generate new products that can help medical teams all over the world save more lives at the same time as they emphasize Sweden’s competitiveness within medical science and engineering
    Harald Castler, President Life Science at Getinge
    We encourage lifelong learning and are proud to be collaborating with Universeum in raising interest in technology, science and sustainable societal development. We can contribute important knowledge in the area of creating a sustainable, productive healthcare system
    Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge.
    Our aim is to help hospitals make ICU bedsides quieter by safely moving the alarms outside patient rooms
    David Pitts, Clinical SME, Integrated Therapy Solutions Getinge.
    We want to support the important work the Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital does to bring joy into the everyday lives of children and young people who are dealing with various illnesses
    Magnus Lundbäck, Executive Vice President Human Resources & Sustainability at Getinge
    FDA 510(k) clearance of Getinge’s Flow-e and Flow-c allows us to complete the portfolio of Flow anesthesia machines and offers innovative solutions with personalized anesthesia for high aquity patients in the large and expansive US marketplace.
    Eric Honroth, President of North America at Getinge
    To help health care providers restart their surgical activity, we looked at how we can utilize our miles of data and knowledge on surgery planning. We now offer a solution that is scalable, easy to deploy, and that offers quick results for staff and patients
    Matthias Rath, Director Product Management & Business Development OR Solutions
    During this year’s second quarter, we report a continued strong order intake and net sales of advanced ICU ventilators and ECMO therapy products for hospitals and Sterile Transfer products for the pharmaceutical industry
    Mattias Perjos, President & CEO
    We are happy to be able to help clinicians in their endeavor to save lives by adding an additional ventilator to our product offering in the US market
    Elin Frostehav, Vice President Critical Care at Getinge
    With Maquet Moduevo Bridge we are going horizontal. It’s ideal for rooms with low ceilings and can handle large units since they can be placed next to each other to avoid losing space
    Stephane Tabillon, Product Manager
    Patient safety starts in the CSSD, as it is crucial for any hospital that sterile instruments are received by the end user in a safe and timeous manner. With our new indicators, it takes only 20 minutes to ensure a crucial element of patient safety in steam and hydrogen peroxide processes.
    Cindy Graham, Senior Director Consumables
    The project aims at helping health care facilities to reduce the number of health care associated infections that can occur during operations
    Jonas Andersson, Vice President Global Product Management, Infection Control at Getinge
    We have a long history in New Jersey and this investment solidifies Getinge’s strong commitment to New Jersey and supports leadership training and knowledge sharing with our customers
    Eric Honroth, President Getinge North America
    The quarter was dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the huge need for advanced ventilators and ECMO therapy at intensive care units around the world. Our leading global positions in these fields contributed to a 47% organic order growth
    Mattias Perjos, President & CEO Getinge
    We continue to ramp up to be able to respond to the increasing demand from our customers. We work closely with our sub-contractors and the ramp up is of course pending availability of supply parts.
    Elin Frostehav, Vice President Critical Care at Getinge
    “This is very important for us in order to secure continued deliveries of our products into the EU market and into other markets dependent on the CE-mark"
    Mikael K Johansson, Senior Director Program Office Acute Care Thearapies & EU MDR at Getinge
    “Our organic sales growth continued in the fourth quarter and it was particularly good to see the strong performance of our three largest markets – the US, China and Germany,” says Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge. ”We improved the margins and the cash flow both in the quarter and for the full year, and the balance sheet was strengthened.”
    Mattias Perjos, President & CEO
    “Sustainability is a top priority and something we see as an integral part of Getinge, and we are of course very honored to receive this award. We will continue our work and progress to contribute to a better society”
    Magnus Lundbäck, Executive Vice President Human Resources & Sustainability at Getinge
    “Applikon Biotechnology has a strong portfolio of world class bioreactor solutions which will be a positive addition to Getinge’s existing offer towards the biopharma segment, the fastest growing area within Life Science”, says Mattias Perjos, President & CEO Getinge. “This deal further broadens our position within solutions for efficient, safe and contamination-free research and production processes.”
    Mattias Perjos, President & CEO Getinge
    We, at Getinge Group, are committed to partnering in training with the medical community and therefore very pleased about our ongoing partnership with VASCULAR INTERNATIONAL. Both organizations understand the importance of providing the appropriate training and guidance to surgeons early on in their medical careers. These workshops allow not only hands-on experience on training models but also provide the participants with the opportunity to network and build relationships with medical experts moving forward.
    Markus Stirner-Schilling
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