Getinge’s MD in Thailand retires after 43 years within medtech

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With a heart full of happiness, Getinge’s Managing Director (MD) in Thailand, Yaowapa Hatthasakul, is looking back at successful career. The 43 years she has spent within medtech has meant more to her than just a job.

Since she started as a sales representative at B.Grimm Healthcare back in 1979, Yaowapa Hatthasakul has tried out most types of job positions. The company was a big distributor of Getinge’s Maquet operating tables and in 2009, after years of planning for Yaowapa and her colleagues, they formed a joint venture with Getinge’s former subsidiary Maquet Holding AB.

“This was when Maquet Thailand was took shape. In 2016 I was appointed MD of this company and the year after we became Getinge during a brand transformation where all subsidiaries came together as one company. It’s been an exciting ride,” says Yaowapa.

At first she had no ambitions to become a manager, since she was very into the details and was used from former roles to do things herself. But she changed her mind and took the opportunity. One thing that she has brought with her during her entire career is the order of doing things.

“I do tasks one by one, every day. For me, it means great satisfaction when you can say that you finished something before you take on the next challenge.”

She is glad that she finally agreed on becoming a manager, because the team in Thailand, that has been growing a lot throughout the years, is like family to her.

“There is such an absolute trust between us, and it’s the same with our customers and our solutions. Trust is key as well as openness. We have learned a lot from each other and whenever we have faced challenges we have solved them together.”

Other than her team, Yaowapa is really proud to have been working with products and solutions that are part of helping medical staff save more lives.

“It’s amazing whenever you hear from customers who want to share the stories about how they have been able to preserve more lives. It makes me happy every time, whether it is a newborn saved by ventilation and NAVA technique or if it is severely ill patients that have to undergo ECMO treatment. All examples remind me of Getinge’s brand promise – Passion For Life.”

Yaowapa is now retiring at age 70, and although she will miss work she feels it’s time to move into a new phase in life. She is not worried at all about things to do.

“I will still be available as a consultant for Getinge whenever I’m needed. I am also tempted to discover more about online marketing and study the stock market closer. I also expect to get more time to exercise, which is something I enjoy doing every day.”

When it comes to advices to the younger generations Yaowapa is hesitant.

“I can only say what has worked out for me, and that is to follow my heart. Surround yourself with wonderful people like I have done – and if you trust each other you will be able to achieve amazing things together.”

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