As being in the forefront of the industry, scaling up with larger partners, we're keen to make sure our solutions can be used by all types of cars. For us it’s of great importance that the app solely measures when driving the vehicle. Thanks to our granularity, we're soon able to offer hypersensitive app traceability
Sten Forseke, founder Greater Than
We could see that the traditional “line in the sand” approach to telematics was very effective in stopping extreme behavior but didn’t manage to support drivers to continually improve beyond those hard boarders. Discovering Enerfy provided a solution to this dilemma by offering granular risk based insights for every journey. This helps, along with our practical training, to give our clients a best in class approach to driver safety within their fleets
Jack Bergquist, National Sales Manager, AA New Zealand
We are very excited about partnering with AA New Zealand, as part of our cooperation with FIA. Their strong commitment in road safety issues has made them work at the forefront with embedded innovative solutions and services for their customers. Offering Greater Than’s solution Enerfy and its ability to calibrate driving behavior to deep risk insight in real time is a perfect match into their progressive work.
Johanna Forseke, Global Head of Sales, Greater Than
Being recognized by InsurTech100 is a great honor for us and demonstrate the power of our AI technology and our end-to-end solutions
Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than
As the only supplier in the world managing to price real-time risk, per individual driver and car, we’re constantly striving to provide stronger evidence and real insights about where the risk actually occurs for auto insurance carriers. With our database and AI, we can predict claims costs with almost incomprehensible accuracy and precision, which our business cases and partners today can provide the most outstanding evidence of
Sten Forseke, Founder of Greater Than
This demonstrates that our strategy to establish global presence is underway.
Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than
We’ve been determined to become global leaders within connected car technology,
Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than
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