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    The real-time element of the premium calculation is fundamentally important for our customers. And it is essentially changing the way our customers work around fields of cost inefficiency and future pricing models.
    Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer, Greater Than.
    We're facing a new era of insurance with UBI data enabling insurers a vast opportunity to engage and give drivers more transparency into their insurance service. Rightly approached properly developed products, with fair and transparent pricing doubtlessly provides a win-win situation for both insurers and their customers.
    Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer at Greater Than
    Looking forward, we aim to build on our recent successes. Andrews vast experience in the general insurance industry and his focus on innovative technologies to further make the insurance business successful make him a valuable addition to us and our client's businesses
    Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer at Greater Than
    I am delighted to join Greater Than to help bring their innovative AI driven pricing models to motor insurers around the world. This affordable technology is going to shape the future of insurance pricing, opening up opportunities for new business models shaped around fairer pricing, improving loss ratios and Eco values
    Andrew Bennet, Global Insurance Director and CEO of Greater Than UK
    Environment and safety are at the heart of everything we do. With innovations such as Sidekick, we allow the growing amount of young EV owners to get affordable insurance by driving safely and smartly, helping to reduce the number of traffic-related injuries.
    Øyvind Stople, Product Manager, Tryg Motor Private
    It is exciting to see how Norway, the world-leading market for electric cars, now taking electric car insurance to a whole new level with Tryg's EV offering. By adding AI to the equation, Tryg will non-discriminately price EV owners. This is where auto insurance is heading, and we are incredibly proud to contribute to its further development.
    Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer, Greater Than.
    The fleet sector in the US and around the world is demanding more flexible solutions to mitigate risk and insurance cost while measuring and improving the sustainability of operations. I'm very excited to penetrate the market, capitalizing on Greater Than's unique AI technology. This technology represents the next generation of understanding how the vehicle, the driver, the road and the environment intersect to provide efficiencies for fleet operators, personal vehicle owners, and insurance providers
    Jim Noble, Global Director, Fleets & Head of US operations at Greater Than
    Our fleet customers will benefit greatly from Jim joining our growing business department. Jim carries an approach accustomed to utilizing out-of-the-box strategy to provide first-rate service, provide cutting edge solutions, and ensure customer implementation of strategies to manage clients' obligations in a timely and cost-effective manner
    Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer, Greater Than
    The future is smart, and by collaborating with Garmin in the FIA Smart Driving Challenge we know we can make a big difference. With this strategic relationship we are addressing everyday motorists, encouraging them to adopt safer and more eco-friendly behaviour on the road.
    Onika Miller, FIA Secretary General for Automobile Mobility and Tourism ad interim at the FIA.
    We want to make everyone a smarter driver, and that’s why this is an important initiative for us
    Thiemo Weinschenk, head of product management at Garmin
    Garmin creates smart products with personal health and the outdoors in focus. Just like us at Greater Than, Garmin provides its customers with the latest technology and inspires people to be their best selves. That’s what the FIA SDC is all about as well. We have an amazing opportunity to build a global community with passionate drivers and change the world for the better
    Johanna Forseke, CEO at Greater Than Svenska AB
    We are delighted to welcome Shinya Nakagawa to our team. Shinya will be a great asset to fast-track growth opportunities in Japan and internationally with his advanced business knowledge and expertise. With Shinya as part of our sales team, we strengthen our focus on niche customer relationships and will improve the quality of our sales and support of our company's ambitious growth plans
    Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer, Greater Than
    I have worked closely with Greater Than for several years and am more than impressed with the unique position the company has achieved so far. I am very excited about this new mission as the urgency have never been as large to get started with the next generation of user-centric auto insurance solutions and to extend values in mobility ecosystem for a lasting positive effect.
    Shinya Nakagawa, Global Director for Automotive & New Mobility, Greater Than
    As dynamically priced insurances are booming in the US, we are well-positioned to bring AI into the equation. If we truly aim to lower accidents and fatalities on the road, traditional telematics won't do the job. However, advanced AI brings in new layers of information, proven to decrease both accidents and carbonization. We're very proud to bring this technology to all auto insurance consumers in the US.
    Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer, Greater Than
    We’re very excited to launch this extraordinary free offering for all US motorists. By just using a smartphone and the Covercube freemium app connected to their car, we give everyone the opportunity to find out how much they actually should be paying for their car insurance.
    John Crispi, founder and CEO, Covercube
    I am very grateful for the shareholders' trust in me and the new board members. Together they will bring complementary and essential competence and value to the board's future expansion of Greater Than. The company has already pioneered insurtech and is now more than well-positioned to further revolutionize motor insurance and new mobility segments at scale.
    Fredrik Rosencrantz, Chairman of the board, Greater Than
    I am proud and excited to be contributing to a company that is at the forefront of reshaping the sustainable economy
    Clare Melford, Director of the board, Greater Than
    The motor insurance industry is ripe for disruption, and Greater Than is in pole position to lead that change. I'm very excited to get the opportunity to contribute to making that change happen.
    Johan Bendz, Director of the board, Greater Than
    I'm thrilled to welcome the new complementary directors to the board of Greater Than. Each new director will add valuable assets to our experienced board as we continue implementing our growth strategy at pace.
    Liselott Johansson, CEO of Greater Than
    We’re very proud to be listed for the second time as an Insurtech100 company. It is also very heartwarming to experience that purpose-driven technology gain recognition. We cannot stress enough the urgent need we feel from organizations worldwide to rapidly get started to use third-party technologies, like ours, to take actions reducing CO2 emission and fatalities on the roads
    Sten Forseke, Founder of Greater Than
    Clare, Tim and Johan are three complementary global competencies, each with unique cutting-edge expertise in transformation, scaling and marketing. Together they will bring valuable perspectives to drive and develop future-proof business opportunities that will contribute to Greater Than's continued growth
    Sten Forseke, founder and board member of Greater Than
    AI-based risk analysis takes a step up in its abilities within auto insurance and plays a vital role in getting product positioning and pricing right. By approaching digital-first customers who really care for fair and transparent pricing and who request extended flexibility based on usage, we have found a perfect market fit with this offering.
    John Crispi, founder and CEO of Covercube
    We're very excited to see the increased demand for more flexible, dynamic and transparent motor insurance products in the US. As our core product is essential for correlating driving risk with actual cost, we're thrilled to provide the technical foundation of Covercube's firmly positioned offering.
    Sten Forseke, founder of Greater Than
    We are very honored to be shortlisted for the Automotive Award for Automotive AI Product / Service of the Year. Putting AI in the center is obvious for any future-proof mobility service. With our AI, we have helped insurance & mobility services to become more profitable, much cleaner and roads significantly safer. This nomination is further evidence of the urgent importance of such AI.
    Sten Forseke, founder of Greater Than
    We're at a stage when we need and want to understand our road environment better. There is an urgent demand to proactively work at quickly lowering carbon emissions and road accidents on a global scale. With this POC and a partner like TomTom, we’re taking the lead on transforming vehicle data into vital information and developing a concrete solution to a global issue.
    Sten Forseke, Founder of Greater Than
    TomTom looks to collaborate with companies who share in our mission to reduce emissions and make the roads safer. Greater Than aims to do just that and we’re eager to see the results of our collaboration.
    Andrea Stucchi, VP of Sales at TomTom
    As our vision is to be the preferred service provider for every mobility need, Warikan KINTO is a step further on our roadmap. The collaboration with Greater Than suits us perfectly as both parties strive to use the latest technology to distribute customer-centric solutions that contribute to easy and sustainable mobility and a happy user experience.
    Mr. Yasuyuki Nunokawa, Office of the KINTO President, KINTO, Global
    We're very proud and excited for KINTO’s trust in us and our technology. Being at the forefront of connected car solutions since 2004, this is the uttermost proof of the flexibility in the usage of our technology and road risk analysis. We're so happy being able to support our customers by launching future-proof mobility services with great market impact.
    Sten Forseke, Founder of Greater Than
    To be approved by the authorities in Arizona is a giant acknowledgement of our AI-based motor insurance offering. We're very excited for what can be accomplished and how we highly can improve people lives by fewer accidents and decreased carbon footprint in Arizona
    Liselott Johansson, CEO of Greater Than
    The historic car insurance industry must fundamentally change and become more simplified, fair, and transparent, providing individualized customer pricing for safe driving. With the help of Greater Than's AI technology, CoverCube and our partner Aegis Security, we will together launch the most modern and dynamic car insurance in the US
    John Crispi, Founder and CEO of CoverCube
    Our vision is to be the preferred service provider for every mobility need. For this purpose, we build our own roadmap because there is simply no predefined strategy. The collaboration with Greater Than suits us perfectly as both parties strive to use the latest technology to develop and distribute solutions that contribute a lot to a safer and cleaner road environment while providing a happy experience for the driver
    Mr. Yasuyuki Nunokawa, Office of the KINTO President, KINTO, Global.
    It is a great honor for us to deepen the partnership with KINTO, the world leading new mobility service provider that are at the forefront of digitization. The combination of their end users' knowledge and our technology enables us to jointly develop and launch the market's most appealing services and offerings
    Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than
    I'm thrilled and honoured to be given this responsibility. FIA SDC is a unique way for all of us to make a difference in our everyday lives. We can all significantly impact the environment and safety on the roads with minimal effort, which makes FIA SDC a given CSR initiative. I truly encourage and invite all companies and organisations across the globe, with a clear CSR plan, to join in on this fun and meaningful mission
    Johanna Forseke, CEO Greater Than Svenska AB
    The trust our partners in Japan place in us is high, and this step will further strengthen that trust. Our investment in Japan underlines our commitment to our Japanese partners and the markets they operate on.
    Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than
    I am pleased to have assembled a strong team that has the expertise required for Greater Than to continue advancing its position internationally. Together with the new management team, I will conduct a strategy work with a focus on increased scalability of our business and broadened sales of analysis of vehicle data with good returns and low risk
    says Liselott Johansson
    We're very excited providing for motor and insurance industry what Bloomberg offers for the stock market. By the use of insights and products, we can help to foster sustainable mobility and a road environment with less pressure on energy consumption - which is a win-win for all.
    said Liselott Johansson, CEO, Greater Than
    I am pleased that Markus Waldenström joins Greater Than as our chief financial officer. Markus will be a major asset to our business as we continue on this steep growth trajectory across our business's facets expansion
    Liselott Johansson, CEO at Greater Than
    As Greater Than continues on its expansion journey, I look forward to working with the team to deliver on the Company's strategic priorities and to run and oversee our commitment to driving shareholder value."
    Markus Waldenström, CFO at Greater Than
    Dashcams delivers high qualified driving data, which seamlessly transforms into instant high-value risk insight through our AI. As our AI analyses, calculate and predict risk, we now make it possible for a larger amount of fleet managements to reach better cost control
    Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than
    This partnership further cements our commitment to being a transparent, dynamic and agile insurance partner – always putting road safety and accident prevention centre stage. We continue to collaborate with Greater Than to advance these goals, as their platform provides shared access to unique risk data, both to us and our customers
    Darren Stoddart, Senior Fleet Underwriter at Zurich.
    We are keen to leverage new technology to understand our customer base better with an eye to developing new tailored solutions. The risk and pricing data we have access to contains various opportunities for new fun offerings, all the while increasing every customer’s safety.
    Paul Sykes, Head of Maintenance & Procurement at Onto.
    We are thrilled to further expand our partnership with Zurich through the collaboration with the cutting-edge company Onto. We're looking forward to offering our high-yield risk platform and optimize the fleet for new business opportunities promoting a safer and cleaner road environment.
    Johanna Forseke, CBO at Greater Than
    We are very honoured and proud to receive this acknowledgement for the second year in a row. It means a lot to us, and to the industries, we're operating with. Working for a safer and cleaner road environment is at centre-court for the Insurance- and new mobility companies we're working with
    Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than
    FIA Smart Driving Challenge provide a great opportunity for all motorist, organisations and nations globally to start working to significantly lowering the carbon footprint and accidents on the road
    Johanna Forseke, CBO Greater Than
    We are confident that this new offering with Carro will build a new business model for car insurance in the Southeast Asian region and beyond, while also directly improving the customer experience. We will be conducting demonstrations and collaborative research projects with Carro, and the learnings from this knowledge-sharing journey will be used to develop global products and services that better serve the needs of Southeast Asian drivers. The new d
    Tomoyuki Motoyama, MSI general manager of digital strategy department
    We are delighted to support MSI’s and Carro's drive to redefine auto insurance experience towards a more user-based. This collaboration is part of our broader strategy to work with our clients to co-create new digital experiences for their customers and partners.
    Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than
    While user behaviour auto insurance is more widespread in the US and Europe, it is just beginning to take off in Southeast Asia. We aim to bring data science and AI into the insurance industry through this collaboration with MSI, who have a significant regional presence and - like us - have also been extensively exploring the UBI space.
    Aaron Tan, CEO and founder Carro
    We have a number of collaborations globally with strong momentum in both Europe and Asia. With the capital injection, we're into invest further in market growth and presence. This is excellent timing for us now to meet the increased demand of AI-based risk insight, and digital insurance and mobility products.
    Liselott Johansson CEO Greater Than
    We are thrilled that Car Club has chosen Greater Than to be their AI-based Insurtech provider. In addition to us driving digital strategies across our businesses in the region, one of our aims as the Global Digital Hub is to facilitate innovative insurance services through collaboration. We are glad to be able to assist our corporate clients like Car Club in this exciting undertaking. With road safety central to our common objective, we believe the AI-based technology will also contribute positively to this social cause.
    Shin Miyatsu, General Manager of MSIG’s GDH.
    We were impressed with Greater Than’s suite of scalable solutions and their approach to integrating its technology with our existing platform. The collaboration is a great opportunity for us to examine customized AI-based technology and encourage safe and efficient driving behavior amongst our car-sharing members. Further to that, the use of gamification is a fun and engaging way to reward and to motivate our members to drive better.
    Tomoya Ryuse, Director of Car Club,
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