Humana ranked as most sustainable healthcare provider in Sweden

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Humana is perceived as the most sustainable brand in the healthcare and care industry in Sweden in 2021. Humana's top ranking is based on the largest independent brand study focused on sustainability in Europe, the Sustainable Brand Index, describing how consumers view  companies' sustainability work.

The Sustainable Brand Index ranking has been conducted annually since 2011, and is a comprehensive brand study, based on consumers' awareness and attitude towards brands in terms of sustainability. The study covers more than 1,400 brands, 34 industries and eight countries and is based on 60,000 consumers' assessments of the brands and how these are perceived in terms of environmental and social responsibility.

Anna Sönne, Head of Sustainability at Humana, says:

"The fact that Humana's brand receives such high trust from consumers when it comes to sustainability, makes us very proud. Sustainability is central to us. Humana’s overall objective is ultimately about creating sustainability at the individual level in our society. Our activites are governed using a sustainable strategy that focuses on quality, attractiveness as an employer, longterm sustained growth and social responsibility, alongside strong core values. Being ranked as our industry's number one in sustainability in Sweden shows that our work is reaching people."

Read more about Humana's sustainability work and keep an eye out for our 2020 Sustainability report, which will be published in early April.

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For more information, please contact:
Anna Sönne, Head of Investor Relations and Sustainability, +46 70 601 48 53,
Patrik Silverudd, Press Manager, + 46 766 112 111,

Humana is a leading Nordic care company providing services within individual and family care, personal assistance, elderly care and special service housing in accordance with LSS. Humana has 16,000 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark providing care for 9,000 individuals and working to achieve the vision “Everyone is entitled to a good life”. In 2020, Humana’s operating revenue was SEK 7,797m. Humana is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and the company’s headquarters are located in Stockholm. Read more about Humana on:


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