Hedin Bil to open two new dealerships in Bromma, Sweden together with Opel and Ford

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Hedin Bil signs two separate 12-year lease agreements with property owner Stendörren regarding a property in Bromma, totalling 9000 square meters. Estimated to open during 2019.

Gothenburg, May 2018

Today property owner Stendörren Fastighet AB announced a 170 Million SEK investment in two separate properties in Ulvsunda, Bromma, Sweden. These two will be developed into two separate car dealership for Hedin Bil retailing Opel and Ford. Expected opening is summer of 2019.

Hedin Bil has recently put a lot of focus on its Ford retailer business. On the 19th of April 2018, Hedin Bil opened Europe’s biggest FordStore and two days before, on the 17th of April the acquisition of Motorcentralen I Eskilstuna AB’s Ford business was announced. And now another dealership dedicated Ford will open under the Hedin umbrella during 2019.

Also the Opel brand is growing together with Hedin Bil and today it is offered on 11 locations around Sweden.

Anders Hedin owner and CEO of Anders Hedin Invest, says “I am very happy that we have signed these contracts with Stendörren. Together with Opel and Ford, we look forward welcoming our regional customers to brand new, top of the line facilities and to offer the best possible service".

Aktiebolaget I.A. Hedin Bil (publ)

For more information, please contact:
Emma Andersson, +46 707 936 053; emma.andersson@andershedininvest.se

I.A. Hedin Bil is one of the largest privately owned automotive retailers in the Nordics, with 30 brands in the portfolio, offering full service for private and corporate customers. Financing, service and insurance are some of the components of the total offer. Hedin Bil is represented in more than 90 locations in Sweden, Norway and Belgium. Sales in 2017 amounted to 12.7 bn SEK and there were more than 2,700 employees in the business. www.hedinbil.se

® I.A. Hedin Bil is a registered trademark owned by the Anders Hedin Invest Group (91 %) and Ingemar Hedin (9 %).




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