It has been almost a year since we took over the operations in Belgium through our new brand Hedin Automotive. We have performed well over expectation for the first year and therefore we have continued to look for opportunities in Belgium to continue our growth.
Anders Hedin, CEO Anders Hedin Invest AB
Earlier this year, we successfully took over the operations of seven Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Ghent and yesterday we acquired another five dealerships around Antwerp. The acquisition of Jacobs complements our existing business in a strategic way and I look forward to further expand our offer on the Belgian market
Anders Hedin
In April, we successfully took over the operations of seven Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Ghent. At the same time, we entered an agreement to acquire five dealerships around Antwerp. I am very happy to announce that the deal was carried through as planned and we are therefore taking the next steps into a very interesting market.
Anders Hedin
-We want to welcome Ivars Bil in Östersund to our growing family. This acquisition is fully aligned with our plans to invest heavily in the northern parts of Sweden. The dealership in Östersund has been exemplary driven and built up. We look forward continuing this work and find the full potential and synergies going forward.
Johan Frisk, CEO of Bavaria Bil Sverige
-Towards our employees and customers, it feels good to announce this deal with such a big and serious player as Hedin Bil. A prerequisite for us was always that the new owner shares our values, visons and goals, and I believe we have achieved this. I am firmly convinced that opportunities and added value will grow out of this deal.
Jörgen Ericsson, Partner Ivars Bil AB
I am very proud and happy of this fantastic business deal proves that Hedin Bil, besides passenger cars and transport vehicles, also is a serious contender to count on when it comes to heavy trucks. I believe we will notice a strong growth within this segment over the next couple of years.
Anders Hedin, CEO Anders Hedin Invest
Thanks to Hedin Bil’s great presentation, hard work and flexibility along with the proven high quality and low operating costs of the Mercedes-Benz trucks we are very happy of this business deal
Henrik Holm, CEO GDL
This has been a very complex deal, but thanks to innovative thinking and a good cooperation with the Key Account Manager department at Mercedes-Benz we were able to close our biggest deal ever. Now we look forward presenting similar deals to more customers and to increase Mercedes-Benz’s market shares in Sweden.
Björn Janström, Brand Manager Mercedes-Benz at Hedin Bil
We are very happy to acquire Englunds Bil, which has for a very long time, delivered both good results and happy customers. The acquisition is also aligned with our strategy of growing business in the north parts of Sweden and will lead to increased synergies within our company
Johan Frisk, CEO Bavaria Bil
Englunds Bil is, just like Hedin Bil, a family-owned business with a long tradition of selling cars and fulfilling customer's needs.
Andera Hedin, CEO and owner Anders Hedin Invest AB
I am very happy that we have been given the possibility to acquire Motorcentralen i Eskilstuna and to increase our Ford business within our Group.
Anders Hedin