By being part of a larger company and having the support of Volaris, we get access to resources and expertise that can help open doors to new business opportunities that were previously inaccessible to us. Mikael Boquist, CEO of Icore.
Mikael Boquist, CEO, Icore Solutions
Volaris is constantly on the lookout for companies with exciting products and services in the software industry and we have found that in Icore. Our mission is to support and inspire Icore's management in their work.
Christian Lanng, Portfolio Manager, Nordics and UK & Portfolio COO, Volaris Group
The new website features a modern and user-friendly design that will further enhance the experience for our visitors and make it easier to find relevant information.
Thomas Madsen, Chief Marketing Officer at iCore
The basis for a good digitalization strategy is to handle the business’ data and create the right foundation. That foundation is a well-functioning integration architecture and using the iCore Integration Platform, which helps clients integrate easily. I look forward working for iCore and contribute to taking the next step, it is an exciting company which I believe strongly in.
Martin Lesalvia, VP of Operations at iCore
The process will be totally automated, data is first collected and then sent to relevant systems without manual involvement. The platform also enables Borås Elnät to visualize data in a whole new way and they also have better control over who receives which data.
Tomas Zorjan, Key Account Manager at iCore
iCore Summit gathers professionals from a wide array of industries, where we share insights and experiences. We look forward to this year’s event.
Mikael Boquist, CEO of iCore
Hemtex was looking for a long-term integration partner who could provide a modern platform and also act as a “speaking partner” towards suppliers of other IT systems.
Tomas Zorjan, Key Account Manager at iCore
Traditional companies are now catching up in e-commerce, and this puts new demands on a well-functioning integration solution.
Mikael Brorsson, product manager at Consafe Logistics
With ITIL we can respond quickly and create more value for our customers. We are less dependent on individual competences and can deliver solutions that are optimized to the customer’s needs.
Karin Bui Källkvist, manager at iCore Service Center
An all too common problem is that clients do not have the correct people working on the project. You need someone who knows about all the company processes, not just the ones that affect a specific department.
Christer Söderlund, Integration Architect and Senior Consultant at Columbus Global
We used to have five different integration platforms, which was not a practical solution going forward. So, we decided to use iCore Integration Suite to replace them all, and together with iCore we implemented a successful integration strategy.
Sara Carlsson, IT manager at Bergman & Beving
Today we have efficient supply chain management which allows our different systems to communicate with each other. The new architecture is adapted to the needs of our customers and built for the future.
David Heeroma, CDO & CIO at Kicks
iCore’s greatest strength lies in their Integration Suite’s preconfigured components which save us and our customers a lot of time – both in the implementation process and when adding new components.
Christer Söderlund, integration architect at Columbus
Companies today want to see and do everything on the same platform – from checking current stock balances to placing orders directly in the system. The demand for smarter integration solutions gets higher and higher.
Nicklas Andersson, Integration Architect at Ismotec
– Everyone who participate shares the same questions and challenges, and solutions are created in the meetings between people.
Fredrik Conradsson, Key Account Manager, iCore Solutions
The rise of cloud-based systems and services make the step to integration in the cloud logical. It’s the next big thing in the system integration market.
Håkan Holm, CTO at iCore Solutions.