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  • Quotes

    I’m very pleased with the cooperation with Intervacc and we are excited to continue the work together with the development team. Together we are a leader in developing vaccines using fusions of recombinant proteins, and we believe firmly that we are only in the beginning of this expanding field. This agreement confirms Intervacc and KI’s long-term commitment to the project.
    Professor Birgitta Henriques Normark, Karolinska Institutet
    We are really pleased to be able to continue to collaborate with a recognized research team led by Professor Birgitta Henriques Normark. Intervacc is very pleased with the results that our research teams at KI and SLU have achieved together. We are at the forefront of some very innovative animal health vaccine technologies and we are excited about the ability to utilize this knowledge within vaccinology to bring new animal health vaccines to the market
    Andreas Andersson, CEO Intervacc AB
    I am excited that we have been able to recruit yet another strong and leading researcher to Intervacc. Andrew adds a fantastic energy and competence in the very important launch of our strangles vaccine, as well as in the further development of our promising pipeline projects
    Andreas Andersson, CEO
    The technology at the heart of Strangvac directs an immune response to simultaneously target an array of proteins used by invading bacteria and has enormous potential for the development of new vaccines with which to improve animal health
    Dr. Andrew Waller
    The study illustrates how Strangvac can be used to prevent horses from developing strangles if they should be exposed to Streptococcus equi. Our results also suggest that Strangvac will play an important role in improving health and welfare of the horses and minimizing economic impact of outbreaks
    CSO prof. Jan-Ingmar Flock
    This is a very good validation of our operations and our vaccine technology, as well as of our vaccine candidates against mastitis in dairy cows. Vinnova has selected our innovation project in the face of strong competition from other Swedish development projects, all with the potential to achieve international success. We can now strengthen our activities in this vaccine development in our exciting project portfolio of modern vaccines
    Jan-Ingmar Flock, chief scientific officer
    The MAA filing represents a significant milestone for Intervacc. We are now submitting a regulatory application for marketing authorization for our first in-house developed vaccine and take a major step toward preventing outbreaks and suffering in horses by making Strangvac® available to the equine veterinarian community.
    Andreas Andersson, CEO Intervacc
    If approved, Strangvac will be the first Swedish Animal Health Vaccine to receive marketing authorization by the centralised EMA procedure covering all 28 member states of the European Union (E.U.), as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
    Jan-Ingmar Flock, CSO Intervacc
    It feels very stimulating and exciting to be able to help realize the potential that exists in the technology of recombinant proteins, and to be involved in introducing new vaccines. I am convinced that Intervacc is well placed to become one of the leading players in the development of animal vaccines based on this exciting technology, and I look forward to contributing to this development
    Jan Persson, CFO
    Intervacc is in the final phase of the development of Strangvac, our vaccine against equine strangles. We expect to be able to submit final documentation to the regulatory authorities in Europe before the end of the year and expect market approval before the end of 2020. The capital from the Directed issue allows us to fully focus on the preparations for the commercialization of Strangvac®. Furthermore, we can increase the rate of development of other vaccines in our pipeline. There has been a considerable interest in Intervacc and it is very gratifying that we now can add a number of reputable institutional investors to our owner list
    CEO Andreas Andersson
    It is very gratifying that we now can increase the cooperation, after close to two years of business with Animalcare. We look forward to introducing several interesting products to the Swedish market. This is an important step in the strategy to broaden our animal health product portfolio in collaboration with strong partners
    CEO Andreas Andersson
    We are very pleased to announce that we have now manufactured the drug substances for several million doses of Strangvac, the new vaccine against equine strangles.
    CEO Andreas Andersson
    An important preparatory step has now been completed for the final completion of validation batches needed for submission of a registration application to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This confirms the previously established timetable for Strangvac and that the process for large-scale manufacturing works well.
    Chief Scientific Officer Jan-Ingmar Flock
    We are very pleased to be able to give this message when we are in an intensive phase in the development of the commercial production process
    Andreas Andersson, CEO Intervacc AB
    An important preparatory step has now been completed for the upcoming commercial large-scale production in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This, in combination with the recent pre-submission meeting with the European Medicines Agency (EMA), confirms the previously established timetable for Strangvac
    Jan-Ingmar Flock, CSO Intervacc
    We are delighted with the appointment of Andreas. He has a track record of success in developing and expanding companies with a strong technology focus. This is an exciting time for Intervacc, as it prepares for the registration and commercialization of Stangvac® as well as the continued development of the Company’s other vaccine candidates.
    Björn Sjöstrand, Chairman of the Board
    The new study, in combination with previous studies, shows that intramuscular vaccination with the Strangvac vaccine provides effective protection and also a rapid immune response (booster effect) at revaccination up to one year after basic vaccination. These are pleasing results that are of great importance in the development of guidelines and vaccination programs for how Strangvac will be used. Today there is no fully safe and satisfactory vaccine against strangles on the world market, as shown by current reported outbreaks from around the world
    Jan-Ingmar Flock, CEO
    The quality requirements and the fact that several of our projects have been rated so well by independent expert reviewers in a short while, confirms that Intervacc's project portfolio for a new generation of animal health vaccines is of great interest
    CEO Jan-Ingmar Flock
    With this agreement, we have been assured that the entire manufacturing chain is in place for commercial production of Strangvac
    Jan-Ingmar Flock, CEO
    This is an important milestone in the process to complete the registration of Strangvac® and especially considering that there is a huge need for a safe and efficacious vaccine against equine strangles as evidenced by all current reported outbreaks around the world
    Jan-Ingmar Flock, CEO of Intervacc
    This is very exciting and an additional important step in Intervacc's development to become a company with several projects with high-potential in addition to Strangvac® and INV274 against pig streptococcal infection
    Jan-Ingmar Flock, CEO
    We are very pleased about this agreement, this is a significant step forward for Intervacc, which thereby enters into a new commercial production phase after successful completion of clinical trials and safety studies of Strangvac®
    Jan-Ingmar Flock, CEO
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