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  • Andréas Elgaard

    President & CEO

    ITAB Shop Concept AB, Box 9054, SE-550 09 Jönköping. Visiting address: Instrumentvägen 2, 550 09 JÖNKÖPING
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    Compared to last year 2021 have had a good start and during the second quarter the currency adjusted growth was 34% with 13% coming from the acquisition of Cefla Retail Solutions. The customer sector Grocery is leading the growth with 24% for the first half year.
    Andréas Elgaard, CEO & President ITAB
    The year started well with currency-adjusted growth of 13 percent, mainly driven by strong growth in Southern Europe, with largest increase in our largest customer category, Grocery. The acquisition of Cefla Retail Solutions contributed 9 percent and organic growth was 4 percent.
    Andréas Elgaard, CEO & President
    We are proud that existing shareholders so clearly support the rights issue and we see this as an indication of trust in ITAB’s transformation plan. We are now seeing the end of a long process and I would like to thank all shareholders, the board and the Macquarie, Vinge, ITAB and Nordea team for all of the hard work and a great collaboration that resulted in an oversubscribed rights issue. I look forward to being able to focus our efforts at establishing ITAB as the leading European solution provider.
    Andréas Elgaard, President & CEO
    During the quarter, we continued to focus on our customers and to transform ITAB according to plan, with shown results. Our solutions create clear added value for our customers while protecting their staff and consumers in a market that is challenging and dynamic.
    Andréas Elgaard, President & CEO ITAB
    ITAB’s staff and partners have continued to support our customers in a very good way during the quarter. This includes developing solutions to protect our customers, their staff and consumers, as well as managing challenges with to closed borders and countries through immediate cost savings.
    Andréas Elgaard - CEO & President
    Cefla has a strong position in southern Europe and we see their expertise and long tradition in the Grocery sector as strategically important for ITAB as it strengthen our market presence in southern Europe. We welcome Cefla's employees and the collaboration with them in the coming years. Together, we will develop the offer to Cefla's existing customers by being able to offer ITAB’s solutions in checkouts, selfcheckouts, gates, lighting, store fittings and interactive digital products to create easy, efficient and inspiring consumer experiences.
    Andréas Elgaard, President and CEO of ITAB
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