IVU.rail has demonstrated its performance capability in the previous years. Through the system we were able to handle both the centralised and the decentralized deployment of vehicles and employees for the entire company. Now we have the dispatching of all employees in one system, which enormously simplifies the planning work. Through this we gain flexibility and receive more options for the dispatch of railway operation.
Imre Rácz, Head of Operation Support, MÁV-START
Our extremely positive experience with the IVU systems in the past, the modular overall concept of the IVU.suite and IVU’s experience with ticketing solutions all over the world encouraged us to continue our collaboration and extend it to fare management. We firmly believe that with this system, we have found the best solution for our concessions and especially our customers, who can now pay for their trips on an entirely cashless basis.
Bart Schmeink, CEO of Transdev Netherlands
The new e-ticketing system is a milestone. With it, our customers receive a straightforward and flexible system that is adapted specifically to their individual needs. With this service, we are setting a benchmark for the whole of Germany.
Ulrich Lapp, head of the Public Transport and Automotive Engineering department at Stadtwerke Schweinfurt
The IVU solution has an extremely high level of standardisation that meets even our extensive requirements. As a result, we are certain that the system can be implemented smoothly at all our transport companies. Thanks to the system’s modular structure, the companies are also very flexible and can individually choose the products that they need.
Dr Tobias Heinemann, Marketing & Sales Director (CCO) at Transdev GmbH
Organising the very different duty schedules for charter trips and scheduled trips has always been a huge challenge for dispatchers and drivers alike. IVU.suite enables us to manage both in a single system, which makes scheduling much easier. As a result, our employees benefit from better rotas.
Wolfgang Schroeder, Chief Executive of Sales-Lentz
What attracted us to the system was the outstanding collaboration between IVU and GEP. IVU.suite meets our requirements perfectly and can be extended flexibly. Consequently, we can offer our passengers modern, secure service.
Rufini Flores Pimentel, Managing Director, Buena Estrella
Besides the competitively priced overall offer including hardware and software for vehicles and the background system, IVU’s substantial experience with integrated solutions was especially decisive for us.
Rüdiger Malter, Managing Director NASA Gmbh
IVU.suite has enabled us to roll out a solution throughout Switzerland and to establish uniform standardised processes. Nevertheless, we are still flexible where necessary. It allows us to considerably increase our efficiency, reduce our costs and thereby ensure that PostBus retains its competitiveness in the future.
Jean-Pierre Boillat, Head of Production Projects at PostBus Switzerland AG
Thanks to this app, all visitors to IGA 2017 can enjoy the exhibition however they want – families with children as well as older people or people with disabilities. Our solution meets the different needs of the users in an ideal manner. We achieved this by drawing on findings from current research projects and cooperating closely with disability organisations.
Simone Maas, Head of Department, IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Our dispatching and planning will be digitalised by the IVU.rail product. In doing so, we will ensure our competitiveness
Oliver Terhaag, production executive, DB Regio AG
IVU has more than 40 years of experience in the planning and dispatching software sector. We are delighted to have this strong partner on board helping us to further optimise our operations. e were impressed by this holistic package and its wide range of functions. With this move, we are concentrating most of the data relevant to our dispatchers in one system, enabling us to accelerate our planning processes.
Ascan Egerer, Managing Director at Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft
“The IVU engineers supported us comprehensively and gave us expert advice right from the start. Thanks to the coordinated approach we could configure software and hardware precisely to fit our needs and implement them in a short time period.”
Heinz Geis, director of HG GmbH
In retrospect, this was the largest concession transfer and system integration in the Netherlands, and probably worldwide, in such a short time. The punctual start of all the systems on the eve of 8 December was a major success for the entire team.
Klaas van Esch, Head of project at Qbuzz
With the IVU.suite we have found a real standard solution which enables us to plan uniformly throughout our entire operational area.
Daniel Schlatter, member of the management board of PostBus Switzerland
With the IVU.suite we have found a solution which could be introduced in only a few months, so that the internal disturbances caused by system alterations and integration could be kept to a minimum.
Michael Hamann, Head of Project at BSM
The smartphone has become the most important medium for mobile information and is something that our passengers cannot do without. Thanks to ASEAG mobil they are now able to find out about the updated departure times of our buses much more conveniently.
Michael Carmincke, CEO ASEAG
This has fully satisfied our expectations – both in terms of the functionality and the project implementation.
Wieland Haupt, project co-worker WSV
The start of our new coach service has gone really smoothly. Systems and vehicles were ready to start operations punctually despite the extremely short lead time to completion.
Dr Joachim Wessels, Managing director of ADAC Postbus
Thanks to the multi-client ITCS solution from IVU we will now be able to integrate all the SWEG transport companies, subsidiaries and cooperation partners in the new system without this placing an unacceptable burden on the individual companies.
Toni Oberle, project manager at SWEG
Whether for passenger transport or goods transport, the main aim of all planning is to optimise the utilisation of resources. And here IVU.rail provides a solution for the entire rail sector.
Christian Teschner, IVU section manager Rail
The level of automation is a big help with the processing work, and marks a milestone on the way to the IT-supported administration of election helpers.
Joachim Dyllick, Head of the WahlNeu project in Munich
We hope that the unification of the systems will have the positive effect of easing workloads for the transport personnel, increasing road safety, and simplifying operations.
Ute Thielges, project leader at Rhenus Veniro Süd-West
In recent years we have followed the right trends. Our IVU.suite has developed into a strong standard product range which is not only doing well internationally, but has also opened up many new development opportunities for the domestic market. On this basis we will also continue to grow in the coming years.
Martin Müller-Elschner, CEO of IVU AG
We are delighted with this award, which highlights the importance of IT solutions for public transport in addition to smoothly operating infrastructure.
Dr Helmut Bergstein, Member of the Executive Board of IVU Traffic Technologies AG
A customer-friendly passenger information system and dependable connections make it possible to plan journeys in rural areas and will in future encourage more car drivers to switch to public transport.
Rainer Counen, Managing Director of VBN
Our product strategy is proving very successful. Over the past five years we have been showing steady growth. With an equity ratio of 60%, IVU is well above the market average. The good performance of IVU and the stable asset situation is also appreciated by potential customers. The order-book situation is correspondingly healthy and we are confident that we will be able to increase earnings and improve performance further in the coming years.
Martin Müller-Elschner, CEO of IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Such smartphone navigation for the blind and people with impaired vision augments the existing information system for public transport in Berlin, serving a group of people who are really dependent on public transport. In addition, this travel information and guidance system can of course also be useful for older people. With the aid of m4guide it may also be possible in future for tourists to be guided to their chosen destination in unfamiliar city surroundings.
Christian Gaebler, State Secretary for Transport and Environmental Affairs
Major cities all over the world are facing considerable logistival challenges. Within a very short period entire transport networks must be modernised and their perfomance enhanced. In Berlin, London, Vienna, and Zurich we have already demonstrated what the mobility of the future can look like. I am pleased that, with Budapest, a further major city has chosen to introduce our IVU.suite.
Dr Helmut Bergstein, Member of the Management Board of IVU Traffic Technologies AG
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