Subscription to Kappahl clothes now available via Hack Your Closet

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It is now possible to subscribe to selected sections of Kappahl’s brands via the clothing rental service Hack Your Closet. The new collaborative initiative is part of Kappahl’s strategy to make its clothing more widely available and to extend the life of its apparel, and is a step towards reducing the company’s environmental impacts.


Selected sections of Kappahl’s popular kay/day and Kappahl Woman brands are now also available to subscribers to Hack Your Closet.
      “Fashion is personal and should be fun! We’ve teamed up with Hack Your Closet to bring our products to a wider audience and to extend their useful life,” says Caroline Ahlberg, who is Vice President of the Business Unit WoMan at Kappahl.

Each year sees Kappahl strengthening its position as a supplier of affordable and responsible fashion for all the different occasions in life. The fashion chain is also taking determined steps towards becoming a more sustainable and circular business. A key target is to reduce its environmental impacts in line with the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The company is committed to inspiring customers to make more sustainable choices to reduce environmental impacts across the supply chain.
      “There is rising demand for services that complement consumption and allow garments to last longer,” Caroline Ahlberg says. We will be able to feed the valuable information that we gain from this service into the ongoing development of our products once we’ve seen how well they perform in a circular business model.

Kappahl’s business concept and environmental goals align with Hack Your Closet’s objectives of making good-quality products available to fashion-conscious women in a more sustainable and affordable way.
     “It feels fantastic that Kappahl has chosen to partner with Hack Your Closet. It has the right approach and commitment to achieving real sustainable development, which is important to our customers. It will be exciting to see how we are able to turn the data that we get from the user phase into something valuable and make the supply chain more sustainable,” says Mikaela Larsell Ayesa, Co-founder and COO of Hack Your Closet.

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Charlotte Högberg, Head of Corporate Communications, Kappahl, +46 704 71 56 31,

Hack Your Closet was launched in 2019 and operates its business in Sweden and France. The clothing subscription service enables customers to regularly update their wardrobe while helping to reduce textile waste. For more information, visit

Kappahl exists to celebrate diversity in everyday life”. We want to help broaden the definition of diversity to include many different ways of living – empowering people to always stay true to themselves. Founded in 1953 in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Kappahl Group is a leading fashion chain in the Nordics, with around 370 Kappahl and Newbie stores, and Shop Online in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland and the UK.

The Kappahl team consists of some 4,000 colleagues at 400 workplaces in ten countries, with different backgrounds, ages, skills and styles. Their common motivation is to offer fashion that suits a wide range of people and lifestyles. A responsible fashion that feels right, for the wearer and for the world we live in. Today, 70 per cent of our assortment is made of more sustainable materials. Our goal is for 100 per cent to be made of more sustainable materials by 2025.

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Fashion is personal and should be fun! We’ve teamed up with Hack Your Closet to bring our products to a wider audience and to extend their useful life.
Caroline Ahlberg, Vice President Business Unit WoMan at Kappahl.