Emoji for the maternity package captures many emotions

In May, the maternity package will get its own emoji character. The launch of the maternity package can be watched live on Periscope. With a new colouring page, everyone can envision their own favourite maternity package.

In collaboration with the Finnish MInistry of Foreign Affairs and Hasan & Partners, Kela has designed an emoji icon for the maternity package. The emoji portrays a baby sleeping snugly in its first bed, which is made out of a cardboard box. This distinctively Finnish phenomenon has delighted and fascinated people also outside Finland. 

“The arrival of the maternity package is a joyful moment and one that parents look forward to. Now they can share that moment along with other baby news in the form of an emoji,” says Pipsa Lotta Marjamäki of Kela.

“The maternity package is internationally the best known symbol of the Finnish social security system. We are proud that the emoji for the maternity package is included in the Finland-themed emoji set of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Emoji are used widely in mobile communications and are also prevalent in social media. They communicate emotions effectively, compressing a lot of information into one image.

In December 2015, Finland became the first country in the world to launch its own set of country-related emoji. This initial set, consisting of a little over 30 characters, will be expanded this spring. The emoji for the maternity package is part of this new set of emoji characters. The emoji can be downloaded from app stores starting in May. The Finland-themed emoji are emoji stickers, which means that they can be viewed also on devices that do not have the relevant emoji installed.

Launch of the new maternity package can be watched live on Periscope

Clients can for the first time watch the launch of the new maternity package live. The launch event can be seen on Kela's Periscope channel (@kela_uutiset) starting 8:30 am, Friday 4 March. All of the items included in the new maternity package will be presented at 9:30 am, the same time that they are released to the media. Viewers get to see what the clothes look like on actual babies.

The launch event will be available for later viewing on Kela's Periscope channel for 24 hours. Some of the videos can be watched on Kela's channel on YouTube.

The live broadcast can also be watched at periscope.tv/kela_uutiset

Maternity package now as a colouring page

The week before the announcement of the new maternity package Kela released a colouring page depicting the maternity package. The maternity package features clothes in predominantly neutral colours so as to suit different tastes and to make them easy to combine with other clothes. With the colouring page, clients can envision the kind of maternity package they would like to see, starting with colours and patterns. Kela pays close attention to clients' wishes when selecting items for the maternity package. The colouring page is a new way to give feedback.

Additional information for customers
Print out the colouring page
www.kela.fi/maternity package

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