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  • A sustainable and efficient detergent for chamber washing in the machining industry - Kiilto Pro Parts Cleaner

A sustainable and efficient detergent for chamber washing in the machining industry - Kiilto Pro Parts Cleaner

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Eco-friendliness is a growing trend, and the popularity of green products keeps increasing. Sustainability will be a prerequisite for successful operation also in technology industries. In response to this demand, Kiilto has developed Kiilto Pro Parts Cleaner, a new sustainable, and efficient detergent for chamber washing. The new detergent has been granted the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The machining industry consumes considerable amounts of washing detergents, and the detergents thus play a significant role in terms of both eco-friendliness and costs. A high-quality detergent has a direct impact on the optimisation of the washing process. Correct detergents ensure high-quality end products, reduce the amount of production waste and costs, and improve occupational safety.

In response to the need for a sustainable and efficient product, Kiilto is now launching a new detergent for chamber washing in the machining industry.

“Kiilto Pro Parts Cleaner has been developed based on our extensive experience in the most efficient raw materials and new innovations in industry detergents. It has maximum washing power against industrial dirt such as oil, grease and machining fluids. In addition, it provides excellent corrosion protection for ferrous metals during indoor storage”, says Jussi-Matti Kauko, Kiilto's Product Development Chemist, and continues:

“The main purposes of a washing detergent are removing dirt, exhibiting a good dirt carrying capacity, and protecting against corrosion. Further important qualities include a long pot life and shelf life, low foaming and a mild scent.”

Kiilto Pro Parts Cleaner fulfils the criteria of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. It provides high washing power at a low dosage, which contributes to a long pot life. It is a versatile washing detergent that can be used in both spray and ultrasonic washing machines.

Demand for sustainable industry solutions

The industry is following the trend towards an increasingly sustainable, eco-friendly approach. A continuum to Kiilto's green product offering for the technology industries’ needs, Kiilto Pro Parts Cleaner fulfils the Nordic Swan Ecolabel's criteria for VOC contents and biodegradability, among other properties. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel proves that the product is a sustainable choice, but at the same time it is at least as efficient as similar traditional detergents. Moreover, the ecolabel always takes into consideration that the product is sustainable throughout its lifecycle and offers excellent user safety.

“It is great to create something new in response to a concrete need. Compounds that are harmful to health and the environment have been replaced with safer alternatives, and an external laboratory has verified the washing power”, says Timo Esko, Kiilto's Solution Manager for the technology industry.

”Kiilto Pro Parts Cleaner is efficient against the difficult dirt generated in the machining industry, but at the same time it is environmentally sustainable and user friendly. You can feel safe about using it”, adds Esko.

Kiilto's product development strives to combine supreme washing power with Kiilto's Promise to the environment. Kiilto launched the first biodegradable, plant-based cutting fluids for the technology industry in 2019. They received an extremely positive response in the market, and Kiilto has been praised for its safe and efficient products.