Try these! Favourite products for hospital hygiene

Raija Uusi-Hakimo from Kuusiolinna Terveys trusts Kiilto's new products.

- We receive an advance heads-up on new products that make our work easier and we are happy with the products we have tested.

- We have also been very happy with Kiilto's active, hands-on service and expert assistance, Uusi-Hakimo thanks Kuusiolinna's own Cleanliness and Hygiene Specialist Kaisa Sairanen from Kiilto.

Erisan Oxy+


This handy and versatile disinfecting cleaning agent is suited for surface cleaning but it can also be used to disinfect instruments and laundry.

Some units of Kuusiolinna do not have disinfecting washing machines and Erisan Oxy+ has provided those units with an easy way to effectively and effortlessly disinfect their laundry and instruments.

The granules in the bags are dissolved in water, activating the product's disinfection properties. The Erisan Oxy+ dilution is a safe way to ensure that laundry, instruments, etc. are disinfected.


Disinfecting device

Kiilto's disinfecting device that makes use of dry hydrogen peroxide steam has become a hit product at Kuusiolinna: it has been found to be very good in preventing the spread of infections at the different units.

- We had the privilege of being among the first to use this new kind of device that can prevent the spreading of the norovirus, for example, and is a significant help in overcoming epidemics, says Raija Uusi-Hakimo.

- We also often treat speciality patients and NocoSpray offers us an easy way to disinfect the speciality facilities when we clean them afterwards.


About Us

Kiilto is a family-owned company from Finland, with a hundred-year history and a vision looking ahead to 2080. We develop, manufacture and market chemical industry solutions in four business areas: construction, industrial bonding and hygiene solutions, professional cleanliness and hygiene, and consumer business. The key principles underlying our operations are environmental leadership, closeness, and commitment to the future. We operate in 12 countries and employ nearly 1000 people.