Continuous progress gives growth and opportunities for the best service

Lesjöfors continues to grow and we reached approximately SEK 1.7 billion in sales in 2014. This puts Lesjöfors among the major spring companies in the world. CEO Kjell-Arne Lindbäck gives his thoughts of the group´s success factors.

Acquisition broadens spring portfolio

With effect from 1 January 2015, Lesjöfors has acquired Sandvik's spring operations in the US and Mexico. With this acquisition, we have laid the foundation for continued expansion in these markets. Our goal is to grow and establish operations in markets that are of interest to both existing and new customers. We have for some time had requests from our existing customers to establish our business in the NAFTA region and we have listened and met their needs.

With the acquisition in the US we are broadening our product portfolio, which means that Lesjöfors as a group can offer the widest spring range there is. We can serve our customers with almost all their spring needs. In addition, we can also offer attractive, competitive product solutions that require a relatively high manual workflow thanks to manufacturing capacity in several low-cost countries.

Strategic investments boosts efficiency
Lesjöfors continues to invest in more efficient technology in all our companies and we have over the years made significant investments which has further increased our efficiency and improved product quality. We are constantly looking for improvements and investing is an important part of our strategy to always be at the forefront of spring development. A success factor is also our people and through our wide network of technicians, we successfully participate in development processes to give our customers the best product solutions, both functionally and economically. We have countless examples of successful customer cooperation that has given significant savings and better product solutions.

Qualified committed staff
For Lesjöfors, it is not empty words that our staff is our most important asset; it is our people´s skills and commitment that provides the conditions for successful cooperation with our customers. Based on a genuine teamwork, we have created a stable framework for the future. Our company is characterized at all levels by the basic principle of always having the customer´s best in mind. The service the customer gets by our highly qualified staff is based on personal commitment focused on the company´s individual situation. A strong company also signals security for our customers. With that as a foundation we are able to invest and develop further.

Local responsibility gives fast decision-making
Decentralization is also a very important component of our strategy. It provides conditions for quick decisions. Our local employees can take a stand, make the decision and take responsibility. Quick decision-making is important for all kinds of questions. It is a success factor that we will never give up on. The person that our customer talks to will always have fast access to the decision; we intend to advance that further.

We are proud of the positive cooperation with our customers and we will give everything we can to get even better. Feedback on products and customer care are very important for us to be able to provide the best possible service.