Our relationship with Bruderer UK goes back more than 15 years, and this will be the third new machine we’ve taken from Adrian Haller and his team. The Swiss stamping technology is the best in the world when it comes to precision, achieving tolerances and delivering flexibility, and this new BSTA 410-110B2 will be the real jewel in the crown of our new press shop.
Stuart McSheehy, Managing Director of European Springs & Pressings
We are excited over the fact that our sales curves are not only rising compared to the disastrous corona year 2020, but also to the record year 2019.
Mårten Glas, MD of Lesjöfors Stockholm Fjäder
Local-to-local solutions are getting increasingly important for customers. This set-up really underlines the upside with a global group of companies like ours where we can offer optimal pricing, service and supply regardless location.
Miro Ribaric, MD of Stumpp + Schüle
We have noticed an increase in demand from the market in recent years and therefore it was just the right time to introduce this product group now. There is a demand from, above all, industrial customers throughout Europe and we are pleased to now be able to supplement our range of gas springs with another in-demand product.
Greg Lehman, product manager at Lesjöfors Stockholms Fjäder
Since the acquisition, we have continued to broaden our market presence and refined innovative sales techniques and products. In particular, the decentralised management structure of Lesjöfors has allowed us to retain our individuality, whilst still gaining access to the Lesjöfors groups’ expertise and support.
Rob Lamb, MD of Metrol Springs
Velleuer has over the past years grown both in new customers and in existing customers who have broaden their business with us, which we see as a warranty that our offering to the market is what the customers want. We are eager to move in and fill the space with competence!
Frank Jahn, MD of Velleuer
We are happy this opportunity came up and March 2020 was the right time for us to make a transition at a reasonable cost. For further steps, we are monitoring new opportunities according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
Frank Jahn, MD of Velleuer
The ease of having a partnership based on the same values as ours cannot be underestimated. Competence, responsiveness and flexibility are factors that make us happy to recommend Lesjöfors to others.
Thomas Hagel, R&D Manager at North Trampoline
Our team’s ambition does not end with the competitions, we want to continue to optimize the systems and assist with expertise for a full-scale Hyperloop network we hope to see in Sweden in the future.
Claes Henriksson, team captain for KTH Hyperloop
The biogasol plant is one of many sustainability projects in the group where we really show our commitment to the green transition. We are following the project with great interest and will systematically evaluate the biogasol project towards our goals, and if all goes well, there is a high probability that more companies in our group are to follow.
Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjöfors Group
The purpose of the lab is partly to meet an increasing need of testing from our customers, but above all for us to be able to develop our production processes and increase our knowledge of springs and the materials. We hope that the test lab will become a European center for spring development in the future.
Stefan Musslinder, technical manager of the Lesjöfors Group
We have been working hard and focused with our work environment but we still have a way to go before we reach 100 per cent goal fulfilment. We have more tasks on the agenda and our next step will be to implement Gemba Walk Management where daily walks will increase the safety level even further and prevent unsafe acts and consequently prevent injuries.
Mikael Andersson, Managing Director of Lesjöfors China
We see that more and more industrial companies strive to lower their energy consumption and transfer to fossil-free electricity production. Not many have installed a solar cell plant of our size though in our region, so we are happy for this opportunity.
Marcus Hartvigsson, MD of Lesjöfors Banddetaljer
I personally have cooperated with Siegenia for 25 years and I very much appreciate the partnership when it comes to new product development. As Siegenia demands a high quality and safety level with its products on a highly competitive market, we always strive for efficiency both in the manufacturing process and in the preventive quality strategy. This match perfectly with the spirit of both our companies.
Frank Jahn, MD of Velleuer
Our group has a built-in robustness with a strong cash flow, stable supply chains and long-term strategies, which is unique and one of our absolute and foremost strengths.
Ola Tengroth, CEO
Lesjöfors has made significant investments in machinery and production capacity in the UK to be able to produce most parts in the country should the need arise. Lesjöfors is a stable, long-term company, focused on quality, range and service and, whilst nobody knows what the future holds, I’m confident we’ll see many more peaks and troughs in the years to come. As 2020 draws to a close we feel positive for the future and remain driven to meet our customers’ needs.
Robert Glynn, VP & General Manager of Lesjöfors IAM
With our investments in the Slovakian site, we aim to strengthen our local presence as well as the market position of Stumpp + Schüle in general. Especially in connection with the „Local-for-Local” topic, which is more relevant than ever, we consider it absolutely necessary to expand our product and service portfolio for our customers accordingly.
Miro Ribaric, Managing Director of the Stumpp + Schüle Group
Thanks to the new Daching machine we can now weld all these six spots at the same time, which has reduced the production time considerably. We estimate the efficiency improvement in this process about ten times compared to the earlier way of doing it, which is truly impressing
Ingars Jaunzems, MD for Lesjöfors Springs LV
Our new, updated machinery that replaced the old machines is also an important step for us to be not only more productive but also more environmental friendly. We are very happy that Lesjöfors’ management team understands the great potential here and believe in us. The Latvian team is now more than ready to take on new business and advanced spring projects.
Ingars Jaunzems, MD of Lesjöfors Springs LV
We got the response upon the question that JWSL was the most responsive company to the request and that it was just as easy to work with a company in Singapore as it is to have the supplier next door.
Roy Loh, Vice President spring technology Lesjöfors Asia
We are very happy that we can contribute to fight this pandemic. Our products meet the high standards of the very restricted area of medical equipment and we do our utmost to speed up the production of this particular component and deliver in the requested time frame.
Roy Loh, Vice President of Lesjöfors Spring Technology in Asia
The Tribelt range covers any process, from baking, frying, and crusting to freezing and packaging.
Henrik Berner, sales manager at Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar in Herrljunga, Sweden
Normally validation as a new supplier takes months of trials before volume production but in this very abnormal period we’ve been fast-tracking processes to suit our customers and are beyond proud to be able to play a supportive role in today’s climate.
Stuart McSheehy, Managing Director European Springs & Pressings
We have activated a carefully prepared emergency plan both at group level and in every company. We follow the development globally and locally and adapt quickly to the current situation.
Ola Tengroth, CEO the Lesjöfors Group
Regularly, we get requests from customers who need springs working close to a furnace or in flow valve for steam for example. Compression springs in tool steel could be a great cost effective alternative in many high temperature applications.
Per Davidsson, technical manager at the factory in Lesjöfors, Sweden
With more space and state-of-the-art machinery, we are well-equipped to take on more complex and challenging projects.
an-Eric Nordh, MD of Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar in Nordmarkshyttan
Our engineers are able to custom design gas springs and gas struts, manufacturing them from the highest quality materials suitable for many applications. In addition, we can adapt any design to accommodate specific lengths, connections, and end-fittings within our factory.
Aeren Bullman, Creative Lead at Metrol Springs
Despite the widely reported decline in investment, their response to our customers’ demands has seen our company turnover grow from £19m to £23m in the last two years.
Michael Gibbs, Managing Director of European Springs & Pressings
The fact that we join forces and gather skilled staff from all our business areas in our stand is highly appreciated by our visitors since they can get answers on their questions immediately and a personal contact that will follow up any enquiries.
Henrik Berner, technical sales and coordinator for the exhibiting Lesjöfors companies
We are happy to have contributed with our expertise to the project. Sustainability is a top priority also on our group’s agenda, and supporting future vehicle developers is in line with our business strategy since we have important customers in the automotive industry.
Patrik Linde, MD of Lesjöfors Stockholm Fjäder/Production
We are very pleased to collaborate with a Swedish supplier with extensive knowledge, efficient production and a very accommodating technical development support.
Thomas Hagel, R&D Manager at North Trampoline
We got involved on an early stage in the project and could therefore contribute with technical advice, prototypes and testing. This is a great example on how we can adjust several springs into a very limited space.
Henrik Berner, Technical Sales, Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar
The company will continue its journey of international growth, through both acquisitions and organic development.
Henrik Perbeck, Beijer Alma’s President and CEO
We are now more competitive with a considerably higher capacity, and can take on more projects. We are happy to be a part of the solid, long-term focused Lesjöfors group that constantly invests in us and believe in our strong offering to the market.
Brian Jensen, MD of Lesjöfors Tinglev
It is easy, fast and constructive to work with Lesjöfors. Our cooperation goes way back and we are very pleased with their advice and the products they supply.
Johan Hellsten, Founder of Easyrig
We will do our utmost to put more focus on these questions to do our share in reducing the negative impact in our field of the society.
Peter Rosenqvist, manager for quality and environment within the Lesjöfors Group
The fact that you can rely on each other is what sets a good partnership apart. And last year showed us that we were always able to rely on you, our valued suppliers. Our relationship is not just characterized by reliability. You also offer outstanding quality, price competitiveness, flexibility, service and innovative strength, and have been doing so for many years.
Dr. Bertram Kandziora, chairman of the STIHL executive board
The characteristics of a spring depends on three factors; material, manufacturing process and design. Thanks to deep knowledge in all three areas, we can fulfill the specifications from our customer.
Stefan Musslinder, technical manager of the Lesjöfors group
It feels good to not only having reached the targets but also to be well-equipped for future even harder demands concerning environment and safety.
Mikael Andersson, MD of Lesjöfors China
To arrange these technology meetings on a regular basis is very important for us a group.
Stefan Musslinder, technical manager of the Lesjöfors Group
De Spiraal and Tribelt are companies that fit well into Lesjöfors’s European platform, with a diversified customer base and opportunities for cross sales with our existing businesses. In addition, Tribelt will open up a new market for Lesjöfors with conveyor belt applications.
Kjell-Arne Lindbäck, President of the Lesjöfors Group
Since our sales team come from different Lesjöfors companies, we complement each other with our diverse and deep knowledge in all spectras of the spring universe.
Marcela Valúšková, Lesjöfors Springs Slovakia
European Springs & Pressings, completely understood and delivered our brief with a rapid turnaround - not only satisfying our needs but also offering a unique experience for our guests.
Joel Bondoux, Technical Director at Sketch
Lesjöfors Russia will certainly continue to participate in such specialized exhibitions of automotive components, helping to recognize the Lesjöfors brand in Russia and CIS countries.
Konstantin Breze, head of Lesjöfors Russia
We are open to further acquisitions to strengthen our presence globally and we work methodically to realize new exciting projects.
Kjell-Arne Lindbäck, CEO the Lesjöfors group
We are very happy that our company can attract devoted, highly skilled people who continuously want to develop themselves and our company’s products and processes into the future.
Frank Jahn, MD of Velleuer
Investing in this quality of machinery is testament to our dedication of being a world-class spring manufacturer.
Michael Gibbs, Managing Director of European Springs & Pressings in Cornwall
The whole group and in the long run of course our customers benefit from these meetings which enhance and spread our technical skills.
Stefan Musslinder, Head Technical Manager in the Lesjöfors group
In the last decade, since we were acquired by the Lesjofors Group, we have seen turnover increase by over 700%, which has recently led to the acquisition of a second factory in Cornwall and a 40% increase in recruitment in the last year.
Michael Gibbs, MD of European Springs & Pressings in Cornwall
We intend to eventually stock the entire Lesjöfors range of Torsion Springs, and may also include some of their more specialized stock springs, like Conical Springs and Vibrator Springs in our offering to the Australian market.
Russell Mollison, CEO ASI Springs