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    We’re proud to have Alcomex as one of our brands. These recent investments support their and our vision and tactical market growth, all of which has added to our global market expansion and opened new markets for our springs, pressings, gas springs and metal belt manufacture and supply.
    Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjӧfors Group
    Since 2016, our share of the European door spring market has grown, and I am so proud of everything our team has achieved. We look forward to ongoing expansion over the next decade
    Conrad Hietink, Managing Director of Alcomex
    We are delighted to welcome the Lesjöfors Group as the new owner of Clifford Springs. We are proud of everything we have achieved to date and look forward to progressing our success even further, as part of the Lesjӧfors Group’s expansive network of leading spring manufacturers
    John Clifford, Clifford Springs CEO
    Clifford Springs is an established brand with extensive technical capabilities and a broad customer base.  This acquisition expands our Group’s product offering, increases our footprint in the attractive niche segment of seals and valves and strengthens our presence across the globe. We look forward to continuing to develop Clifford Springs, as part of the Lesjöfors Group, and see great potential in accelerating their growth through our sales channels
    Ola Tengroth, Lesjofors Group CEO
    Over the years, our M&A and investment program has been building a global network of Lesjӧfors manufacturing, sales and distribution sites, all with the intention of furthering our growth ambitions across the manufacture and supply of quality customized components and standard stock springs. This established infrastructure is now perfectly positioned to be able to deliver a customer focused online purchasing platform that gives instant buying power to the widest spring product portfolio in the world.
    Henrik Furhoff, Lesjӧfors VP and Head of Standard Stock
    With the establishment of a network of dedicated Lesjӧfors teams around the world, it gives me great pride to think that in 2025, in our 350th year, customers will be able to purchase our products from anywhere in the world and have it in their hands ‘almost’ instantly. Lesjӧfors’ new web shop is a strategic move to expand our spring and pressing supply services to every audience, across every need
    Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjӧfors Group
    It’s our responsibility to lead with purpose and action. We have worked incredibly hard to achieve sustainable change across our organization and our emission reduction roadmap to 2030 ensures our responsibility and accountability. The SBTi validation underscores the credibility of our action plan, delivers great pride amongst our 2800 employees, and delivers a framework that drives our ongoing dedication.
    Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjӧfors Group
    Our aim to significantly lower CO2 emissions by 2030 is not just achievable – it’s imperative. By gathering CO2 data from our value chain and making decisions based on facts, we ensure that our journey towards our goal is both strategic and effective. Driven by strategic partnerships and shared commitments across our value chain, we stand united with our partners in driving transformative change and a sustainable future.
    Jonas Olofsson, CPO
    Embracing science-based sustainability targets is imperative for guiding businesses toward a future of economic resilience and environmental stewardship. Lesjӧfors is committed to driving meaningful change and we’re working with suppliers and customers to secure more sustainable options across our wide-ranging product lines. By directing operations towards lower climate impact options across our whole value chain, not only is our competitiveness strengthened, but it also supports our customer’s efforts to become more sustainable too. We are proud to be taking the lead in our industry.
    Anna Haesert, Head of Sustainability
    Expanding our sales and distribution network into Europe is very exciting as we are now able to respond to customer demands for same day deliveries across our standard range of springs, gas springs, pressings, wire forms and adjacent products. 
    Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjӧfors Group
    Our objective is to significantly accelerate the growth of our standard items across Europe and this investment is a crucial enabler for that. Our goal is to deliver the widest range of standard stock items, the best customer service and the fastest delivery.   This new development continues the Lesjӧfors Group’s ongoing expansion, enhancing our customers’ accessibility and convenience in our standard range.
    Henrik Furhoff, Head of Business Area Standard
    Our heavy springs product range – the larger wire size market – has been rapidly expanding across our portfolio. This latest investment is in direct response to customer demand, enhancing our hot coiling capacity and capabilities in line with market growth, ensuring we continue to deliver the quality, industry leading turnaround times and customer service we excel at.
    Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjӧfors Group
    We’re delighted that our strategic sales focus has secured a solid pipeline of qualified leads, which are now all lined up to be manufactured on the new hot coiling machine. This development propels Lesjӧfors’ evolving dominance within the specialist hot coiling sector.
    Michael Gibbs, Head of Heavy Springs
    Diversifying into a new specialist side of spring manufacture is electrifying. Our teams are buzzing with excitement. Everyone is fired up and can’t wait to get into the full swing of production, doing what we do best, manufacturing exceptionally accurate, quality springs, that are loyally trusted by our customers. Hot coiling is still remembered by some of our elder town’s folk today. We see this as a new chapter in our spring history, they see it as a piece of history returning home and it’s wonderful to be part of this and to witness their joy.
    Jan Carlson, Managing Director of Lesjӧfors, Sweden
    Divesting a company is an exception in our operation. We have made several acquisitions in recent years which have strengthened the group. The decision to divest Stumpp & Schüle follows a careful evaluation and is based on the fact that Stumpp & Schüle’s profile is not in line with our strategic priorities and has limited synergies with our other companies. We are convinced that Stumpp & Schüle will have a favourable development with its new owners.
    Ola Tengroth, Group CEO of Lesjöfors
    Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjӧfors Group says: “Our ambition is to be the most sustainable spring and pressing company in the world. To achieve this, we need to act. We know manufacturing has an impact on our environment and that is why sustainability integration has historically been one of our core strategic objectives.   Advancing our focus, committing to a climate reduction roadmap by setting emission reduction targets grounded in climate science, through the recent signing of the SBTi agreement, is a natural step in our sustainability progression and cements our commitment.” 
    Ola Tengroth, CEO, Lesjofors Group
    “Sustainability is about looking at the big picture and figuring out how we can contribute to a circular, sustainable society, monitoring technological developments around us, and valuing partnerships and collaboration.   Lesjöfors has an ambitious sustainability strategy and climate action is one of our priorities. We are on a journey and signing up to the SBTi confirms our commitment and helps direct our roadmap to improve on our sustainability goals even further.   We have already finalised our complete greenhouse gas accounting, developed our near-term targets towards 2030, submitted these to the SBTi and await validation.  We want to be transparent about the progress we are making across our whole value chain and that is why we have also launched a new sustainability focus on our website, visibly holding us accountable to our actions.”
    Anna Haesert, Head of Sustainability, Lesjofors Group
    We have continuous deliveries of the trolleys to the customer and we also provide the model to other customers in this segment. We will definitely turn to Lesjöfors again when we need spring expertise.
    Patrik Ignell, R&D manager
    It is much easier for us to deliver the optimal spring to the customer if we have accurately designed drawings. To achieve that, the purchaser must have a basic knowledge in spring technology. The training was a win-win for both parts.
    Janne Salminen, Technical Sales at Lesjöfors Springs Oy
    It was so cool to build and test the suspension spring function on site, in the factory. Lesjöfors’ service is unique. They have a deep understanding of spring precision. They developed springs that were made just for this car - you could almost say hand-crafted with generations of spring specialist knowledge that therefore uniquely delivers the level of quality and performance we require.
    Joakim Rydholm, Head of Chassis Development at Polestar
    Through this transaction, we increase our revenue in the US by c. 30 per cent, meaning that Lesjöfors now has a significant presence in the region. Tollman is a well-managed company which has made significant investments in recent years, and we see ample potential to accelerate revenue growth through Lesjöfors’ sales network.
    Lesjöfors’ Group CEO, Ola Tengroth
    The size of the investment in India is about 1.9 MEUR and will more than double our capacity, opening the door for a successful entry in the North American market.
    Jelle van Vliet and Conrad Hietink, MD’s of Alcomex
    We are extremely happy with the outcome from Pharmapack. We have made many interesting contacts and got a good chance to listen to what the industry is talking about, both opportunities and challenges. Lesjöfors is here to help with our outstanding medical springs and pressings as well as deep knowledge in manufacturing.
    Martin Schulze, Sales Manager at Lesjöfors Industrial Springs & Pressings, Germany
    One of the major cases we could bring back home for further discussions this year is a multi-million case if we can find a partnership.
    Henrik Berner, Business Development Manager and Lesjöfors’ coordinator for Elmia Subcontractor
    After running a severe testing program in our own lab, we started producing small batches of doors with Alcomex springs. When all the lights turned green in 2017, we took the next step and Alcomex became our sole supplying partner in springs. Which means that we are 100% relying on their operational excellence performance.
    Kees-Jan Honig, CEO of ConDoor
    Apprentices and new workers are in increasingly high demand, as the manufacturing industry in the UK has been facing the largest skills shortage in over 30 years, and a drop in the number of fresh, young workers joining the manufacturing sector eventually results in a lack of succession. As such, a robust, and continuing, recruitment process is essential, and we are always actively searching for exciting new engineering talent.
    Stuart McSheehy, MD of European Springs & Pressings
    With some of the most advanced spring manufacturing capabilities within the heavy duty spring industry, our team of engineers were able to work on numerous customer designs, developing prototypes and samples that engineered the right solution. Together, we developed a product that not only firmly secured a new suspension spring solution, we also delivered a new cost-effective product line for the customer.
    Michael Gibbs, MD of Lesöfors Heavy Springs UK
    Unfortunately, the wire form will probably never break so the only way we will have the opportunity to sell more is if the fishermen drop the fishing box in the lake.
    Christian Larsson, technical sales at Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar in Nordmarkshyttan
    Spring material choice, design and layout are essential components in the making of a floor area, and using the best quality materials is of the utmost importance.
    Andreas Adams, Assistant Director of Tumbl Trak UK Ltd
    When you participate in an exhibition and meet OEM’s, end-users, colleagues and competitors, you get a sense about the sentiment in the market and also how businesses are developing. This is valuable information as it can help determining your path to the future.
    Henri Veldhuis, MD of Tribelt
    It was a real challenge to overcome the technical demands and a real team effort. The super interaction between the MoonBikes team, the production in Brno and our engineers made it possible to design functional solution.
    Marco Dekker, Director Technology at Alcomex
    As leaders in heavy springs we strive to lead from the front, securing the very latest technology to ensure we stay ahead of the game to deliver competitively to our customer base across the multiple sectors we serve. This latest investment not only enables us to expand our product range, it also creates a new flexibility in material grade opportunities, increasing quality options, which in turn enables us to pass on cost efficiencies to our customers.
    Jan Carlson, Managing Director of Lesjöfors Fjädrar
    Unfortunately, we see a challenging situation ahead of us for the second quarter of 2022 in terms of material supply and increased cost.
    Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjöfors group
    We think this is the first automatic packaging line with a complete process of workflows in the automotive coil springs business area. The shorter lead times which the packaging line bring are highly appreciated by our customers.
    Richard Küpper, MD of Lesjöfors Springs GmbH in Hagen
    We look forward to serving a large number of local players in Spain. Our first focus will be the market for door springs, a segment in which Alcomex is European leader. As far as industrial springs are concerned, we have interesting industries to address and for which our experience and expertise as a spring manufacturer will bring significant added value. Our group sees a great future in this new market.
    Conrad Hietink, MD of Alcomex
    We are happy to have a large global group behind us that are leading in spring excellence and see growth opportunities in the American market. We can offer a wider product range to our customers and assist the companies in the group with our capacity and knowledge. Huge benefits for all!
    David Devoe, MD of Plymouth Spring
    Our aim is to put effort into overseeing the entire value chain, which also will become an increasingly important customer requirement. We need to ensure that, for example, materials that we purchase and transportation meet our high sustainability demands.
    Anna Haesert, Head of Sustainability
    As part of our global long-term future-focused growth strategy, the heavy springs sector has been identified as one of four key expansion areas and the Cornwall sites evolution, to a new Lesjöfors brand, is a natural fit for the company’s future.
    Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjöfors Group
    Our relationship with Bruderer UK goes back more than 15 years, and this will be the third new machine we’ve taken from Adrian Haller and his team. The Swiss stamping technology is the best in the world when it comes to precision, achieving tolerances and delivering flexibility, and this new BSTA 410-110B2 will be the real jewel in the crown of our new press shop.
    Stuart McSheehy, Managing Director of European Springs & Pressings
    We are excited over the fact that our sales curves are not only rising compared to the disastrous corona year 2020, but also to the record year 2019.
    Mårten Glas, MD of Lesjöfors Stockholm Fjäder
    Local-to-local solutions are getting increasingly important for customers. This set-up really underlines the upside with a global group of companies like ours where we can offer optimal pricing, service and supply regardless location.
    Miro Ribaric, MD of Stumpp + Schüle
    We have noticed an increase in demand from the market in recent years and therefore it was just the right time to introduce this product group now. There is a demand from, above all, industrial customers throughout Europe and we are pleased to now be able to supplement our range of gas springs with another in-demand product.
    Greg Lehman, product manager at Lesjöfors Stockholms Fjäder
    Since the acquisition, we have continued to broaden our market presence and refined innovative sales techniques and products. In particular, the decentralised management structure of Lesjöfors has allowed us to retain our individuality, whilst still gaining access to the Lesjöfors groups’ expertise and support.
    Rob Lamb, MD of Metrol Springs
    Velleuer has over the past years grown both in new customers and in existing customers who have broaden their business with us, which we see as a warranty that our offering to the market is what the customers want. We are eager to move in and fill the space with competence!
    Frank Jahn, MD of Velleuer
    We are happy this opportunity came up and March 2020 was the right time for us to make a transition at a reasonable cost. For further steps, we are monitoring new opportunities according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
    Frank Jahn, MD of Velleuer
    The ease of having a partnership based on the same values as ours cannot be underestimated. Competence, responsiveness and flexibility are factors that make us happy to recommend Lesjöfors to others.
    Thomas Hagel, R&D Manager at North Trampoline
    Our team’s ambition does not end with the competitions, we want to continue to optimize the systems and assist with expertise for a full-scale Hyperloop network we hope to see in Sweden in the future.
    Claes Henriksson, team captain for KTH Hyperloop
    The biogasol plant is one of many sustainability projects in the group where we really show our commitment to the green transition. We are following the project with great interest and will systematically evaluate the biogasol project towards our goals, and if all goes well, there is a high probability that more companies in our group are to follow.
    Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjöfors Group
    The purpose of the lab is partly to meet an increasing need of testing from our customers, but above all for us to be able to develop our production processes and increase our knowledge of springs and the materials. We hope that the test lab will become a European center for spring development in the future.
    Stefan Musslinder, technical manager of the Lesjöfors Group
    We have been working hard and focused with our work environment but we still have a way to go before we reach 100 per cent goal fulfilment. We have more tasks on the agenda and our next step will be to implement Gemba Walk Management where daily walks will increase the safety level even further and prevent unsafe acts and consequently prevent injuries.
    Mikael Andersson, Managing Director of Lesjöfors China
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