Lesjöfors Russia will certainly continue to participate in such specialized exhibitions of automotive components, helping to recognize the Lesjöfors brand in Russia and CIS countries.
Konstantin Breze, head of Lesjöfors Russia
We are open to further acquisitions to strengthen our presence globally and we work methodically to realize new exciting projects.
Kjell-Arne Lindbäck, CEO the Lesjöfors group
We are very happy that our company can attract devoted, highly skilled people who continuously want to develop themselves and our company’s products and processes into the future.
Frank Jahn, MD of Velleuer
Investing in this quality of machinery is testament to our dedication of being a world-class spring manufacturer.
Michael Gibbs, Managing Director of European Springs & Pressings in Cornwall
The whole group and in the long run of course our customers benefit from these meetings which enhance and spread our technical skills.
Stefan Musslinder, Head Technical Manager in the Lesjöfors group
In the last decade, since we were acquired by the Lesjofors Group, we have seen turnover increase by over 700%, which has recently led to the acquisition of a second factory in Cornwall and a 40% increase in recruitment in the last year.
Michael Gibbs, MD of European Springs & Pressings in Cornwall
We intend to eventually stock the entire Lesjöfors range of Torsion Springs, and may also include some of their more specialized stock springs, like Conical Springs and Vibrator Springs in our offering to the Australian market.
Russell Mollison, CEO ASI Springs
To meet new and existing customers at Elmia Subcontractor is a cost-effective way for us in the Lesjöfors Group to showcase our product range and our technical expertise.
Henrik Berner, Sales Manager for Lesjöfors Springs & Pressings AB and exhibition coordinator for the Lesjöfors group at Elmia
Our robots originate from a completely different aim which is to build a body capable of shedding some light on the problem of human consciousness.
Rob Knight, founder of The Robot Studio
In this industry, it is very common to deal with equipment located in extreme environments.
Jan Erik Resch-Knudsen, Sales and Quality Engineer at Lesjöfors AS
We are very grateful to our sponsor partners who enable us to carry out research projects like PRIME.
Isabelle Gürsac, one of the KTH students in the PRIME project
Our customers greatly appreciate our overall service with an extraordinary range of high qualitative products and fast deliveries of stock springs.
Bertel Ridberg, MD of Lesjöfors Springs Oy in Kaarina, Finland
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