Medical devices – a rapidly growing market

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One of Lesjöfors’ core markets is growing rapidly – the global medical devices market. Reports show that the market is expanding worldwide. Lesjöfors is a qualified supplier of components to the sector and can meet the high demands of hygiene and quality.

In a market analysis from Fortune Business Insights, the market for medical devices is projected to grow from USD 495 billion in 2022 to USD 718 billion in 2029. Key drivers of the market are the rising prevalence of chronic disorders, increased access to healthcare and new innovations driven by technology.

A rising demand

Rise in the number of inpatient admissions and the increasing numbers of surgical and diagnostic procedures are fueling the demand for medical devices. The leading players in the market are investing in R & D with the aim to cater to the growing demand for innovative devices. The covid 19 pandemic put the spotlight on the medical market when many elective surgeries were postponed worldwide. The number of elective surgeries and inpatient volumes have now bounced back for e.g. orthopedic, dental and other elective procedures that were cancelled or postponed, which has led to a growing demand for medical equipment.

Wide range of medical springs

Lesjöfors is an important spring supplier to the medical industry with technical springs, bent parts and stamped parts from wire or strip material for disposable medical products, medical equipment and hygiene-related products. Our components are used in products such as injectors, syringes, diagnostic and laboratory equipment as well as in inhalers and pump sprays to mention a few.

Highly experienced medical supplier

To meet the demand on the global medical market, Lesjöfors has several production plants around the world with expertise and capacity for any medical spring project. John Evans’ Sons is an important player in North America. In Central Europe, Lesjöfors Slovakia has made significant investments in machinery and processes that meet the significant demands on cleanliness and quality, and in the UK, European Springs & Pressings provide the market with high-tech medical springs. Singapore-based John While Solutions offers medical solutions across Asia. Other companies in the group are also well experienced and qualified in this field.

Sofia Håkansson
Marketing and Communications Director
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The Lesjöfors Group provides the widest range of springs and pressings to customers in diverse industries across the world. With a unique expertise in high technological, custom-made solutions and a flexible manufacturing capacity, Lesjöfors is the premier partner for all spring requirements. Lesjöfors, owned by Beijer Alma a listed company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, comprises almost 50 manufacturing and sales companies in many countries. As a long-term and committed spring innovator, the Group continuously grows with a good profitability, both organically and by acquisitions.




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