Intensified digital focus with new marketing coordinator

Sofia Håkansson is recruited for the position as marketing coordinator at Lesjöfors from March 1 2016, and her base will be at the head office in Karlstad, Sweden. Sofia was earlier project manager and web consultant at Ninetech in Karlstad. Lesjöfors is not a new business for Sofia; she has been project coordinator for Lesjöfors since 2008 and has good understanding of the business.

Major focus on digital communication

An important task for the new marketing coordinator will be to continue developing Lesjöfors´ digital marketing and presence in social media.
“Our web page already plays an important role in our marketing and will become an even more important channel in the future along with other digital channels. It is an inspiring challenge, but I feel confident with my background and a decade of experience in digital communications and marketing”, says Sofia Håkansson.

A new intranet in the pipeline

Another key task priority is a new intranet for the Lesjöfors group. The intranet is an important part of strengthening corporate culture despite great geographical distance between people. Through an efficient intranet where experience and knowledge among staff in the various group companies are shared, fundaments for building a strong brand from the inside are laid.

Communication challenges

How is the new marketing coordinator´s view of the future challenges in the new position?
“I look forward to the challenges with excitement. It is inspiring to work with a brand whose range of springsstampings and pressings extends across so many industries and markets. To communicate individually to every industry in all markets is a challenge I look forward to.”