Lesjöfors company Centrum B worldwide spring supplier to Kiekert

Centrum B is one of the top suppliers to automobile technology producer Kiekert. In a ceremony, Centrum B was awarded the prestiguos mandate to serve Kiekert worldwide with high-quality springs. 

Kiekert AG is a leading producer of latch closing systems to the automotive industry worldwide. Kiekert works only with suppliers and partners who live up to very high quality standards. The Slovakian Lesjöfors company Centrum B is for many years an approved supplier to Kiekert.

Centrum B third best supplier

Annualy, Kiekert invites its suppliers from around the world to the event Suppliers Day.On March 6 2014 the Suppliers Day was held in Kiekert´s plant in Přelouč, the Czech Republic. About 155 suppliers were represented on the event and on the agenda were among other things the economical situation in 2013 and a forecast for 2014. The suppliers were also informed about news in quality evaluation and changes in logistic. Kiekert also holds a competion, the Kiecup, where suppliers achievements in 15 different criterias are evaluated. In this challenge, Centrum B came in third place among all suppliers and was awarded the prestigous mandate to become a global suplier to the Kiekert Group.

„We are very pleased with this honorable achievement and look forward to serve Kiekert worldwide with hiqh-quality springs. Our commited work with quality and delivery performance resulted in remarkable 98,37 percent accurate deliveries in the evaluation“, says Ján Mačuha, MD of Centrum B.

About Centrum B

Centrum B Ltd was established in 1991 and specializes in the production of cold coiled springs. The production program includes wire forms  in the dimensions from 0.4 to 2.3 mm, compression springs and tension springs in dimensions 0.1-5.0 mm and springs from strip steel in the dimension 10 mm x 1 mm.

Centrum B is certified and meets the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO TS 16 949 and Environmental Management System of ISO 14 001.


About Us

Lesjöfors is one of the leading spring suppliers with internationally well known customers. The products are demanded in many markets, in diverse industries. The assortment of springs, stampings and pressings has a unique range, where one of the largest selections of standard springs are combined with high-tech, customized solutions. Lesjöfors has both manufacturing and sales offices in several European countries, Asia, United States and Mexico.