Lesjöfors Gas Springs in Latvia speeds up automatization

Lesjöfors has a constant focus on streamlining the production with automatized processes at all units. Consequently, a new piston rod assembling machine for gas springs production has been installed in the Latvian company.

In order to reduce manual elements in the production process, Lesjöfors is putting the spotlight on implementing new, updated machinery in all production units. At Lesjöfors Gas Springs in Liepaja, Latvia the first steps in a development program in the gas springs manufacturing line has been taken with an investment in a new assembling machine.

Faster high-quality production

The automated machine assembles components in a particular order and makes a so called riveting process, i.e. fixes the end of the piston rod. The special quality control camera stops the machine if something has been assembled wrong.

“Our new machine works very well and has made our process faster and quality control more accurate. We look forward to take part of the development journey that are to come”, says Girts Ancevskis, MD of Lesjöfors Gas Springs in Latvia. 

Follow the link to watch a video of the high-technological machine.

About Us

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