New range of Belleville spring washers in stainless steel

Lesjöfors is now launching a new range of Belleville spring washers according to DIN 6796. Belleville spring washers are designed to work under high loads and shall only be exposed to static applications.

In the new range of Belleville spring washers, the material EN 1.4568 (X 7 CrNiAl 17-7 / SS 2388) is used instead of regular stainless spring steel. This material is characterized by:

  • better fatigue properties
  • spring properties are retained for a longer time
  • resistance to high operating temperature (up to 350 ̊ C)

Spring washers in standard stock range

Lesjöfors´ range of Belleville spring washers includes six dimensions, which are seen in the table above. All parts are available from our standard stock range. Our normal range of Belleville spring washers includes 17 dimensions. Our complete stock range includes more than 10.000 different parts. Almost all items are available for download as 3D-cad files.

Low service cost

The product is well suited for different types of threaded connections where long service intervals are required. Excellent spring properties, good corrosion resistance and fatigue properties make it ideal for demanding applications.

“Lesjöfors´ engineers have done a very good job with the development of this new range that we anticipate will be used in many applications to come. Some possible areas of use are in the manufacture of trains, turbines, power plants and industrial machinery", says Mårten Glas, MD of Lesjöfors Gas & Stock Springs.