Springs display Nike trainers on Oxford Street

Springs are used in the most various of fields. Don´t miss out Lesjöfors springs displaying the latest in trainer trends from the iconic sporting brand Nike in the Oxford Street store in London.

Simulating ‘bounce’ and a spring in your step, the compression spring aesthetic was the natural choice for the Nike creative team at the prestigious sports store in London.

A bespoke spring solution was produced by the Lesjöfors company, European Springs & Pressings in Cornwall, in shocking pink!

About Us

Lesjöfors is one of the leading spring suppliers with internationally well known customers. The products are demanded in many markets, in diverse industries. The assortment of springs, stampings and pressings has a unique range, where one of the largest selections of standard springs are combined with high-tech, customized solutions. Lesjöfors has both manufacturing and sales offices in several European countries, Asia, United States and Mexico.