Having Billbäck join us is a huge affirmation that the hard work we are putting into saving patients’ lives with Dermalyser is not only providing a societal benefit, but also addressing a strong commercial potential. Billbäck will be a mentor to my team and guide my personal transformation from an R&D CEO into a commercial one. BoneSupport is a highly innovative company transforming an outdated standard of care in the field of orthopedic surgery. We at AI Medical Technology intend to follow a similar path and aspire for Dermalyser to improve and replace current melanoma diagnosis workflows.
Christoffer Ekström, AI Medical Technology’s CEO
About Peter Löwendahl - Both clearance and reimbursement are key for our company. We have an incredible technology with a truly unique value proposition and fantastic user feedback. Our next step is ensuring that we are fully compliant with robust reimbursement model in place ahead of a successful market launch.
Christoffer Ekström, AI Medical Technology’s CEO
I am very much looking forward to working with the team at Elypta in the exciting field of early cancer detection. The team is working on a mass-spectrometer based detection platform where I see a great opportunity as the technology expands into routine use.
Dr Eva Pisa, new member of the board
I am pleased that Dr Eva Pisa has decided to join the board of Elypta. With her background and experience she will help the company to deliver a unique diagnostic technology to patients and society.
Elypta Chairman of the Board, Dr. Anders Ekblom
We are excited to have Dr. Pisa join our board. She brings a wealth of experience within IVD and Life Science development and commercialization. This will be very helpful as Elypta approaches the commercialization phase.
Elypta CEO, Karl Bergman
I am delighted to be raising more money to support the ongoing development of Dermalyser. To have yet another oversubscribed round just shows that Dermalyser is in a league of its own when it comes to new diagnostic tools for skin cancer. With fantastic clinical results, excellent user feedback, and a passionate team who really believe in making a difference, we will continue to move from strength to strength. Our roadmap is now consolidated – we will raise more funds in a Series A round this year and plan for an IPO in 2027-2028.
Christoffer Ekström, CEO of AI Medical Technology
We are extremely impressed with the results achieved in the multicenter, clinical trial thereby further increasing our confidence that AI Medical Technology and Dermalyser will be successful, and we are happy to participate in the investment round alongside other current and new shareholders.
Henrik Jerner, CEO of Northern Venture CapSek
We are delighted to have Bob Kain join our board of advisors. Not only is it a huge vote of confidence in us and our technology, but also a vote of confidence in the future of sequencing.
Single Technologies CEO, Johan Strömqvist.
It is the first truly disruptive architecture I have seen that has the ability to reach the $10 per genome price point.
Bob Kain
Early detection of cancers through screening can reduce mortality. However, screening excludes individuals not considered at be at an increased risk of developing cancer as determined by age, sex, or tobacco use. No molecular biomarker is routinely used to predict risk. Therefore, implementing urine GAGomes to risk-stratify screening could identify adults with an increased risk of developing cancer who are currently excluded from screening based on their age and/or sex. Considering that urine GAGomes can be sampled at home, this could also reduce inequalities in cancer screening.
Francesco Gatto, the study’s Principal Investigator, Founder and CSO at Elypta
This marks an important step in the ABY-025 program as we are now demonstrating use in gastroesophageal cancer. We appreciate for our close collaboration with the leading clinical experts at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital and believe that the study results will pave the way for our therapeutic candidate ABY-271 in this patient population.
Fredrik Frejd, Professor and Chief Scientific Officer of Affibody
68Ga-ABY-025 has demonstrated the ability to visualize HER2 metastases with low-HER2 expression in our recently published study of metastatic breast cancer patients. I am excited about the opportunity to investigate this further in additional patients.
Rimma Axelsson, Professor of Nuclear Medicine and Principal Investigator (PI) of the study
“Patients with gastroesophageal cancer may have a high degree of variability of HER2 expression level in different tumor lesions. It is important to understand HER2 receptor status in this patient population to guide the use of HER2 targeted treatment.
Magnus Nilsson, Professor of Surgery and deputy PI in the study
Dr. Uwe Gottschalk's appointment as new Chairman marks a major milestone for Cellevate. With his extensive industry knowledge, decades of experience, and invaluable network connections, Dr. Uwe Gottschalk is well-suited to lead Cellevate into its next phase of growth and commercialization. I am confident that under Dr. Gottschalk's guidance, Cellevate will continue to thrive and achieve new heights of success.
Mats Leifland, the departing Chairman of Cellevate's Board
I am thrilled to be Joining Cellevate as the new Chairman and to become part of such a dynamic and innovative company. I am looking forward to working with the Board of Directors and the Cellevate team to contribute to successful launch and commercialization of our unique nanotechnology in the field of bioprocessing.
Dr. Gottschalk.
The clinical decision support tool evaluated in this investigation showed high diagnostic accuracy when used prospectively on primary care patients, which could add significant clinical value for PCPs in assessing skin lesions to detect melanoma. Additionally, a further clear impression from this trial is that the medical personnel involved in the trial were willing to put a high level of trust in Dermalyser, strongly indicating it can be easily worked into current clinical routines.
Magnus Falk, Associate Professor in General Practice and Principal Investigator, Department of Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences, Linköping University
In recent years, the precision of AI in analysing dermatoscopic images to identify melanoma has reached or even surpassed experienced dermatologists. Yet, only a limited number of studies have tested these systems under real-world conditions. This study is notable for its execution in a real clinical setting, which makes its findings especially compelling. I am enthusiastic about the results and anticipate being a part of a future where systems like Dermalyser, supported by rigorous research and in full compliance with all necessary regulations, are integrated into routine healthcare. This includes both general dermatology and specifically the diagnosis of skin cancer. The fundamental goal is, of course, to improve clinical decision-making processes for more precise and, therefore, safer diagnoses.
Sam Polesie, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg
Just as in analysing mammograms for diagnosing breast cancer or neuroimaging for Alzheimer’s disease, we believe this trial has decisively proven that using AI can revolutionise melanoma diagnosis. This will save lives and also remove the anxiety and often devasting consequences of false results. The European market is still our first priority for Dermalyser, but the recently approved AI-powered device for detecting skin cancer by the FDA has also established a clear regulatory pathway for us and we are now accelerating our plans for entering the US market.
Christoffer Ekström, CEO of AI Medical Technology
We are pleased that the Swedish Medical Products Agency has given the go-ahead for the start of our clinical study with ELC-301 in difficult-to-treat or recurrent B-cell lymphoma. The treatment has the potential to become a very important alternative for those patients whose disease no longer respond to standard therapy and thus lack effective treatment options. The study is also an important step in proving the enhancing function of our technology platform iTANK, which has the potential to activate the body's own immune system against cancer cells.
Jamal El-Mosleh, CEO of Elicera Therapeutics.
We are very excited to partner with the expert team at Offspring. With their vast experience developing innovative biomarker and assay solutions, we are very confident that our combined offerings will bring a unique and valuable combination of translational and clinical capabilities to our development partners.
Flagship Biosciences CEO Trevor Johnson
Together, Flagship Biosciences and Offspring Biosciences will provide a seamless and comprehensive suite of preclinical and clinical services, empowering our clients to accelerate drug development and bring lifesaving therapies to patients faster.
Anders Dahlstrand, CEO of Offspring Biosciences.
We are delighted to welcome Dr. Chiò to join our SAB. With his vast experience and expertise spanning from the phenotypic heterogeneity of ALS to familial ALS, his advice will be of great importance as we advance our clinical program for the drug candidate ILB for treatment of ALS.
Adam Bruce, Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, of TikoMed
Understanding the phenotypic heterogeneity and identifying the causative genetic mutations is key to developing new treatments for ALS, and I look forward to contributing the knowledge gained by my various research teams in this area and ALS in general to TikoMed’s SAB.
Professor Adriano Chiò, of the University of Torino and the Città della Salute e della Scienza Hospital
We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Shefner to join our SAB. We are confident that his expertise within biomarker development for ALS diagnosis and experience from the NEALS consortium will be of great value for progressing our drug candidate ILB for treatment of ALS through the clinical program.
Adam Bruce, Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, of TikoMed.
I am pleased to join the TikoMed Scientific Advisory Board, and look forward to assisting the company in reaching the next stage of clinical development. The company has an ambitious plan to design and implement a study with solid and reliable readouts to ensure accurate assessment of their experimental therapeutic agent.
Professor Jeremy Shefner, MD, PhD
We are thrilled to have gained tremendous support from such a strong syndicate of investors, who share our vision of transforming biomanufacturing. This investment represents a significant milestone for our company and a valuable endorsement for the potential of our Cellevat3d™ nanotechnology, allowing us to take the next pivotal steps on our journey. The financing will enable us to accelerate commercialization and to progress towards our goal of making a lasting impact in the global healthcare landscape.
Laura Chirica, PhD, CEO Cellevate
We are impressed by Cellevate's groundbreaking technology and the team behind it. This investment reflects our commitment to supporting pioneering companies that have the potential to revolutionize the industry. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Cellevate as they advance their mission of driving innovation in biomanufacturing.
Mala Valroy, Investment Manager at Industrifonden and incoming board member of Cellevate
As cell culture and biomanufacturing processes do play an increasingly important role, we are looking for start-ups like Cellevate that have the potential to set new industry standards.
Herman Hauser, PhD, serial entrepreneur, Venture Partner, and advisor at Onsight Ventures
The EIC Fund has established itself as a strong force in EU deep-tech investments. This unique form of financing via EIC - combining grants and equity – is proving itself highly attractive to Europe's most promising start-ups. Our investment will provide Cellevate with means to scale up their nanotechnology and accelerate their global commercial launch.
Svetoslava Georgieva, Chair of the EIC Fund Board
Since joining Affibody, I have been thoroughly impressed with my colleagues’ expertise and the potential of the product pipeline. I am excited to contribute to our strategic growth initiatives and taking the Company to the next level.
Peter Zerhouni, CFO and CBO of Affibody
The preliminary results are promising and open up a new therapeutic opportunity for patients with severe CVI.
TECVI-1 Principal Investigator Dr Andrés Garcia
We are presenting this news because we believe the progress so far demonstrates our key premise – that our P-TEV grafts offer a solution to the problem with transplantation of vascular grafts. It follows the recent one-year disease-free milestone reached by our first patients. We now look forward to completing TECVI-1 and advancing the other programs in our pipeline including arteries.
VERIGRAFT CEO Petter Björquist
We are excited to welcome Dr. Ingre to join our SAB. Caroline is a world renowned clinical and scientific thought leader. We look forward to her providing TikoMed with informed counsel in the months and years ahead, as we further our clinical efforts with our drug candidate ILB for treatment of ALS.
Adam Bruce, Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, of TikoMed.
I am delighted to join TikoMed’s SAB at this exciting time for both ALS research in general and ILB in particular. I hope my extensive clinical development and trials experience can be utilized to the benefit of patients suffering from this devasting disease.
Associate Professor and Research Group Leader, ALS
We are excited to welcome Dr. Cudkowicz to join our SAB. Merit, is a world renowned clinical and scientific thought leader. She can provide TikoMed with relevant and informed counsel in the months and years ahead, as we further our clinical efforts.
Adam Bruce, Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, of TikoMed
I feel very enthusiastic about joining the TikoMed SAB and I looking forward to contributing my experience to the upcoming clinical study.
Dr Merit Cudkowicz
“Although the overall study did not meet statistical significance, as reported by our partner ACELYRIN, izokibep appears to be demonstrating high orders of response for patients suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa without safety or tolerability limitations. The consistent and early achievement of HiSCR100, along with the prior izokibep experience in Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA), continues to demonstrate the potential of izokibep for resolution of disease, especially in difficult to treat tissues. Our partner continues to evaluate izokibep in additional ongoing late-stage trials in HS, PsA, and uveitis, with top-line data for the Phase 2b/3 trial in PsA expected in Q1, 2024.”
David Bejker, CEO of Affibody
The results from this important study strongly indicate that the impact of Sigrid’s SiPore® technology on glucose homeostasis shown in our previous studies in animals and man is not due to altered enzyme activity. In contrast, the findings are compatible with a mode of action by which orally ingested MSPs exclusively act as “molecular sieves”, physically preventing digestive enzymes from interacting with food and consequently reducing the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, the study provides further support for our case to classify Sigrid’s SiPore® formulations as medical devices, not pharmaceuticals.
Professor Tore Bengtsson (Stockholm University), Sigrid Co-founder and CSO
This data bolsters the understanding of SiPore21®'s mechanical mode of action and reinforces its medical device classification”, says Sana Alajmovic, Co-founder & CEO, Sigrid Therapeutics. “We are excited about the prospect of obtaining approval for SiPore21® as the world's first oral medical device dedicated to blood sugar control in prediabetics.
Sana Alajmovic, Co-founder & CEO, Sigrid Therapeutics
This certification is a fundamental step in our pursuit of the use of GAGomes to guide critical medical decisions in cancer. It is an enabler for potential future clinical use of the tests we are developing,
Karl Bergman, CEO at Elypta
We are proud of receiving this certification and being able to send a clear message that quality matters in everything we do at Elypta. Quality management involves everyone at the company and this certification is a collective achievement by the entire team.
Dilruba Ahmed, Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs at Elypta.
AI Medical Technology has developed a unique and patented product that addresses a huge market. It creates value and benefit for people, healthcare and society at large. Through AI, the company has truly created an aid that is scalable and applicable all over the world.
The Jury's basis for their decision
We are immensely proud and thrilled to have won the Techarenan Challenge 2023 Business Award - and what a memorable event! This recognition is truly a testament to the relentless efforts of our exceptional, multidisciplinary team, whose contributions have all been integral in developing Dermalyser - our user-friendly, AI-based decision support tool that is revolutionizing the speed and accuracy of skin cancer diagnosis. We'd also like to extend our gratitude to the panel of judges and our congratulations to the winners in the other categories. Work now continues to bring Dermalyser as quickly as possible to market. Following our first clinical trial conducted at 37 Swedish primary care facilities with highly promising results, we now look forward to finalising the CE marking and preparing for market launch in Europe in 2024 and to engage US-based clinics in upcoming clinical trials as part of our US market entry strategy
Christopher Ekström, CEO of AI Medical Technology
This year’s list of finalists is one of the strongest and most versatile line-ups we’ve had so far at Techarenan Challenge. It’s impressive to see how entrepreneurs in various fields have, or are about to, change their respective industries, create new standards and improve society. I’m very much looking forward to following their journey in the coming years
Techarenan CEO and Founder Omid Ekhlasi
Analyzing membrane proteins using SPR can pose a challenge due to the inherent instability of these drug targets and the difficulty in immobilizing enough functional membrane protein on the biosensor surface to ensure a measurable binding signal. By employing this innovative technique, we were able to confirm target engagement and measure the binding affinities of various pharmacological agents that are known to inhibit PANX1 activity.
Stefan Geschwindner, Director of Biophysics, AstraZeneca
These results provide the basis for further investigations of novel PANX1 binders, leading to the development of more potent and specific compounds to further probe the biology of PANX1 and its potential as a therapeutic target. The novel methodology presented here accelerates the purification of membrane proteins that are ready to generate high-resolution cryo-EM structures, without the need for laborious and time-consuming detergent screenings, protein engineering or inefficient screening of alternative scaffolding setups.
Robin Löving, CSO of Salipro Biotech
We are excited to see the synergies of our collaboration come together, enabling the first structure-function studies of this drug target and laying the groundwork for future investigations of novel PANX1 binders. Once again we demonstrate that combining the strengths of complementary technologies indeed streamlines the process of discovering new therapeutic ligands and accelerates the development of new drugs.
Jens Frauenfeld, CEO of Salipro Biotech
The 12-week izokibep results, including 33% of patients achieving HiSCR100, are unparalleled for moderate-to-severe hidradenitis suppurativa patients compared to historical studies. We believe that the collective data for izokibep in psoriatic arthritis and hidradenitis suppurative demonstrate the potential of Affibody® molecules such as izokibep to deliver differentiated clinically meaningful benefit for patients.
Nikolai Brun, CMO of Affibody
These results suggest that GAGomes measured in the blood or urine could help clinicians understand if a patient with mRCC is responding or will respond to treatment. No liquid biomarkers are approved in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC). However, the number of treatments available today for mRCC has drastically increased in the last two decades. Therefore, there is a substantial need to predict and monitor response non-invasively to tailor treatment choices. These results are encouraging and raise tantalizing questions about the fundamental biology of mRCC considering the changes we observed in GAGomes when mRCC responds or does not respond to treatment. For clinical practice, however, we need independent studies to validate the use of GAGomes for monitoring mRCC patients.
Francesco Gatto, Affiliated Researcher at the Karolinska Institute and lead author of the study, as well as Co-Founder & CSO at Elypta.
This study adds further insights when it comes to the potential of using GAGomes to guide critical medical decisions in cancer. We now look forward to the results of our ongoing study for renal cell carcinoma recurrence surveillance to further validate the diagnostic and monitoring performance of GAGomes in renal cell carcinoma.
Karl Bergman, CEO at Elypta
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