There is a large unmet need for durable and efficient treatments for type 2 diabetes patients. We believe that our first-in-class drug candidate ATR-258 with its unique mode of action, has the potential to not only help these patients manage their blood glucose levels, but also help treat the actual cause of the disease. As of yet, no other type 2 diabetes drug has managed to achieve this.
Alexandra Ekman Ryding, Ph.D., CEO
We are delighted to close this round which will help us advance to the next stage in our journey to provide dermatologists and physicians with an accurate and reliable decision support tool to ensure rapid and accurate melanoma diagnosis. The extremely encouraging results from our recently completed multi-centre prospective clinical investigation involving 37 Swedish primary care facilities will be available shortly. The reaction from the Nordic dermatology community has already been so positive that we are responding to their request to run additional trials. This also has the additional benefit of further building our already market-leading image library. Combined, the new funds and trial results will enable us to accelerate our commercialisation program, starting with CE marking and launching in key European markets. FDA approval is also on the horizon, with this key market continuing to grow. However, forecasts also predict skin cancer to be an increasing problem in Latin America and Southeast Asia over the next decade.
AI Medical Technologies CEO Christoffer Ekström
AI-Medical Technology meets all of our criteria for investment – disruptive technology, a major unmet need and scalability in the key US market. We were also impressed by the ambition and drive of Christoffer and his team and look forward to supporting them in their mission to provide healthcare professionals with this invaluable new aid to diagnosis of skin cancer.
Henrik Jerner of Northern CapSek Ventures
“In the current climate, the rapid completion and oversubscription of this new fund raise is a sign of confidence in both SiPore´s® huge potential and our commercialization strategy. In addition to our core prediabetes market, we have identified three major areas which can bring cashflow to the company in the near future – dietary supplements, veterinary products for cats and oral health - with these funds we can now implement our plans for each."
Sana Alajmovic, Sigrid’s Co-Founder and CEO
“Sigrid has continued to move forward at a high pace. A capsule product has been developed, the consumer pre-launch program is completed, and preparations for the world’s second largest commercial pre-diabetes study SHINE are coming to a close."
Mattias Ankarberg, Sigrid’s Chairman
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