We are excited to take our FlagshipTWO plans to the next level, and we hope for a transparent and efficient permit process. The facility will be an important part of the green transition in Sundsvall, the Region Västernorrland and Sweden, as well as for the maritime industry’s global transition.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind
We are looking forward to our partnership with Umeå Energi and their future-oriented vision which results in the possibility to jointly establish the first electrofuel facility in Region Västerbotten. The Dåva facility will follow the Örnsköldsvik and Sundsvall facilities already being developed in Västernorrland. The transition to electrofuels in the maritime sector which uses 300 million tons of fossil fuels every year is very urgent. With electrofuel replacing today’s fossil fuels, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by over 90%.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and founder of Liquid Wind
As an energy company we play an important role in reducing both society’s climate footprint and the footprint from our operations. Capturing the carbon dioxide from the Dåva cogeneration plant will allow us to take yet another step towards circularity. Umeå Municipality has pledged that the city of Umeå will be climate neutral by 2030, and the municipality itself by 2040. The establishment of an electrofuel production plant at Dåva could be an important step in that direction.
Jan Ridfeldt, CEO Umeå Energi
This is fantastic news and represents an ambition that could entail a considerable strengthening of Umeå’s green industry. The establishment of the electrofuel facility would contribute decisively to the municipality’s climate goals. Furthermore, more jobs will be created and through our proximity to a brand-new rail terminal we will be able to ensure sustainable logistics. This might in turn attract more companies within the sector to establish themselves here. We welcome the establishment of the facility, which will be a great help in developing Umeå’s green industry and Dåva business park.
Hans Lindberg (S), Mayor of Umeå
At Liquid Wind we are thrilled to have reached this point together with Ørsted and Övik Energi. The fact that FlagshipONE will be the largest commercial scale electrofuel plant in Europe is extra exciting as we are breaking new ground and hopefully inspiring others to also contribute to the decarbonisation of shipping. Coming together with our partners and investors we are committed to drastically grow production of green electrofuel and reduce the worlds dependency on fossil fuels. Stay tuned for more to come.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind
Now more than ever, the world needs bold green energy projects to fight climate change, decarbonise hard to electrify sectors, and secure regional energy independence. Ørsted is determined to lead the green transformation of society, and that’s exactly what we’re doing by constructing projects like FlagshipONE. eMethanol is the best solution currently available to decarbonise hard-to-electrify sectors like global shipping, and with this first commercial scale project, Ørsted will break first ground on advancing our industry-leading pipeline of e-methanol projects.
Mads Nipper, CEO of Ørsted
We’re very pleased that we have successfully co-developed FlagshipONE together with Liquid Wind, and we look forward to starting construction of this world class Power-to-X asset. Together with Liquid Wind, we’ve proven that large-scale production of sustainable eMethanol is possible, and I believe that FlagshipONE will become a milestone in the green transformation of the maritime sector.
Anders Nordstrøm, Chief Operating Officer of Ørsted Power-to-X
We have only just begun the journey to become the leading player of electrofuel. Our liquid electrofuel is the most sustainable- and quickest to implement green alternative to fossil fuels in shipping. It is also without doubt the best green alternative when electrification, by for example batteries, is not an option due to range or volume.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind
We are already one of Europe’s most important bunker hubs and are aiming for the same within electrofuels. Several shipping companies that use the Port of Gothenburg today have ships on the way that are ready to run on electrofuels, and we have the operating regulations necessary in place to be able to bunker these ships.
Elvir Dzanic, CEO of the Port of Gothenburg
The energy sector, incl. the hard to decarbonize transport sector, needs transformation towards green and secure energy supply. Renewable molecules like Methanol enable transportability, storability and applicability of renewable energy sources in these hard to decarbonize sectors. European solutions are needed more than ever and together with our strong partners, we have now achieved an important milestone to further support Liquid Wind's growth.
Arne Hauner, Director Innovation, Uniper SE
We are really excited to support and develop efficient technical solutions to make electrofuel a reality together with Liquid Wind. It will be an important part of a more sustainable future. Alfa Laval heat transfer and separation technologies are already being used in applications to support the decarbonization of electricity, heating & cooling, fuels and chemicals. We keep on pushing the boundaries, and working closely with our partners, to take us another step closer to tomorrows energy infrastructure.
Julien Gennetier, VP Energy Division, Alfa Laval
We are excited to be part of Liquid Wind’s efforts to develop and establish production of green electrofuels, like eMethanol, which can facilitate the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors, including the maritime industry. The maritime industry is one of the single biggest emitters of greenhouse gases and, therefore, an industry where green fuel alternatives are needed to achieve a sustainable future. Topsoe’s mission is exactly to support our partners like Liquid Wind in combating climate change.
Sundus Cordelia Ramli, Chief Commercial Officer Power-to-X, Topse
We are very excited to receive this latest round of funding from our existing strategic shareholders and HyCap. Their valued support is evidence of the importance and urgency of bringing green electrofuel to market. Furthermore, it is a confirmation of the trust our partners have in Liquid Wind and our team.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind
Obtaining the environmental permit marks another major milestone for FlagshipONE and the maritime value chain that is planning to bring vessels powered by electrofuel to market. In parallel, we are approaching a final investment decision for FlagshipONE, and just recently we announced our cross-sector collaboration for zero-emission shipping with DFDS, Stena Line, Ørsted and the Port of Gothenburg to establish an electromethanol (e-fuels) hub.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind
I’m delighted that the FlagshipONE project is proceeding at speed. Producing e-fuels for the shipping sector is an important part of Ørsted’s mission to help decarbonize hard-to-abate-sectors. As a company, we’re certain that scalable and modular projects just like FlagshipONE will help us deliver on our ambitious P2X plans.
Anders Christian Nordstrøm, COO at Ørsted PtX
We will start construction next year, and on behalf of the Liquid Wind team I would like to thank our partners, supporters and the Sweco engineering team for their dedicated work, helping the project to keep the timeline.
Benny Mai, VP Technical at Liquid Wind
We are excited about being among the first in the world to capture and use biogenic carbon dioxide to produce electrofuel, here in Örnsköldsvik. With the permit in place, we look forward to the next steps together with the FlagshipONE project team.
Kristina Säfsten, CEO of Övik Energy
Being an industry leader within sustainability, Stena Line has the ambition to achieve a climate neutral operation. This partnership is yet another proof point of our dedication to reduce our carbon footprint. We cannot achieve this on our own – a strategic collaboration across the value chain will be a win-win for all stakeholders in this exciting project.
Niclas Mårtensson, CEO of Stena Line
We are excited that customers, suppliers and competitors alike show commitment and collaborate to decarbonise our industry. With eMethanol from this partnership, DFDS is adding a new e-fuel possibility to deliver on our promise to operate a green vessel latest by 2025
Torben Carlsen, CEO of DFDS
Ørsted is excited about the opportunity to support the Port of Gothenburg, DFDS and Stena Line in their ambition to decarbonise their marine operations by using green e-fuel to be produced at FlagshipONE in Sweden. We certainly appreciate the effort by all stakeholders to be present here today, and I'm very pleased that Ørsted can continue to lead the energy transition for the shipping sector.
Olivia Breese, Senior Vice President, Ørsted P2X
We are honoured to have the minister present here at the Port of Gothenburg, at this pivotal moment when the 5+ years of development work that Liquid Wind has put in, meets the reality of real customers, Stena Line and DFDS, leading to the conclusion of long-term agreements that will allow FlagshipONE to establish and construct the first full-scale electrofuel facility in Europe or perhaps even the world. The Minister's support for a large-scale introduction of electrofuels is encouraging going forward. We look forward to a continued constructive dialogue with the Government on how to ensure financial prerequisites for the production of green electrofuels in Sweden.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind
The Port of Gothenburg has set out to reduce CO2-emissions by 70% within the port area by 2030. This is an extremely important goal for us, but something we cannot achieve on our own. Therefore, we are delighted to have a supplier like Liquid Wind and committed ship owners like Stena Line and DFDS taking these ambitious steps that will make a huge difference towards achieving that goal.
Elvir Dzanic, CEO of the Port of Gothenburg
We’re excited to announce FlagshipTWO – a project that will further strengthen Sweden’s position in the green transition while supporting local fossil-free fuel production. The facility in Sundsvall will have twice the capacity compared to FlagshipONE in Örnsköldsvik, and will serve the maritime market.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind
Sundsvall has set a goal of being climate neutral by 2030 and this is a crucial step in that direction. The company takes a positive view of this opportunity to develop our business together with Liquid Wind and we are absolutely delighted about the positive partnership we have now launched.
Arianne Sundman, Chair of the Board of Sundsvall Energi
We are planning for extensive work over the next several years ahead to enable this development and it can become the largest ever industrial investment in Sundsvall. We will be able to offer our customers energy and waste treatment solutions that will ensure future positive climate footprints. This will place us as one of the companies in pole position in our industry.
Anders Jonsson, CEO of Sundsvall Energi
It is an exciting project with many purposes. First of all, all fossil emissions from Korstaverket will be eliminated. Secondly, the eMethanol will replace and avoid emissions from fossil fuels. The deep collaboration and process integration we are aiming for provides for a truly circular value chain based upon only local feedstock.
Johan Zettergren, Project Director FlagshipTWO at Liquid Wind
The investment grant shows the strategic importance of eMethanol as a replacement for today's marine fossil fuels.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO & Founder, Liquid Wind
Global shipping currently uses 350 million tons fossil fuels per year. Thanks to Climate Leap, Liquid Wind and our partners will be able to accelerate the transition to green fuel and reduce CO2 emissions with more than 90%.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO & Founder, Liquid Wind
Together with our co-signatories from across the maritime industry, we are urging governments to enable policy frameworks and regulations for decarbonizing the maritime supply chain.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO & Founder, Liquid Wind
The Call to Action facilitates our plan to scale rapidly and establish 500 facilities producing fossil free marine fuel by 2050. Together with our consortium partners, among others Siemens Energy and Alfa Laval, who have also signed the Call to Action.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO & Founder, Liquid Wind
There is a growing desire from established businesses to drive sustainable change and enable the shift from fossil resources. We are proud to work with these world-class companies and leverage their expertise and financial muscles to enable the sustainable energy transition and make a significant dent in carbon emissions.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder, Liquid Wind.
The appetite to invest in cleantech and ESG focused companies was amplified when ESG funds out-performed the S&P 500 during the pandemic. This is an indication of future market value and Liquid Wind is well placed to deliver impactful returns to our stakeholders.
Tuya Bold, Head of Finance, Liquid Wind
“The world needs cleaner fuel in significant volumes, fast. By combining our replicable digital model with local expertise, we can accelerate the sustainable energy transition. Falkor are very knowledgeable about eFuel technology and well connected, we are fortunate to have them on board to bring eMethanol to France.”
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder, Liquid Wind
“Electro-fuels play an essential role in providing viable solutions to the sectors that are the most difficult to decarbonize. They offer a credible and concrete way to utilise green hydrogen. We are very happy to support and cooperate with Liquid Wind, one of the most advanced players in producing electro-methanol"
Pascal Penicaud, Falkor’s chairman
“Synthetic fuels will play a significant role in the future of transportation and in the decarbonization of several other industries. We are committed to delivering a more sustainable world and we look forward to helping Liquid Wind achieve its sustainability goals and ambitions to bring renewable methanol to market at scale.”
Bradley Andrews, President at Worley
“Worley has extensive, relevant experience and we are confident they will be a valuable partner in developing standardised and replicable eMethanol facilities. Their experience with a modular approach will support in keeping costs down and increasing our speed to market. This together with our digital twin strategy will enable the rapid replication of facilities, which is needed to meet the growing demand for carbon neutral liquid fuel”.
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder at Liquid Wind.
“After close collaboration for five years we are pleased to officially welcome Siemens Energy to the Liquid Wind project. They bring a broad range of valuable expertise, solutions and contacts. Their systems and collaborative spirit will play a crucial role in enabling the efficient replication of eMethanol facilities to meet growing demand for carbon neutral fuel.”
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind.
“eMethanol will be one of the drivers in the future of transportation and Siemens Energy want to be an active part of this. Liquid Wind is one of the most advanced developers in this space. Their ambitions for scale combined with Siemens Energy’s technology like the PEM-Electrolyzers and digital tools, will certainly have the chance to be one of the pillars of a more sustainable transportation industry.”
Engelbert Schrapp, Principle Corporate Account Manager of Siemens Energy.
“This is an important partnership as we together with other major players will be part of the growing power-to-x market, and thereby drive the development of technical solutions that will have an impact on future fuel options”
Susanne Pahlén Åklundh, President of the Energy Division
“With collaborations like this we expand the technical borders and contribute to create a more sustainable society.” “We are very happy to strengthen the Liquid Wind consortium with a world class Swedish industrial player with unparalleled experience. Their valuable knowledge will increase efficiency and deliver additional shared value”
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder, Liquid Wind. 
“Our strong expertise within hydrogen will be beneficial for Liquid Wind, at the same time we will also gain knowledge and experience in electro-fuels. Sweden is facing a new energy evolution, and Uniper plans to support the transition to a carbon neutral society whilst at the same time developing the industry's competitiveness”
Johan Svenningsson, CEO, Uniper Sweden
“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Uniper and gain the support of their broad and deep knowledge. We are looking forward to working closely with them and identifying further areas where together we can create more value and enable a faster transition to a fossil-free world”
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder, Liquid Wind
The support we have received from our 150 crowdfunders is invaluable. It is really exciting to see the power of crowdfunding, that private individuals from all over the world are interested in alternative fuels and investing in our future and our planet
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and founder of Liquid Wind
Well-managed and well-represented companies such as Liquid Wind who take clear account of investor conditions with good valuation, good growth opportunity and have a driven team tend to succeed well on FundedByMe. This campaign has been a lot of fun to follow as they followed our advice and suggestions, been very determined and dedicated and had the right offer. We look forward to seeing the company's growth journey and thank them for the confidence that they chose our platform
Daniel Daboczy, CEO at FundedByMe
Now we are really excited to continue the development of our first facility, and bring this critical alternative fuel to market as quickly as possible to reduce our climate emissions and help create a better future
Claes Fredriksson, CEO and founder of Liquid Wind