We’ve just started using Load Impact Continuous Delivery for early, automated feedback on the performance and scalability of our solutions, and we’ve already identified areas where we needed to make adjustments to avoid potentially costly issues that might have impacted our customers.
Eric Ericson, director of operations at Baynote
E-commerce sites spend substantially more on performance testing than other categories, yet 68 percent of our survey respondents said they’ve experienced website performance or stability problems in the last 12 months.
Ragnar Lönn, Load Impact founder and CEO
Basically, if your online presence is business-critical, then determining how well your website responds to various levels of usage – load testing – is totally business-critical, and Load Impact’s cloud-based services are the modern way to address that problem.
Charles Stewart
Problems due to high load is what is expected when Apple launches new important products. It is almost as if the Apple stock would drop if the website didn’t crash, as some people might interpret it as a loss of consumer interest. This time the web site wasn’t slowed down at all. This could of course mean Apple simply had better expectations about what kind of visitor storm to prepare for.
Ragnar Lönn, CEO of Load Impact
Site owners tend to be overly confident that their site can handle expected traffic levels, which means the risk of crashes is probably higher than most of us think.
Ragnar Lönn, CEO Load Impact
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