Cleantech Invest portfolio firm Nuuka Solutions signs agreement with LähiTapiola Real Estate Management

Cleantech Invest portfolio firm Nuuka Solutions has signed an agreement with LähiTapiola Real Estate Asset Management to further improve the innovations in LähiTapiola´s Espoo Campus and Ainoa commercial center in the Espoo region. Cleantech Invest owns 34% of Nuuka.

The Espoo Campus is a 71 500 square meter building with 2 500 data points connected to Nuuka’s Connect and Create platform; and Ainoa 1 is a 17 000 square meter commercial center with 700 data points connected to Nuuka.

The goal of the co-operation is to make LähiTapiola´s buildings even more efficient, sustainable, innovative and great places to work. By utilizing Nuuka’s software LähiTapiola can optimize their air ventilation units in a way that indoor air quality is improved. The HVAC process data from the building automation system can also be used in machine learning models to automate the process optimization. Nuuka helps to optimize the HVAC processes to work as efficiently as possible in the building. This results in better indoor air quality as well as lower energy and operating costs. Additionally, Nuuka’s building automation system integration knowledge plays important role when exploring possibilities to use LähiTapiola’s properties as virtual power plants for the use of demand-side management in the future.

LocalTapiola Real Estate Ltd is engaged in private equity fund management and relating guidance and consultancy. Assets under management are approximately €3 billion.

Comments from LähiTapiola's Environmental Manager, Mr. Eero Kokkonen: 

“We see that Nuuka has new innovative approach to building management. Nuuka´s Connect & Create solution helps us connect building information in a new and innovative way, which helps us provide more value for our building users, reach optimal HVAC processes and thus make our buildings more user-friendly and efficient.”

“Even more importantly, with the help of Nuuka we can offer our tenants premium spaces with stable indoor air conditions and pleasant working and living environments. Hence, we believe we are able to increase the attractiveness of our properties”

Comments from Nuuka’s Head of Business Development Mr.  Olli Parkkonen:

“Cooperation with LähiTapiola is very interesting for us as LähiTapiola’s attitude towards new, innovative customer value adding services is sincerely open. Nuuka can add value to tenants, owners and different service providers in the buildings by providing them with one unified platform with all the building data. We call this our Connect & Create solution. When you have all the data in one place, you can really optimize, improve and innovate in this space and significantly increase property values. We are very happy that a highly-valued Finnish real estate owner such as LähiTapiola has selected us.”

Comments from Cleantech Invest CEO Alexander Lidgren: 

“We could not be happier with how Nuuka is appreciated by its existing customers. The amount of value that they can bring to real estate owners is significant and when you begin working with real estate asset managers like LähiTapiola you see even more potential on the horizon.”

By combining the powerful data aggregation and analytics capability of Nuuka’s Connect & Create Solution and the potential of LähiTapiola’s significant real estate holdings, significant efficiencies can be found with environmental impact and savings for customers. When Nuuka’s Connect & Create Solution is used in larger portfolios like LähiTapiola’s, real value can be created and real estate portfolio managers can ensure they meet the ever more stringent environmental and sustainability demands.

Contact information:

Alexander Lidgren, Managing Director of Cleantech Invest Plc. Tel. 46 73 660 1007,

Olli Parkkonen, Kehitysjohtaja, Nuuka Solutions, +358 50 494 158,

Access Partners Oy, Certified Advisor. Tel. 358 9 682 9500

About Nuuka

Nuuka’s Connect & Create Solution makes buildings a great place to work and live in, become more sustainable and more productive. Nuuka is a leading building big data analytics solution provider headquartered in Finland. Our SaaS based software consolidates existing building big data into one single user interface and helps building owners and users not only report but also analyze and understand the core reasons behind energy efficiency, good indoor air and sustainability. Nuuka empowers the users and brings building big data into the hands of building users and owners, enabling better building management and increased property value.

About LähiTapiola Real Estate Asset Management Ltd

LocalTapiola Real Estate Ltd is engaged in private equity fund management and relating guidance and consultancy. Assets under management are €3.2 billion. The company was founded 2007 and is owned by LähiTapiola Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö and LähiTapiola Keskinäinen Henkivakuutusyhtiö.

Cleantech Invest in brief

Cleantech Invest is the largest cleantech accelerator in the Nordic region, boasting several fast growing and high impact companies that solve global challenges. The portfolio companies are active in energy- and resource efficiency as well as decentralized renewable energy and are based in Finland, Sweden and Germany. The company management consists of company builders and investors who have been active within the cleantech space for over a decade.The company is listed on First North Finland under the ticker CLEAN and on First North Stockholm under the ticker CLEANT A.


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