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GROWING REVENUES WHILE SAVING NATURAL RESOURCES We operate on markets undergoing a revolution due to competition for resources, infrastructure overload, socio-economic change and decreasing cost of key technologies. Our companies are high impact, capital light, and scalable. We share their journey to success and try to help accelerate it.


“When a customer decides to convert an installation contract into a revenue sharing contracts it means that Enersize has clearly shown that savings can be made. This type of deal is gratifying to see and again shows that Enersize is moving customers forward from interest to installations to revenue sharing.”
Loudspring CEO Alexander Lidgren
“Astoria Energy burns natural gas as its primary fuel and it is critical for keeping the lights on in New York City. I believe natural gas will play a significant role in the US energy market for many more years to come. “Natural gas is a clean alternative to other fossil fuels and the Eagle Filters will contribute to the overall efficiency of the Astoria project”.
Michael Stockstad
“We selected Eagle Filters based on a study that took place over a three-year period at Astoria Energy. We installed 4 competing suppliers of intake air filters and rigorously studied their performance over this test period.” “Prior to this study we utilized a lower quality filter and could experience a loss of up to 6 MW between turbine water washes. With Eagle Filters installed there was virtually no degradation of turbine output resulting in significant efficiency improvements.”
Michael Stockstad
“Air impurities in gas turbines causes fuel efficiency to decrease up to 5% because of the effect these impurities have on compressor blades. Basically, the blades are too easily fouled. When these blades are fouled they need to be cleaned more often, so availability decreases due to periodical washing. In the end, power capacity can deteriorate by up to 10% due to fouling alone.”
Juha Kariluoto
Loudspring is a diversified portfolio comprised of a family of companies that through cooperation and resource sharing are stronger working alongside each other than they are on their own.
Lassi Noponen
Eagle has the potential to soon become a highly cash-generative asset in the Loudspring portfolio.
Lassi Noponen
In times like these the most important thing is to continue doing what we have always done and support our companies in every possible way we can.
Lassi Noponen
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