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GROWING REVENUES WHILE SAVING NATURAL RESOURCES We operate on markets undergoing a revolution due to competition for resources, infrastructure overload, socio-economic change and decreasing cost of key technologies. Our companies are high impact, capital light, and scalable. We share their journey to success and try to help accelerate it.


Our mission at Loudspring is to save natural resources – the more our companies grow, the more natural resources will be saved. We have been working for almost two decades with clean technology and environmental companies. We know that this is a long game and reporting on the impact of our work is important for us as a company and for our many stakeholders. This document and our 2018 impact results combined are the next step for us in seeking to contribute to the change the planet needs in business.
Lassi Noponen
The impact results for 2018 will be the 3rd time that Loudspring has made the effort to provide details on how our portfolio positively impacts the planet. The release of this methodology and literature review ahead of the impact results for 2018, to be released at a special 'Impact Evening' on the 12th of April in Helsinki, is all about providing stakeholders and other companies a detailed guide as to how we do it.
Joshua Burguete-Kirkman
We were very happy that ICA Real Estate selected us as a partner in this project and now even happier that they have decided to roll-out Nuuka even further to 54 of their buildings. The pilot project phase was effective and now we scale-up our delivery. It has been a pleasure to work with the team at ICA Real Estate so far and I look forward to delivering more value for them through Nuuka as this relationship progresses further.
Susanne Hedblom
To see a significant and well-recognized real estate owner like ICA Real Estate roll-out Nuuka to more of their buildings is great news for the company. Nuuka started the relationship with ICA Real Estate by running pilot projects to prove they could be effective in delivering what ICA Real Estate needed and this roll-out is proof that Nuuka can deliver. Congratulations to the Nuuka team on this great work and also ICA Real Estate for continuing to be a leader in the digitalization of real estate.
Lassi Noponen
This is a significant opening in many respects. We have, together with our local partner, been able to complete the challenging PPA-process successfully. This also constitutes an important starting point for our waste-to-energy technology. We are now able to make energy from waste in a commercially viable, profitable way. This is also a big step forward for our PPA-business model.
Vesa Korhonen
Eagle Filters is progressing according to the plan and Loudspring increasing its ownership is part of our communicated strategy. Loudspring has the option to further increase ownership to 80% in Eagle Filters and we are likely to exercise this option in the future.
Lassi Noponen
The city of Helsinki is taking a big step as its’ buildings are shifting from tracking energy consumption to the smart building era. Finland offers market leading technology within this sector and Helsinki wants to be a trendsetter. It’s also important to be able to track indoor air quality as it directly affects human well-being, and therefore the productivity of employees and inhabitants. Going forward, Helsinki aims to be the world’s leading city in digitalization. The choice of Nuuka as our partner is part of Helsinki’s determined advancement towards the smart city era.
Jan Vapaavuori
Nuuka winning this tender for the City of Helsinki is a significant development for Loudspring. Cities around the world are large owners of real estate and delivering value to such a leading edge city like Helsinki will make for a strong reference case in other cities and municipalities, which can become another large market segment for Nuuka. There is a lot that can be achieved in terms of impact through working with municipalities like the City of Helsinki and we look forward to seeing this relationship strengthen over time.
Lassi Noponen
The city of Helsinki ran a very professional and thorough evaluation process to make sure they selected the best partner for them in becoming an even smarter, greener and more sustainable city. Being selected by the City of Helsinki after a rigorous evaluation process is of course a major win for Nuuka. I want to thank the City for choosing Nuuka and give a big round of applause to the team for getting this tender over the line. Now it’s time to really get to work with the experts at the City of Helsinki and we could not be more excited about it!
Mikko Valtonen
Nuuka's platform is a critical component in any genuine smart building, and the smart building market is booming. Almost 40% of global carbon emissions are produced by buildings, but the global smart building market is about much more than just energy efficiency. Nuuka’s technology helps make buildings more productive as well as more valuable for real estate owners. Loudspring has been increasing its ownership in Nuuka over the past years and we will continue to develop Nuuka as one of our core businesses to win market share.
Lassi Noponen
We are of course thrilled to announce our involvement in this project. I have just returned from the US after the official launch of this campus and I have to say that it is truly exceptional. The team at OVG Real Estate and Edge Technologies are living up to their promises and delivering world changing smart buildings. It is great for Nuuka to be working with OVG on such a development.
Mikko Valtonen
The 5th China Gas Turbine Focus Conference was a great opportunity to present our clean technology to a forum of scientific institutions, researchers and users of gas turbines. Being awarded as an innovative technology at this event only confirms our role as a leader and pioneer in China. Such acknowledgement motives us to do better day after day at Eagle Filters.
Frank Vranken
Eagle Filters is a great example of a Loudspring company saving natural resources, in Eagle’s case natural gas. Eagle Filters supplies industry leading products to the energy industry and helps them save enormous amounts of fuel and thus reduce CO2 emissions. Saving a valuable resource like natural gas and optimizing its use is good for business and the planet
Lassi Noponen
I’m pleased to announce these Loudspring core management team appointments. With this core team we are in a better position than ever to provide ongoing support to our portfolio as per our strategy and assist in realizing the growth potential of our portfolio companies.
Lassi Noponen
We want to increase the transparency of our business portfolio and increase awareness about Loudspring among the investor community. We look forward to Inderes analysis increasing investors understanding of the business fundamentals and outlook of our core portfolio companies. Companies that save natural resources across a number of industry verticals is where we think a lot of value can be created for shareholders and we look forward to having Inderes make their own assessment.
Lassi Noponen
We are happy to welcome Loudspring to our coverage of more than 100 listed companies in Helsinki stock exchange. We are committed to providing high quality and timely research reporting for the investor community and shareholders of Loudspring. All investors are welcome to access our research and engage with our analysts.
Mikael Rautanen
Our decision to choose Inderes for this task comes down to a number of things: we think they offer a quality service; they are trusted and well-respected in the Nordics; and they are active and innovative communicators to the market themselves.
Lassi Noponen
Loudspring is committed to the Swedish market where we have a large number of active shareholders. I will now join Loudspring in an operational capacity, allowing us to further strengthen our presence in Stockholm. Now our focus is to grow our core holdings to the next phase and capitalize on the global energy and resource efficiency megatrend.
Thomas Bengtsson
I have enjoyed tremendously working with Bigge over three last years and the reasons for him resigning are mainly private. We have together developed Loudspring into an internationally recognized accelerator, achieved significant growth and overcome many challenges. Loudspring will continue its strategic commitment to increase focus on developing its core businesses as well as increasing transparency of its portfolio for investors. I have a passion for our mission in saving natural resources as well as Loudspring’s transformation into an operational company. Loudspring has huge potential and as one of the principal shareholders of Loudspring, I intend to focus on a rigorous implementation and continue making the necessary changes to create shareholder value.
Lassi Noponen
It has been a privilege and a joy to lead Loudspring for the past 3 years, and I am extremely proud of the accomplishments achieved by our team during my tenure. Our portfolio of companies are growing revenues successfully for the fourth consecutive year and their positive environmental impact with it. I am confident that the company has very exciting years ahead and will continue to support Loudspring through a role as advisor to the company.
Alexander Lidgren
“When a customer decides to convert an installation contract into a revenue sharing contracts it means that Enersize has clearly shown that savings can be made. This type of deal is gratifying to see and again shows that Enersize is moving customers forward from interest to installations to revenue sharing.”
Loudspring CEO Alexander Lidgren
“Astoria Energy burns natural gas as its primary fuel and it is critical for keeping the lights on in New York City. I believe natural gas will play a significant role in the US energy market for many more years to come. “Natural gas is a clean alternative to other fossil fuels and the Eagle Filters will contribute to the overall efficiency of the Astoria project”.
Michael Stockstad
“We selected Eagle Filters based on a study that took place over a three-year period at Astoria Energy. We installed 4 competing suppliers of intake air filters and rigorously studied their performance over this test period.” “Prior to this study we utilized a lower quality filter and could experience a loss of up to 6 MW between turbine water washes. With Eagle Filters installed there was virtually no degradation of turbine output resulting in significant efficiency improvements.”
Michael Stockstad
“Air impurities in gas turbines causes fuel efficiency to decrease up to 5% because of the effect these impurities have on compressor blades. Basically, the blades are too easily fouled. When these blades are fouled they need to be cleaned more often, so availability decreases due to periodical washing. In the end, power capacity can deteriorate by up to 10% due to fouling alone.”
Juha Kariluoto
Loudspring is a diversified portfolio comprised of a family of companies that through cooperation and resource sharing are stronger working alongside each other than they are on their own.
Lassi Noponen
Eagle has the potential to soon become a highly cash-generative asset in the Loudspring portfolio.
Lassi Noponen
In times like these the most important thing is to continue doing what we have always done and support our companies in every possible way we can.
Lassi Noponen
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