“The American Heart Association’s initials are A.H.A.—and it really is an organization that’s all about the ‘aha moment’ we each need to share and experience,” Purl states. “How can we have happier, more productive and fulfilled lives by listening not only to our heads but also to our hearts? I think these are vital questions and I look forward to engaging this wonderful audience in these important heart-matters.”
Author and Actress Mara Purl
“In the book business, competition for positions on any top-ten list is keen. The list is almost always occupied by block-buster authors, or by super-hot trending phenomena,” said Margot Atwell, associate publisher of Bellekeep Books in New York City.
Margot Atwell, Bellekeep Books
“It was startling to rank higher than Hunger Games and be in the top-five with Fifty Shades,” Purl gasped. “I was honored to be playing a close game of tag with Nora Roberts in the Romance category, and utterly amazed to have reached #1 in Contemporary Fiction with James Patterson’s latest book actually behind mine. I mean, What the Heart Knows was at #1 in Family Saga with John Grisham at #2. Good ranking is one important part of the publishing equation, and I am very grateful.”
Mara Purl
“What I write is Women’s Fiction—a larger, more encompassing genre, which includes romance as a category, but allows for a more complex story structure. Mine is also a Women’s Fiction Series, which makes it even less traditional, in that not all the storylines conclude in each book, some relationships and issues remain unresolved until later in the series.”
Mara Purl
“My novels are most definitely romantic—and early editions have won several romance awards. Yet the love relationships don’t conclude the way readers might expect. They’re full of surprises and complexities.”
Mara Purl
“I love writing these short stories,” Purl said recently. “They allow for me to explore a side of my characters not always shown in the novels. This holiday story involves a lot of the emotions we all experience during this time, so it's heartfelt and touching. But, it also contains a major family secret that causes a long-awaited resolution for one of the main characters.”
Mara Purl
This may be Apple Pie, USA, but hearts are on the line, professions are at stake and a possible murder has tainted the landscape. Ending each plot line in a cliffhanger, Purl closes the saga with a peek at the next installment in the Milford-Haven series. A whirlwind of juicy drama with dangling-carrot closure.
Kirkus Review: What the Heart Knows by Mara Purl
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