Over the coming months I aim to further develop our relationships with small and medium-sized fleets and demonstrate that Michelin can deliver no matter how many vehicles an operator runs.
Chris Smith, Head of Truck and Bus Marketing, Michelin Tyre PLC.
We’ve developed Michelin ONCall from the ground up to ensure it combines everything our customers tell us they want from a tyre assistance service in a single package.
Richard Bezzant, Michelin Truck Professional Programme Manager
Michelins represent the best total value of ownership.
Colin Rowland, Managing Director of Rambler Coaches
We never fail to be amazed at the difference between Michelin and other brands, particularly in terms of handling, longevity and fuel efficiency.
Colin Rowland, Managing Director of Rambler Coaches
We use around 500,000 litres of fuel a month, and based on the results of the tests, we could save more than 300,000 litres a year once the whole fleet has converted to Michelin.
Michael Dixon, Dixon International Director
One of the most notable achievements has been making these tyres 50 per cent quieter than the previous generation.
Guy Heywood, Commercial Director of Michelin’s truck tyre division in the UK and Republic of Ireland
It’s amazing how much a simple exercise such as switching tyres can contribute to lowering carbon emissions and fuel costs.
Rob Elmore, Fleet Manager, Hermes
We decided to work with Michelin to trial all three tyre sizes as it’s critical for us to have the optimum size and load rating for the liquids we are transporting.
Dan Bauckham, Suckling Transport’s Director of Engineering
Michelin has gone beyond the call of duty in their assistance to us and, as a result, we have a much clearer policy across the fleet, which I am confident will reduce our operating costs in the long-run.
Paul Johnson, Managing Director, Transervice Express Transport Ltd
We are already noticing a positive change in tyre performance; the Michelin guys have been absolutely fantastic.
Asan Fazal, a Director at Travelstar European
The change to Michelin’s products has virtually eliminated tyre-related downtime for our fleet, despite the fact we spend so much time off-road.
John Sheffield, Sheffield & Co. Ltd.
I’m convinced the pressure adjustments recommended by Michelin will contribute to longer tyre life and improved fuel economy.
Andy Hare, Director, B.P. McKeefry
This was the first time we’ve trialled the tyres within our regular distribution fleet; to say we’ve been impressed to-date would be an understatement,
Paul Barker, Fleet Engineer, Prestons of Potto
The introduction of tyre labelling is a big step for the industry and will act as an important decision-making tool for fleets.
Sharn Samra, Michelin’s Head of Truck & Bus Marketing in the UK and Ireland
A puncture is a real nightmare scenario from our perspective as it could lead to us missing deliveries. This is another reason why fitting a premium tyre makes sense for our business – Michelin’s track-record for reliability is a major plus point.
John Bell, Huntapac Produce’s Transport Manager
The change in trailer tyre performance has been revolutionary,
Kevin Hopper, Managing Director, Brian Yeardley Continental.