About Us

Nilar is a Swedish-based innovation company that designs and manufactures battery systems that are used to build stationary energy storage, so-called Electrical Energy Storage (ESS) systems. Energy storage can be used to balance differences in production and consumption of energy, which, for example, improves the opportunities to utilize the potential of intermittent electricity production from renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and wind power. EES systems will also be an important part of the solution for balancing an increasingly strained electricity grid. Nilar’s technology is nickel-metal hydride-based (NiMH) and with water-based electrolyte, which contributes to a strong environmental, safety and performance profile. The company is headquartered in Täby and production has been taking place since 2012 at the company's production facility in Gävle, where the company's research and development also takes place. Since 2021, Nilar has begun the expansion of another production facility in Paldiski, Estonia. The Nilar share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market with the short name NILAR. FNCA Sweden is Certified Adviser 08-528 00 399. For more information see www.nilar.com.