Hot and trading intensive month for the private savers

In June, 4,873,014 trades were made in stocks, warrants and options among Nordnet’s customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. That corresponds to 232,048 trades on average per day.

Table: Nordnet’s total trades on all exchanges and market places for all customers, and average number of trades per day. Average number of trades per day is calculated as total trades divided by the number of days the Swedish exchanges are open.

June June Change May Change
2020 2019 one year 2020 one month
Number of trades
Sweden 1,908,895 902,695 111.5% 1,762,741 8.3%
Norway 1,206,501 354,543 240.3% 1,155,788 4.4%
Denmark 854,034 273,909 211.8% 763,477 11.9%
Finland 903,584 354,136 155.2% 865,336 4.4%
Total 4,873,014 1,885,283 158.5% 4,547,342 7.2%
Average per day 232,048 104,738 121.6% 245,802 -5.6%
Traded value cash market (SEK million)* 125,722 51,795 142.7% 113,735 10.5%

* Relates to trades in stocks, warrants, ETFs and certificates.

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