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Nordnet is a digital bank for investments and savings with business in the Nordics. Nordnet Bank AB, registered in Stockholm, no. 516406-0021


  • Johan Tidestad

    Chief Communications Officer

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    - All Nordic stock exchanges rose in August, and the private savers are optimistic and have increased their number of investments with more than 10 percent since the previous month
    Johan Tidestad, Head of Communications at Nordnet
    May started off with a bullish market, which declined rapidly at the end of the month. Contributing factors were the political crisis in Italy as well as uncertainty about trade agreements and customs, which reduced the willingness to take risk. Nordic stock exchanges generally performed well, with Stockholm as the only exception, and the trading activity of the private partners is on the same level as the month before
    Johan Tidestad, Head of Communications at Nordnet
    April was a strong month for equities, and a counter reaction to the negative development the month before. The markets were favored by less focus on global politics and more interest in quarterly reports, where the figures overall were better than expected. Three out of four Nordic stock exchanges rose in April, with Copenhagen being the only stock market on minus. Oslo was best in the class and went up by almost eight percent, fueled by rising oil prices
    Johan Tidestad, Head of Communications at Nordnet
    Continued pressure on the stock markets led to fewer trades by private investors in March, compared to earlier this year. An increasing concern for inflation and rising interest rates, in combination with US actions about increased tariffs and increased risk for an international trade war, has characterized the month and gave a negative sentiment
    Johan Tidestad, Head of Communications at Nordnet
    February started with high volatility and extreme activity, triggered by a large number of company reports and investors worrying about rising interest rates. Nordnet set a trading record for a single day in the beginning of the month with over 200,000 trades. The initial rapid decline in the market was replaced by a slow recovery and lower activity, and as a whole, the Nordic stock markets closed around zero
    Johan Tidestad, Head of Communications at Nordnet
    The fourth quarter continued to be an intensive period in the process of building the new Nordnet. Our higher pace in product development and increased visibility in the market has had a positive impact on our customer growth, and we welcomed 29,100 new customers to Nordnet during the quarter, which is the highest figure ever. Both trading activity and fund savings have increased, and during the period, our customers made 6.9 million trades – most in Nordnet’s history. Our loan products are popular in the market, and mortgage loans account for the largest increase. Growth in the fourth quarter is 35 percent, and over the past twelve months our mortgage portfolio has grown by over 150 percent
    Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet
    The Nordic stock markets had a positive start in 2018, with an overall positive sentiment and high activity among the savers. In the US, stock exchanges rose to new record levels and continued the strong trend from last year. Trading in cannabis shares and crypto currencies have been clear themes throughout the month, and the bitcoin continued its journey south and decreased with 40 percent only in January
    Johan Tidestad, Head of Communications at Nordnet
    This is, according to me, the most prestigious award a Swedish bank can receive. We have increased the pace in our product development and we are very happy that the jury recognizes us for that
    Peter Dahlgren
    We are broadening our business on several fronts, and today we present a first step in an expanded initiative in mortgage lending. The Swedes currently have mortgage loans of around SEK 3,000 billion and there are about fifteen players in the market. Despite the big competition, I believe that many consumers feel that they get about the same conditions everywhere. It leaves the field open to a challenger like Nordnet, with a strong brand and digital distribution, to offer a better deal and reach a larger customer group
    Eva Trouin, Country Manager Sweden manager at Nordnet
    Many people see it as a difficult process to negotiate their mortgage rate. Therefore, we offer a mortgage with low interest rate that is already negotiated. We see this as a way for us to seriously challenge the Swedish mortgage market and will continuously evaluate and adapt the offer to our customers' wishes
    Eva Trouin, Country Manager Sweden manager at Nordnet
    Stefan's competence is perfect for us when we should implement Nordnets Venture's ambitions. Stefan has a long experience of growth companies in the financial sector, and a strong sense of trends in fintech. We have an ambition to build the world's best customer experience for savings and investments, and then we need to enter into partnerships with the best companies and engage the best people
    Tuva Palm, CTO and CPO at Nordnet
    There is a lot going on at Nordnet these days, and it will be exciting to be a part of that. The potential is huge and it is very inspiring to lead the work of finding companies that can help build an even better customer experience for the savers
    Stefan Alexandersson, chairman of Nordnet Venture's investment council
    Nordnet is making the biggest shift in business model since we started more than 20 years ago. We go from just being a broker where customers are expected to make all decisions on their own, to add tools that will actively guide the savers in their investment decisions. We get a strong total offering with cost-effective stock trading combined with digital discretionary management
    Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet
    Robosave does not look for hot stocks or the perfect market timing. The service will help you build long-term savings by investing systematically in ETF’s with high quality and low cost. Many people think that savings is complex, time consuming and that the choices are difficult. With Robosave, we can offer financial advice that is digital, objective, cost effective and available 24/7
    Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet
    Swish is easy to use, has high acceptance and a high level of trust, which is important when we talk about digital payments. Being able to offer deposits via Swish is an important step towards our goal of building the best customer experience in the world for savings and investments
    Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet
    We want to respond fast to consumers' changed preferences and be present in the channels where our users are. When the regulations were changed, we wanted to quickly take advantage of the opportunity to offer our customers Swish
    Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet
    At Nordnet, we are passionate about creating the world's best offer in investments and savings. As a customer at Nordnet, you should be able to rely on that you always get access to the latest technology in the area. Sometimes we develop the services ourselves and sometimes we provide them through partnerships with leading market players. With Infront Web Trader, we get technology tailored for today's active savers
    Eva Trouin, Country Manager Sweden at Nordnet
    We have since long a good cooperation with Nordnet around providing Infront terminals to their Active Trader customers. We look forward to expanding this collaboration by helping Nordnet offer its customers the most modern web technology on the market. The fact that one of the leading digital banks in the Nordic region selects us as a partner, we see as proof that our Web Trader, based on Infronts Web Toolkit, has a high quality and meets the requirements of one of the most demanding customer segments. This strengthens Infront's position as the leading Nordic provider of market data and trading terminals
    Kristian Nesbak, CEO of Infront
    This is an interesting partnership, and at the same time a logical next step. Amelia is a pioneering result of cognitive research and the world ́s most developed system for artificial intelligence. I look forward to presenting Amelia to our customers this fall
    Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet
    The Nordics is very progressive in its adoption of emerging technologies for disruptive market gains and Nordnet is positioned to be a digital frontrunner in this industry. IPsoft is delighted to support Nordnet’s ambitions by providing our cognitive platform in order to deliver differentiated customer experience at scale for their customers at a fraction of alternative costs
    Chetan Dube, CEO, IPsoft
    We have sky-high ambitions. Our goal is to have a world-class customer experience for investments and savings. That is why it is natural for us to supplement the people-provided customer service with artificial intelligence. It gives us the opportunity to provide support and guidance to our customers with non-existing waiting times during unlimited opening hours. We will continue to present news from Nordnet during the year covering information about user interface and service as well as new products
    Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet
    The financial industry has to adjust to rapid technological development, more regulations and increasingly aware customers. Nordnet is perfectly positioned in that environment. With 600,000 customers and 240 billion in savings capital, we have a good base to stand on. At the same time, we have the optimal size to be agile and respond quickly to changing customer behavior
    Peter Dahlgren
    The high market activity that we have seen the first two months of the year, slowed down in March. The number of trades among our customers decreased by 18 percent compared to previous month, but is 10 percent higher than in March last year. Net savings is negative due to the previously announced reduction in cooperation with the partner Söderberg & Partners on the Swedish market. Of their clients’ capital, SEK 2.2 billion was transferred from Nordnet during the month. A total of SEK 9.5 billion related to Söderberg & Partners has been transferred from Nordnet. The volume in both personal loans and margin lending increased slightly compared with the previous month
    Johan Tidestad, CCO of Nordnet
    We reached a milestone in February. Half a million Nordic customers are now using Nordnet for their savings, investments and loans. The trading activity among our customers remains high. On average, our customers made more than 100,000 trades per day in February. Margin lending fell slightly compared with the previous month, while personal loans increased
    Håkan Nyberg, CEO of Nordnet
    February was yet another turbulent month on the global stock exchanges, including the Nordic markets. The month started negative on continued concerns about China and the economy, but recovered in the second half. The outcome for February were small gains in Stockholm and Oslo, while Copenhagen and Helsinki fell slightly
    Håkan Nyberg, CEO of Nordnet
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