Nordnet and Öhman launch “The Re:turn Initiative”

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Today Nordnet and Öhman launch The Return Initiative, through which a donation of SEK 0.10 per trade made on Nordnet’s platform will be made to a number of organizations working to solve challenges related to the environment and climate change.

Within the framework of The Return Initiative, Nordnet and the company's largest owner Öhman together will donate SEK 0.10 per transaction made on Nordnet's platform in 2022 to organizations that work to solve challenges related to the environment and climate change. Three organizations have been selected per country in which Nordnet has operations – Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland – and Nordnet's customers will be able to vote on how the money will be distributed between the participating organizations.

- It feels great to be able to present this initiative. As everyone understands, the ambition is not to save the world on our own. Rather, this is our way of showing that everyone can do something to tackle the climate challenges we face together. Our hope is that our customers engage and vote on how they think the money should be distributed and of course that the money we donate will be useful, says Johan Tidestad, Chief Communications Officer.

The organizations that have been selected are Håll Sverige Rent, KTH Climate Action Centre and Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen for Sweden; Den Danske Naturfond, Fødevarebanken and Plastic Change for Denmark; EAT, Hold Norge Rent and Miljøstiftelsen Zero for Norway; and Compensate, John Nurmisen Säätiö and Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto for Finland.

The number of transactions will be compiled quarterly, and donations will be made four times a year starting in April 2022. The total donation will first be distributed in relation to the number of transactions per country, and then to the organizations in relation to the number of votes in each market. As an indication, some 72 million transactions were made on Nordnet's platform in 2021, which means that the contribution to the organizations, based on last year's figures, would have amounted to SEK 7.2 million.

- At Nordnet, we are building the world's best platform for savings and investments, where a natural part is tools for sustainable savings. But we also work in different ways to try to move society in a positive direction in areas we can influence. It is first and foremost about initiatives within our core mission, such as pushing the issue of personal finance education in school or better terms for pension savers. But we also support initiatives aimed at teaching children programming, and with Return Initiative we present our first project focused on the environment and climate. Hopefully, this can inspire other companies to think along similar lines, says Johan Tidestad, Chief Communications Officer.

Voting starts today 9 February and will last until 28 February. More information and voting forms are available at

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