Nurminen Logistics Develops China Cargo Train Services

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Nurminen Logistics' regular cargo train connection between Helsinki, Finland, and Hefei, China is running and being developed. The company has published the schedules from both cities for the first year-half of 2020. Nurminen Logistics keeps the option open to expand the capacity of cargo train service.

The actions to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, that begun in February in China and have now reached Europe, have had a larger impact on the flight and maritime freight and especially on passenger traffic than they have had on rail freight. For some routes, this has meant a change from skies to rails. "Everyone has had to improvise with these disturbances in international logistics. One of the tools we have had for our customers has been the fast cargo train service," says SVP Sales, Mr. Mikko Järvinen. "The most important thing is to enable predictability in supply chain management." he continues.

Nurminen Logistics will continue to develop the service together with the company's Chinese business partners. The company keeps the option open to expand the capacity of the service or make other adjustments towards the summer.  The work-free week in the Russian Federation is not expected to affect international freight. In Shanghai and all the European locations, the company is serving its customers in a regular manner.

For more information, please contact: Mikko Järvinen, SVP Sales 

Tel. +358 40 093 9438

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