This is an important step for Paroc to continue the profitable growth. Our customers in Central and West Europe will benefit from the investment capacity.and the close geographical location
Anders Dahlblom, Managing Director of Paroc
Shipping from Poland, combined with the fact that more products can now be transported on one truck thanks to new technology, not only will save time and resources of our customers, but also fits in our sustainability and energy efficiency policy.
Joakim Westerlund, Chief Operating Officer at Paroc
High quality, strength and fire safety of PAROC panels are the well-known benefits on the market already.
Tom Österlund, Export Manager, Paroc Group
We are eager to share our knowledge and expertise in order to develop our clients' business. There are many ways to further improve the contact, and I think digitalization, for instance, will provide new ways of working together.
Jari Airola, Senior Vice President, Building Insulation, Paroc Group
The industry needs to maintain its firm focus on sustainability and contributing to overall energy efficiency. This is a field where insulation has still a lot in store for the construction market as a whole.
Jari Airola, Senior Vice President, Building Insulation, Paroc Group
There is a recognised gap between current and cost-effective insulation.
Craig Treanor, Technical Support Manager at Paroc Ltd and certified TIPCHECK engineer
An investment of €100,000 which covered audit, insulation instalment and material costs, allowed to achieve approximately €405,000 of energy cost savings in the first year and €505,000 in the following years. Payback? Merely two and a half months.
Craig Treanor, Technical Support Manager at Paroc Ltd and certified TIPCHECK engineer
The construction industry as a whole has traditionally been slower to adapt new trends well-established in other markets. Customer experience and digitalisation are fine examples of how the construction brands can differentiate themselves in a highly competitive environment.
Marja Jakola, Business Development Director at Paroc
2015 was turning point in the climate change discussion due to the COP21 climate change agreement in Paris. There is a need for robust climate action on a national level, and I am cautiously optimistic to believe that the COP21 agreement leads to more concrete actions such as changes in regulations. Even though energy consumption in new buildings is on a good level, there is still a lot of work to be done with the most of the existing building stock.
Kari Lehtinen, President and CEO of Paroc Group
The challenges ahead for insulation companies? To focus even more on solutions that support sustainability and explain the benefits of using stone wool as the best solution for energy efficient and safe solutions.
Johan Magnusson, Senior Vice President, Paroc Technical Insulation
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