Swedish Payair first in Europe with purchase of fishing license via mobile

A fishing organisation in Swedish Medelpad is first in Europe to offer anglers to buy their fishing license with their mobile phone. This can easily be done directly in a newspaper ad or on location at the lake where fishing will take place. This has been made possible in cooperation with Swedish Payair, a leader in mobile commerce.

The organisation takes care of a number of lakes for recreational fishing in the area and is planting out char and trout in the lakes each year. In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to raise money through traditional selling of fishing licenses.

More and more people think that it is inconvenient to go to a store with limited opening hours to buy a fishing license. To make fishing licenses more available new technology now is being used. The organisation also believes that new audiences can be reached this way.

The solution to the problem is Payair and the company's solution for mobile commerce. This enables the organisation to insert QR-codes in ads, brochures, web sites and even on posters and placards at the actual lakes. For anglers, it is then simply to scan the QR-code with their mobile phone and pay for the fishing license.

The premiere of the mobile trade in fishing license, which is the first of its kind in Europe, takes place at the premiere fishing in one of the organisations lakes January 6. The special day card for the premiere can be purchased via the QR-code in ads and on posters at the lake. The first ten anglers who can show that they have purchased the license with his mobile get a very nice pimple set.

The idea is that the fishing organisation will continue to use mobile commerce as an important part of the sale of fishing licenses.

“For the anglers, it's easy. They just have to download the app and connect a card the first time they use Payair for shopping. Next time the angler wants to buy a fishing license it is just to look up the fishing organisation in the app history. A new QR-code does not need to be scanned”, says Helena Törnell, Vice president of marketing at Payair.

For more information, please contact:
Helena Törnell
Vice President of Marketing at Payair
Phone: 46 723 761125
Email: helena.tornell@payair.com

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